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  1. Patriot is by far my favorite. Along with Canobie Corkscrew I also like the look on: Untamed Talon Hulk
  2. Do Quassy in the morning, that will give you plenty of time to hit Wooden Warrior and they're awesome flat line up. At lunch time drive over to lake compoune (20 minute drive) At this time, hit whatever you want in the water park, then check out the dry park. Boulder Dash is a million times better at night. The rest of the park is just...meh. It consists of two mediocre coasters (Zoomerang and Wildcat), an S&S swing with a very short program, A very fun Enterprise that has an awesome cycle and a couple more flat rides that do not run very well. Their dark house is pretty bad. The flume and rapids ride are very fun. And Down Time is one of the better free falls in New England, so check that out. Go to Wicked Cyclone at opening, that way you can get a couple rides in before it gets out of control. While you are there, hit NESS and Pandemonium, those rides have bad capacity and rack up some mean lines. Flashback and Goliath are a nice 1-2 punch. JB's BBQ is located right next to Goliath, with good food and AC. Houdini is a very fun, Zamperla Madhouse and Tomahawk is their HUSS frisbee, which doesn't run a very good program. In the middle of the park lies Scream and Thunderbolt, both of which are worth hitting. Next you can take the stairs down to Bizarro, which IMO is the best steel coaster in the country. You'll want to hit that a lot so I'd suggest a flash pass, as the operations at this park are a shot in the dark. GCG and Catwomen are OK family coasters and Joker's Wildcard is a piece of crap. On main street in Rockville, you'll find Kontiki and Buzzsaw, which are two of the best flat rides in the park. Kontiki usually has low lines and runs a good cycle. Buzzsaw has a crowd but it has great capacity, so that will move quick. Both of those are awesome and definitely worth riding. Over in the South end of the park lies Mind Eraser and Batman. Mind Eraser is a shot in the dark. Most days it has a decent ride but sometimes it can be pretty brutal. It's still one of my favorite rides in the park. Very forceful and fast. Batman is an average floors coaster. It's a tad bigger than Hydra but kinda forceless. It's worth a couple rides though. Crimewave and Tea Cups are just average flats that aren't with riding if you are in a rush. Hurricane Harbor is a great Waterpark with a few unique features and an amazing water coaster. If you have time, try to check out Canobie Lake. Great flat ride selection, a fantastic wooden coaster, a euro fighter and some beautiful landscaping. Hands down the nicest park of the four.
  3. Hulk and Kumba are the same when it comes to smoothness. I can't stand when people bash on the Hulk but not Kumba. Both of these coasters are some of the best in Florida, but they do have a rattle. Neither of them are headbangers though, so don't worry. You'll want to re-ride! The smoothest B&M at the park is Dueling Dragons Fire and in my opinion, the best.
  4. ^Chick Fil-A doesn't open on Sundays, especially not Easter Sunday.
  5. ^ Amen to that. I'm certainly not expecting the ops at SFNE to be out of this world next weekend. This is the first time most of these kids are working with the guests in the park. They'll get the hang of it.
  6. I've never seen any SF park allow that, so that's news to me.....guess Gadv is different.
  7. They do a lot of business with B&M's for parks that can actually benefit having one. MiA does't have the attendance for one. Even a small dive machine costs millions more than a chance or GCI. Cedar Point gets B&M's because they're high capacity, reliable and marketable for them.
  8. "I wasn't keeping an accurate time, but I'd estimate it took my friend and I about 60 minutes from when we entered the line until we boarded. Part of our wait however was due to the fact that we foolishly decided to wait for the front row. The crew just didn't seem to know what they were doing." Uhm..... i'm pretty sure you're lying on like half of this..... Nitro apparently only had one train with an hour wait. Plus SF corporate does't let people stay on the ride, they have to go around.....
  9. ^You really think MiA is going to get a B&M dive machine? That park is the most neglected out of al of them, I highly doubt they would invest something that big into a low attendance park...
  10. I'll take 5 years of flat rides and coaster revamping over 5 years of cookie cutter coasters and more neglect.
  11. Just trash Goliath for a Giga later on in the future. That ride's a huge, underwhelming, mess of track.
  12. This is a game of business for parks. We are just the fans. They need something to heavily market which is also reliable, high capacity and "eye catching". This ride looks great, so what if it may not be everyone's #1....I am so happy to see Carowinds get this. It will really boost their attendance and at the end of the day, as long as you have a smile on your face, they succeeded. They really hit a home-run with this one!
