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  1. Top three 1. Goliath SFNE- it went from being one of the best rides in the park to the worst. It's really one of the only coasters that I can't tolerate anymore....it's just tad worse than.... 2.Apocolypse SFA- Good God was this thing horrible. Just smashes your ears the entire ride. Worst stand up ever. 3. Thunderhawk Dorney Park- Not the worst ride ever but it was just too rough. They need to do some work on it. This past weekend I went on Anaconda and Shockwave, two rides that constantly get bashed on. I really don't understand why. They both gave solid, re-ridable rides. Anaconda especially. Obviously their "roughness" didn't affect their popularity, as they were some of the most popular rides in the park. Everyone coming off them seemed to be happy and satisfied. Plus the opperations were good on both, the lines moved quick.
  2. Kings Dominion: I'll give it to you short, this is my new favorite park. This is one of the cleaniest, nicest, most well-rounded park that I have been to. All the rides were great and very well maintained, the employees were efficient and friendly and the park had some unique features. Score Card: Intimidator 305: 8x Flight of Fear: 6x Volcano: 4x Dominator: 3x Backlot Stunt Coaster: 4x Anaconda: 1x Grizzly: 4x Rebel Yell: 2x Woodstock Express: 1x Drop Tower: 4x Log Flume: 2x Hurler: 1x Windseeker: 1x Bad Apple: 1x Shockwave: 1x I305: I need to talk about this first. It smashed it's way up to my #1 spot. This ride is INSANE. Everything about it, from the first drop, to the airtime to the ridiculous turns that pull some serious G's. I could go on forever. I love the whole NASCAR style on this ride, it's crazy fast, smooth and such a fun ride. I have never seen the general public be so excited for a coaster before, everyone waiting in line and on the ride was cheering and shouting with excitement. The op's were just fantastic. Out last ride of the night was at 10pm, we watched the fireworks launch off as we got ready for the drop. I would walk back to Virginia to ride this again if I had to. 10/10 (it deserves higher) Volcano: God was this thing incredible too! The two launches were super fast and insanely forceful! The loops gave some crazy hangtime and the drop into the volcano at the end was awesome! Volcano is byfar the park's most popular ride. There was a two hour wait for the thing all day! (Thanks fastlane plus!) Overall the theme to the ride was top notch. 10/10 Grizzly: The best wooden coaster in the park! Loved this ride, tons of airtime, great tunnel and very very deep in the woods. I loved the seclusion of the ride, it was the parks hidden gem. Wasn't rough and was a very enjoyable ride. The line never got out of the station for it, the entrance is hidden behind a gift shop. Not sure why they don't have a bigger sign to get people over there, they're missing out! 9.5/10 Dominator: I was having a hard time deciding which is better, Kraken or Dominator. My last ride of the night detirmined my choice, and it was Dominator. This is such a unique B&M. It's actually fast and forceful, unlike others.......(BMDK, Bizarro, Hydra) The ride is butter smooth and with three trains, the line moves quick. My favorite part is the sharp turn after the big vertical loop. Loved it all. 10/10 Avalanche: This was a really cool ride. More of a family/lovers ride. Fun turns, especially when it gets up to full speed. This ride also had three trains, but the queue still overflowed. Thanks again fastlane! 8/10 Anaconda: Next up was this beast. We sat in the back row. Once we hit the brake run, we both looked at each other in surprise. "I don't get it". What is so bad about this ride? It's Butter smooth compared to Canobie Corkscrew! Realy no head banging at all and it was a very fun, re-ridable coaster. I loved the location, the tunnel into the loops was awesome. The butterfly loop was strange but unique. I actually liked the slow corkscrews. It was like going in slowmotion upsidedown, with tons of hangtime. It was also pulling a huge line all day, bigger than most of the other rides, which was great to see. I'd say that FOF, I305, Volcano, Shockwave and Anaconda were their most popular rides of the day. Great ride and very underrated. 