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  1. Yankee Cannonball and White Lightning come to mind. Wooden Warrior is awesome too!
  2. 1. The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman 2. Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls 3. WDW Tower of Terror 4. Max Air- Cedar Point 5. Falcon's Fury Busch Gardens 6. Psycho Drome and Astrosphere (Canobie Lake Park and Funtown Splashtown) 7. The Enterprise 8. S&S Screamin' Swing 9. Jimmy Neutron Nicktoon Blast (RIP) 10. Jurrasic Park River Adventure
  3. Light rain isn't going to stop 70mph winds. Hopefully it dies down once the rain comes.
  4. ^ im hearing different, apparently fire fighters are on site guarding the park. NBC Nightly News is reporting.
  5. Word on the street is that the park has been hit and lightning rod is dangerously close.
  6. Did anyone see screamscape lately..... There's rumors That they're removing the flume for a launched wing coaster.
  7. 1. Intimidator 305 2. Fury 325 4. Maverick 5. El Toro 6. Superman The Ride (SFNE) 7. Millenium force 8. Boulder Dash 9. Kumba 10. Alpengiest Honnoroable mentions: Wild one SFA Comet TGE Kraken Incredible Hulk Skyrush
  8. ^ Why the heck would they put a water coaster in the middle of the dry park? That makes no sense.
  9. I would love to see a batman themed coaster over where the go carts are but deffinetly not a free fly. Maybe if the t-Rex track trend takes off in the six flags chain they could put it there.
  10. ^I wou;ldn't be surprised if they just ended up removing it. 2018 could be a great year to replace it with an Endeavor.
  11. Did anyone else see this crap? https://www.change.org/p/anyone-boycott-kings-dominion-until-they-announce-a-new-roller-coaster
  12. Then we'll have 2 family coasters. Waste of money. If we get a retheme, that should be a secondary announcement, as it wouldn't cost a lot. We already have plenty of kid rides in two sections. How is having two family coaster ever a bad thing? Rajin Cajun is one of the most popular rides in the park...
  13. Yeah. Plus KD is the 3rd best CF park under CP and KI. (Although I personally would put KI and KD over CP, because quality over quantity, but I'm just going by the popular opinion.) I didn't know carowinds just closed. It didn't. King's Dominion is just a more well-rounded park. Nicer atmosphere and better line up of rides. Fury is killer but the rest of the park can't really stand on its own. Afterburn and Intimidator are fun too but everything else is just... meh.
  14. They would've announced its closure by now. Its not happening so there is no reason to even speculate.
  15. Where the hell did you get wing rider from? It's definitely looking like hurler will become the first coaster in the Cedar Fair chain to get the Iron Horse!
  16. ^Would you have rather them get nothing? Dorney Park is a great family park, it doesn't suck at all.
  17. Bumper cars, a troika and several other new capital investments sounds like a pretty good year at Dorney to me!
  18. I'd say Knoebels. I know its got a lot of unique aspects to it which I appreciate, but its not incredible. The Phonenix and Twister were tons of fun and there haunted house was amazing but theres a lot of carnival flats and run down buildings. I think I was expecting a little bit better of an appearance I guess. I'll have to go back and try the skooters and flying turns but overall the park itself was just ok.
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