  13. Water Mania!!!!!! I'd pick Blizzard Beach. The water slide collection is way better and the theming is spectacular. But if you want some top of the line slides, go to wet n' wild.
  14. ^ the forum that I originally wrote this for is a lot smaller than this and some did not know. gwazi looks fun
  15. Finally, after years of going to Disney and Universal, we finally got to go to Busch Gardens. And it was a great way to kick off spring! As most of you may know, Busch Gardens is now a sister park to Seaworld. And let me tell you, I think this is MUCH nicer than Seaworld. Everything is updated, the rides look really nicely maintained and the park had a great collection of rides. The park was a bit crowded. We got there at ten and went right to Cheetah Hunt (typical GP thing to do). We were happy to see the sign say it was a five minute wait, but when we got up the steps, it had already turned into a 60 minute wait! We got right out of the line and purchased the quick queue unlimmited, which saved the day! Ride Count: Cheetah Hunt: 3x Montu: 2x Kumba: 3x Sheikra: 4x Tidal Wave: 1x Stanley Falls: 1x Congo River Rapids: 1x Scorpion: 2x Falcon's Fury: 2x Phoenix: 1x Sand Serpent: 1x Air Grover: 1x The biggest lines of the day belonged to Cheetah Hunt (hitting 70 minutes all day), Stanley Falls (reaching 60 minutes, full queue) and last, yet shockingly, Kumba (which had about a 30 minute wait for the regular queue) So this quick queue was a life savor and I highly recomend buying it to boost your park experience. Ride Reviews: Cheetah Hunt: My first and last ride of the day. It's a fantastic family/thrill coaster! I loved the unique lay out and multi launch asspect of it. The ride moves really nicely with the terrain and it really fits into the park quite nicely. The ride shares a huge station with the awesome sky ride. It has nice theming in the queue but I can't take my eyes off of the very outdate builing it's in. lol. (it's like modern meets the 80's) The ride itself was smooth, fast and tons of fun! I am happy that I went on not expecting it to be a real thrill ride, but just a fun family/thrill. My dad was expecting more and was a tad let down by it but he still enjoyed it as his "warm-up". Intamin did a fantastic job with this and I hope more of these pop up in the US. Because it certainly is the star of Busch Gardens. 9/10 Montu: B&M Inverts are my favorite type of loopers. I was extremly excited about this one due to the high ratings eveywhere else. But I was a tad let down. Dueling Dragons Fire still stands as my favortie kind, but this was a tad better than Talon. The layout is awesome. It's long and unique. But that MCBR kinda kills is. After that it just kinda " strolls" along the track. The first half hits HARD but the seond half is just "meh". But it still was tons of fun and one of the best coasters in the park! 9/10 Sheikra: Damn this was awesome! I went on it thinking that it was just going to be forceless after the drop, I was wrong! This ride pulls so much force during the first half of the ride! The Loop into that sharp turn is so nicely executed! The second drop into the splash pool is just plain fun! Not boring at all! They even had a video that taped us riding the whole thing! It had tons of off-ride shots of us, kinda like that new camera that was shown at Nor' Easter last week! We actually bought the video, I'll share it here when I download it. This was my first Dive Coaster, and I was extremly impressed with it. It makes me excited to ride Griffon this summer and compare the two. 9.5/10 Kumba: This ride wasn't amazing like I expected. It was absoultely the most well designed, forcefull B&M that I have ever ridden. And it blew everything else in the park, right out of the water. Kumba is easily my favorite coaster in Flordia. This thing just hauls A$$ all the way through the track. Everything about it is amazing. I really wish more floor coasters were built because Hulk and Kumba make for an unforgettable first impression for any park that is looking at one. Here's my rant though. I have been riding the Hulk for YEARS now. I really can't understand why people hop on the bandwagon and say it is "really rough". Kumba was just as "rough" as Hulk! Both coasters have a pretty mean rattle to it in some rows. The back seat of Kumba was noticeably rougher than the front rows, but it still gave a fantastic ride! The same goes with Hulk! They both have some "choppy" spots to them but I really do believe that they are both amazing rides. It just annoys me to read all the negative comments on Hulk when Kumba has the same type of rattle! But Kuma is INSANE. I also heard that this ride gets a very little line, from many people. But Kumba had a bigger line than Montu, Falcon's Fury, Sheikra, etc..... So I was a little surprised but happy to see such a classic, still drawing tons of crowds. If I had to choose one ride to go on at that park, it would be Kumba. Awesome job BGT! 10/10 Falcon's Fury: Best. Freefall. Ever. This thing was wild! Sure, it's brakes were a little bit too early but the whole experience of this ride is just top of the line. The seats and restraints are very accomidating and comftorable. The views are spectacular and the drop is breathtaking. Such aunique and innovative ride. Part of me wants more of these free falls but the other part of me wants this to be the only one built, so BGT has something totally different from everyone else. Great job with this ride! I looks and rides awesome! 