8.5/10 Flight of Fear: Best themed ride of the trip hands down. The station was so awesome looking, the aliens were creepy looking and the audio just sold the whole thing. The launch was noticeably faster and smoother than Joker's Jinx. A very disorienting first half with the three inversions into tight twists. The trim at the top wasn't bad, It was nice to take everything in. I just wish there was a big UFO above the brake, that would be the icing on the cake. The second half starts a tad slower than Joker but ends just as forceful. Overrall it was better than Joker and is now one of my favorite indoor coasters. (Mummy is still my #1) 9/10 Woodstock Express: Very fun, well kept family coaster with fun airtime in the back. The ride ops were spectacular on this one. For what it is I give it an 8/10 Bad Apple: Very fun Trokia. This is my third one so far, and it's most likely the best. Palace Playland in Maine has a great one too. But this had a very long ride cycle and it was running well. 9/10 Drop Tower: Tied with Demon Drop as my favorite freefall. Love this one, the capacity on it is insane. I like how it doesn't brake until the very bottom. It's really the only ride in the park that needs a new paint job though. 10/10 Backlot Stunt Coaster: A big surprise of the trip, very awesome little coaster. The launch was not that fast but it throws you into some sharp spirals that pull some serious G's. Awesome drops and dips, the theming was great, all the props worked. The water was even on at the very end of the ride. I really liked the indoor section. 9/10 Rebel Yell: My first actual racing coaster! (Dueling Dragons is much different) I really loved the airtime on this, you were out of your seat the entire time. It was hard to notice because you kept looking back at the other train. I give the park props for taking the time and effort to race the two sides, yet still do it efficiently. There were four trains on the ride so fast lane wasn't even needed. 8.5/10 Hurler: Wayne's World!!! Well, what's left of it atleast. Now the station just looks like an eyesoar and the chainlinked fencing doesn't make sense. The ride itself was......interesting. The track layout is just bizzare but it actually had some decent airtime. In order to appreciate the airtime, you had to look past the horrible first turn after the drop. That is one of the most brutal turns in coaster history. I wish they would retrack it so it is more on an angle. It's so rough, but after that the rides pretty decent. Still doesn't help it from being the worst coaster in the park. 7/10 Shockwave: Enthusists. Are. Babbies. After all the coasters that I rode this weekend, especially the ones that get hated on for being too rough (Grizzly, Anaconda, Shockwave, Batwing) I have come to beleive that people just like to complain. I found shockwave to be superfun. Much much better than that B&M horror show over in Maryland. Even better than that snoozefest in Jersey. I will admit, the restraints are really bizarre, but not as uncomftorable as Apocolypse. The drop into the loop was very forceful and actually a lot of fun. The airtime hill right after turned out to have some great air, not bad at all. The helix had a slight jolt in the middle but was also pretty good. The airtime after was not "ball busting" at all. It was the last turnaround that was the brutal part. My body was not preppared for that. But then you get a couple nice hops and into the brakes. I found it to be really fun. Everyone in the station seemd to love it and everyone on facebook is devistated to see it go. The ride had a line out into the midway all day long. And opperations were good on it! It took us about 20-25 minutes to get on from the bottom of the ramp. (begining of queue). I am happy to say that Shockwave was my 100th coaster but I am sad to see it go, it's very rare now. Hopefully it goes somewhere close-by. 8/10 We walked into Soak City around 6-630, so we could avoid the big lines. Wow that was a mistake. The waterpark was overcrowded just like Dorney's was when we went. Hunter and I just walked around, check out the new slides in the back and walked back out. The waterpark itself is nothing special, we already did Snake Pit at Dorney so there was no need to wait for it. Pipeline Peak and Baja Bends looked like their best slides. I loved the "deep woods" feel to it though. They just need to keep expanding. The fastlane plus was a life saver. We lapped I305 and FOF at the end of the night. I really wish they had more rides on it though, like Shockwave, some water slides, the Crypt and especially Anaconda. Hopefully they add more soon. But all in all, this park is amazing and I am going to try and make it a yearly stop.
  3. Dominator was amazing and pretty damn forcefull for a B&M. No rattle at all! Shockwave was pretty fun. Just that last turnaround.
