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  1. Update. Looking great! https://www.kingsdominion.com/blog-article/online-fun/Delirium-Update
  2. They should've learned from Gwazi that its all about the condition of the track when you add new trains. Hopefully a complete retracking is underway too. But pretty nice renovation overall.
  3. They're replacing it with a high profile thrill-ride that will not only draw more guests to the park, but really improve the flat line-up at the park. It will have a high capacity (which is what they need) and it will be placed in a newly-refurbished section of the park. Not sure why you consider this a negative... Shockwave was fun, hell it was my 100th credit. But you can't save them all. Delirium is going to be a very worthy replacement and an absolute crowd pleaser.
  4. I found Batwing to be one of the best coasters there. I do agree with Apacolypse but Rajin Cajjun does its job very well, to please families. And Batwing seems to be a crowd pleaser. I was impressed with this park for what it was when I visited. An RMC upgrade to roar or a new coaster in the back field would do the park wonders.
  5. ^ JK Rowling didn't even want them to keep Dueling Dragons in the first place. But the resort defended the ride. I agree with the comment above, Dueling Dragon's is an amazing ride and it shouldn't be ripped out. It should be re-done with higher end theming, maybe some on ride effects like fire. Add a couple of new photo opp sections to show the ride off a little better. Removing that horrid stone entrance that blocks the view of the ride would be ideal as well...
  6. Surprised nobody has mentioned Lake Compounce, its only about an hour from the city and night rides on Boulder Dash are unforgettable. Plus they will be adding the new Phobia, premier launch coaster to their line up. Six Flags New England is only about 40 minutes north of LC and has two of some of the best coasters on the planet. (Superman and Wicked Cyclone)
  7. Mantis Boulder Dash Vortex- KI and CW Steel Force I305 Dueling Dragons
  8. Ha! My vote goes to Green Lantern for obvious reasons. Although not the worst, I found Wicked Twister to be kinda....bleh. I loved Possessed, but I found WT to be rougher. Anyone else feel this way?
  9. Apocalypse SFA without a doubt. It is one of the worst coasters that I have ever ridden, not sure why people are complaining about Scream......come ride this and think about that again.
  10. 1.) Dueling Dragons Fire 2.) Talon: Grip of Fear 3.) Raptor 4.) Montu 5.) Great Bear I like the batman clones and DD Ice too but B&M inverts are one of my favorites so I'm picky.
  11. I still don't understand why people find anaconda to be rough. We took a back seat ride and a middle seat ride on it and it was the smoothest arrow we've ever ridden. It also had some great loops. So I do agree to the term "enthusiasts are babies" on this one.
  12. Dueling Dragons Fire*** Dominator KD *** Raptor Excalibur (Funtown Splashtown USA) Storm Runner Batwing Wild One
  13. 1. Maverick A++ 2. Millenium A+ 3. Raptor A+ 4. Top Thrill A 5. Gatekeeper A- 6. Rougarou (Mantis) B+ 7. Wicked Twister B 8. Iron Dragon B 7. Magnum XL-200 B- 8. Mean Streak B- 9. Corkscrew B- 10. Blue Streak C+ 11. Gemini C 12. Cedar Creek Mine Ride F
  14. Hey I'm going to the park tomorrow for the first time. What type of crowds should I expect?
  15. ^More markers have been placed. They are working on a brand new haunt called "Hotel Canobie", it looks awesome. But hopefully we get more info soon.
  16. And this was confirmed by the park right? Oh wait it wasn't. Just you. I swear to God people love to keep stirring the pot. Stop making stuff up when you know just as much as the rest of us.
  17. ^They removed it from the property right after the park was drained...It wasn't sitting there for years.
  18. Does Hershey even have a fast pass? I can't fine it on their website.
  19. We found Grizzly to be the best wooden in the park, not brutally rough at all. Can't be that sensitive. I had zero head banging on Anaconda, I still don't get why people call this ride rough. Shockwave wasn't that bad, I was positioned well and I found it to be better than Green Lantern and Apocalypse. I will agree that Hurler has some rough spots.
  20. That's almost the same exact pain color on Rougarou, I'd be surprised if that is CP.
  21. The capacity on that is going to be horrible. The line will never move.
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