10/10 Phoenix: I was so excited to finally try one of these out! And it was tons of fun! The ride has a nice cycle. Although the restraints are a tad uncomftorable, the ride gets the blood flowing for sure! So happy that this ride is still here and I REALLY hope it is around for years to come. 9/10 Scorpion: This little thing packs a serious punch! The turns and loop were crazy! Sadly, they were only running one train. Do they usually have two on? Because the second train was MIA. My dad only remembers this and the Phoenix from back in the 80's when he visited. And he was happy to see that they were both still here. The only thing I will say about this is that it was a little bit on the choppy side. But it didn't hurt whatsoever. The ride could also use a serious paint job! 8.5/10 Sand Serpent: Wild Mouse. Moving on. 6/10 Stanley Falls: One of my favorite log flumes! Very old school and fun! But it still manages to draw a HUGE crowd all day. Tidal wave, next door was a walk on but this was atleast an hour wait in the regular line! Very fast-paced flume with nice drops! Love how they are still maintaining this old school flume! 10/10 Tidal Wave: It's like Stanley's ugly sister. lol But in all seriousness it was just OK. The ride was basically just a smaller version of Jurrasic Park RAdventure......minus the dinosaurs... The theming has a lot of potential but it seemed very run-down. It is kinda hidden in the shawdows of Sheikra and Stanley Falls. If I could choose which ride goes next, it would be this. They can replace it with a much more, modern and exciting ride. It is sitting on a very nice piece of real estate. 7/10 Congo River Rapids: Very well done rapids ride that intertwines with Kumba in the back of the park. Another high attendance attraction. This one gets you drenched and has some great landscaping. The double loading system was quite nice, even for the quick queue guests like me. 8/10 Overall, Busch Gardens is a lot of fun. I was super bummed that Gwazi is gone. It looks like a lot of fun! And rough coasters really don't phase me unless they're umbarable. I know this is every 13 year old, six flags fanboy's dream, but an RMC version of Gwazi would be top of the line. I love the logo that Gwazi had, it looks cool! Hopefully something unique will come to the front of the park. I'd rather not see a B&M Hyper snooze coaster. They should check out some of Intamin's stuff. Something unique is always welcomed too! Maybe even.......RMC......or GCI..... I'll have some pictures and more reviews added later on....But I hope you enjoyed reading!
  16. ^ mind eraser is not terrible. They're putting tons of work in almost all of their coasters this year. Almost every coastwr got a lot of attention this year. They have been working on Goliaths trains too.
  17. It already is. SFNE's ME is really not that bad compared to others. It certainly has it's bad days but most of the time, it's not bad. Goliath is like getting a jackhammer to your spine.
  18. Is this actually happening 100%? If so, I'm beyond excited to try out the new trains, regardless of which style they are! Yup. The park announced it. The restraints will not be like the original ones but they also won't be like the vests at morey's pier. They are going to be a thinner OTSH. But the park made it clear that they are doing major train renovations. They're actually replacing all of the train's seats as well. They promised a much better and more enjoyable ride. I am so excited to see Mind Eraser get some love. It's one of the most intense rides in the park and has the potential of being awesome! So excited to see that they haven't given up on this one!
  19. Yes, wicked Cyclone. It's going up very quick. Other news: Mind Eraser is getting NEW restraints and a HUGE train make-over!!!!1 Tons of coaster renovations including: Flashback, Mind Eraser, Catwomen's Whip (exterior), Pandemonium, Great Chace and Thunderbolt Wicked Cylone is going to have a cool Wicy lable on the lift hill (like iron rattlers) The group got to sign our names on old wood from Cyclone and they're going to hang them up in the station!!!!
  20. The Nor' Easter was AMAZING this year. The park was so great to us! Jen said that the track should be complete within the next two weeks. The ride looks INSANE.
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