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  1. Flashback: Six Flags New England Honestly, it's been a lot better lately.
  2. Nice report, I was there too. You can actually see my head when waiting for bizarro to open. I gotta disagree, Bizarro was running awesome today, especially in the afternoon when the audio turned on. Goliath is opening this friday.
  3. Just got back from Six Flags New England. Prob going back again next week sometime. Then Canobie!
  4. Pitch black, 35 degrees, 11pm last train of the night. Best Classic Ever. \ Yankee Cannonball - Canobie Lake Park
  5. They closed that off last season, it really sucks without it. Heading up tomorrow, hopefully Goliath is up and running.
  6. Their height restriction isn't high enough for a mega coaster, something like lightning run would be amazing too.
  7. I'd like to see my home park, Canobie Lake, get a gravity group coaster. During the ACE nor' easter they said that they were dried out with flat rides so now they were going to focus on bigger additions.
  8. If you say Excalibur at Funtown is a rough coaster than you don't know rough. That is a fairly smooth coaster with very little shaking. Canobie Corkscrew can be pretty bad but last season it was running much better. Wildcat at lake compounce is just garbage, it's not even an ounce of fun.
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