  4. I don't get it.....I went on anaconda yesterday for the first time ever and found it smooth and fun. We sat in the back seat and there was zero head banging. Just one jolt into the butterfly turn but that was it. I love the drop into the first two loops. The corkscrew was fun too, it was like slow motion. Shockwave was fun too. The last turn around before the brakes was the only brutal part. Loved the air time and the loop was very forceful. Operations were fine, better than apocalypse and green lantern. The line was overflowing all day, but it moved right along. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it. Apacolypse and lantern were the only two stand ups that I have gone on before this, I found this to be better than both.
  5. 1. Dueling Dragons Fire 2. Talon 3. Montu 4. Batman SFGAdv. 5. Dueling Dragons Ice "Dragon Challenge" is such a horrible name.
  6. How are the crowds on Saturdays here? I am going next saturday and I noticed that a lot of rides aren't on the fast lane system...
  7. Hope won't help you out. The par will be paced all weekend. Flash Pass is worth it 100% during this time.
  8. Bizarro was a "let down" to me too, although just a let down from the "incredible" I was expecting, to just "great". Still fun, but I was expecting a lot more. Shouldn't be on any top 5, and for me not a top 10. I wish I'd paid more attention to the wheel type when I rode WC. I went to several parks last week and it seems like there were many groups of school kids at all of them. Kids everywhere! At Lake Compounce, I couldn't hardly get through the crowd of them gathering to leave right inside the gate. Bizarro is an amazing coaster when running to it's fullest potential. It hasn't been running very well this season. Once the ride gets restored back to Superman, you'll understand why it's constantly praised.
  9. Holy crap these markers are everywhere! It is deffinetly a coaster. They're around the Canobie Corkscrew and the entire field next to it. It looks promising!
  10. SFNE is far from the worst but certainly nowhere near the best, people on here are really exagurating it. The ops are usually hot and cold here, Batman and Mind Eraser usually crank out pretty well. Sky Screamer and Goliath (when running consistantly) are also good. Scream can really crank out as well. Wicked Cylone and Bizarro are usually a shot in the dark. Sometimes decent, most of the time not. My home parks are Canobie and SFNE, Canobie obviously blows their service out of the water but SFNE is certainly getting better. Honestly, I think Funtown Splashtown's crew is getting worse each year, they're all rude foreign kids who have no personalities.
  11. I was told by people who were talking to Alan at the Wicked Cyclone Media day that KK is deff on the list. Not sure if that's true but it wouldn;t be a shocker.
  12. ^ The same story had happened at Cyclone last spring and nobody believed the kid. Now look where we are. Six Flags is only doing one RMC next year, I could see them doing it here. I'd rather see the Boss go but this if fine too.
  13. Psychodrome's new lights have improved the ride ten fold. It's easily one of the best rides in the park again. There has been some rumors afloat of a new attraction added later on this season, replacing a game building. It would be a huge plus for the park. Yankee Cannonball's new track is fantastic!
  14. ^Rides were walk-ons today so tommorow will be no different. Head over to Wicked Cyclone and New England Sky Screamer first. Pandemonium, Flashback and Goliath are all worth hitting while you are over there. Bizarro, Scream and Thunderbolt are the highlights in the middle of the park. Kontiki, Tomahawk, Houndini and Buzzsaw are awesome flats that are worth a spin. Batman and Mind Eraser are tons of fun. ( Make sure you ride on the RED train for Mind Eraser, it's been running much smoother this year.) Hurrican Harbor is very big and tons of fun as well!
  15. This is a game changer for SFNE. Wicked Cyclone has it all. The inversions, the speed, the force, the airtime, the theming and the intensity all throughout the course. It's not a great coaster. It's a phenomenal coaster. I think it's better than Bizarro and El Toro!
  16. ^Obviously you have no respect for classics. E.T is the last original rides.
  17. Since when did it become official for those five parks to possibly get a coaster? It could be any park.. That's just speculation.
  18. There isn't a good seat. Worst coaster at the park. Better to look at than to ride. A Dive Coaster in the exact location would be bad A$$! Vortex is a great coaster. You guys are babies.
  19. That's like saying Gwazi was a new credit with the installation of the Millenium Flyers, it's simply not.
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