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  1. It will be open before that^. They have a lot of work done, and the weather is finally slowing down for them.
  2. Whale's Tale Water Park in New Hampshire. The perfect line up of slides in the cleanest water park in NE. Plus the mountains surrownding it make the setting a million times better than hurricane harbor or water country.
  3. How'd you ride it though? It's one of the smoother slc's. I disagree, I think Mind Eraser is absolutely brutal. Even for an SLC that ride is terrible. SFNE's mind eraser isn't even the worst coaster at sfne. It's not even that rough, some days are certainly better than others on it though. I find it to be one of the only intense coasters at SFNE. Along with Bizzaro and Goliath.
  4. Hahha that's cool! The snowflex is just a surface to simulate the feel of skiing. I like this idea. Very low maintenance and easy to glide on. The weather won't be a problem as talked about above. This snow flex operates through anything and it's much more reliable than using a man made system for an indoor resort. Very cool concept.
  5. You're missing the point. It's a fake snow surface. The problem is it's too hot, humid, and stormy in Florida to make this work. Indoor could work, outdoor would be miserable! Fake snow? If this is a real indoor ski resort, it would have real man made snow like all the other indoor resorts. I've never heard of a fake snow surface before. Can you explain?
  6. Wow...People think it's going to be outdoors? I thought people knew that it has to be below freezing to even start snowmaking. Most resorts actually wait til' the temps hit 24 degrees for snowmaking. It's not possible to blast snow in Florida. The only possible way to do this is to have it indoors. I think it's a fabulous idea. Skiing has a HUGE fanbase. Many people live to ski, especailly up here in New England. This will bring a whole new concept and group to Orlando. I'm really hope this becomes a reality.
  7. I'm all for them. Flash Passes are the way to go when you want to explore a new park. If you don't want to save up a little more for them, tough. But don't go complaining.
  8. So do amusement parks.... This will be perfect for Orlando. I'm loving these unique attractions that are on the way. This ski resort will be awesome. They'd need multiple lifts, several surface lifts for beginners and atlas one fixed grip or detachable chairlift. (preferably a quad or six pack for capacity.) So excited to see what happens!
  9. Really now? You just said the exact opposite. Are you pro topper track or against it? I do agree, Thunderbolt is a charming little piece of histroy for the park. Pretty much the last remain history other than the carousel. Pretty sad if you ask me. Thunderbolts certainly had it's rough days but usually it rides nicely.
  10. Any reason why Phoenix is not on the website? http://seaworldparks.com/en/buschgardens-tampa/attractions/rides/
  11. Great to see the park expanding. Looks like it will become quite a fun park once the project is fully complete.
  12. Untamed has sand inside it's tracks and base in order to keep quiet. It's perfect for them because Canobie is basically ontop of a residential neighborhood. SFNE has some quite coasters compared to other parks. Obviously speed does play a part and euro fighters are known for being quite. You mean *quiet? I know it's hard for some young ones to understand, but classic rides like thunderbolt have no need for topper track. No need to butcher such a fun little coaster.
  13. Despicable Me and Shrek are not worth the wait, not sure why everyone on here praises a mediocre simulator just because it has minions on it. Sure they're both great for families but if you want to get all the good stuff in, you're not missing out on anything by not riding these. HRRR, Mummy, Simpsons, MIB, ET, Transformers and Diagon Alley are the highlights of the park, make sure you hit those. I really sugest getting the pink donut sunday IN Springfield, it's to die for. Deuling Dragons Fire is the best coaster at IOA, Hulk is also spectacular. Over in Toon Lagoon, make sure you hit dudely do right's, it's the best water ride in the park. Popeye and Jurrasic Park are also worth your time. SpiderMan is still my favorite dark ride, spectacular ride. Dr. Dooms, you can live without. It's just a space shot, just like scream at sfne. If you have time, check out seuss landing, pretty unique place. For food, I would strongly suggest Mythos in the Lost Continent. It's got amazing food, beautiful decor and a great view of the whole park.
  14. Canobie Lake Park- Yankee Cannonball. Amazing coaster. SFNE- Bizzaro. Only reason I still go to that park. There's really nothing else there that's worth re-riding. (right now.... )
  15. Bizarro Goliath and Tomahawk constantly break down. Mind Eraser, Batman and Flashback are prob their most reliable coasters.
  16. Goliath was one of the best rides in the park with it's old trains. The new ones are terrible.
  17. How long is this coaster going to be? Is there a complete track layout picture anywhere? From what I saw in the animated picture, it seems awfully short.
  18. El Toro and White Lightning for me Yankee Cannonball is basically like standing up when it's not too humid out.
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