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  1. Over the Top was made by the same manufacturers of the new mini breakdance. (SBF Visa) I'm sure some type of agreement and "exchange" came out of that. As for Downdraft, I think its one of their best flats so I'm thrilled to hear its coming back. I am curious to see if this newer version is quieter.
  2. Raptor used to be on standby for early entry back in 2017 when I was running early entry. On weekends and peak days the ride would open for everyone. Most weekdays they kept the ride down until official opening but if one of the other EE rides was down for the day, they would replace it with raptor.
  3. Awesome, enjoy! PS: For anyone traveling a super long distance *just* to visit Wonderland I really do want to stress again that Niagara Falls is 90 minutes away. AND a fantastic Arrow Mountain Looper
  4. https://www.dollywood.com/themepark/Rides/Mountain-Slidewinder?fbclid=IwAR3-lq6PbEqKiJg2l6SxTKAXKljRPtkwYDiJM3OwEYIEtAAHbHtBa7Pqoeg It's still on the website, just not on the rides list..... I really hope this isn't the end for this ride.
  5. ^ Keep in mind that small window between Haunt and Winterfest that they have to take down all the halloween props and replace them with millions of lights.
  6. I too will take the cold any day. But summer night rides can be a lot of fun too (unless you're at cedar point)
  7. Galaxi- Canobie Lake Park Galaxi- Palace Playland Galaxi- Funtown Splashtown USA Mean Streak- Cedar Point Firehawk- Kings Island Shockwave- Kings Dominion Hurler- Kings Dominon Cyclone- Six Flags New England Dueling Dragons Fire- IOA Dueling Dragons Ice- IOA Rolling Thunder- SFGAdv Avalanche- Wisconsin Dells Crossbow- Bowcraft Orient Express-Bowcraft Gwazi- BGT Dania Beach Hurricane- Boomers FL
  8. Had a great time on Sunday night at Winterfest! I suspect that the park will be adding a much larger ride roster next season with these crowds. Back lot, Antique Cars, Racer, Delirium, Adventure Express, Monster and Woodstock Express would be nice additions.
  9. Steel Vengeance Maverick Raptor Top thrill Magnum Millennium Wicked twister Rougarou Gatekeeper Gemini Iron dragon Valravn Corkscrew Woodstock express Jr. Gemini Cedar creek Blue streak
  10. Reminds me of the chance chaos colors or something from the 90's!! Love it!
  11. Does anyone know if demon drop algae been running this season? Going tomorrow and it was closed a lot st the end of last season. Hoping it’ll be up and running!
  12. The Mac Bowl and Chic-Fil-a restaurants are good. But yeah I agree they could step it up. I always wanted to see them add a NASCAR cafe in between anaconda and I305.
  13. Are you people serious? Grizzly is running great! That ride is criminally underrated. Wooden coasters aren't supposed to be glass smooth. Not everything will be like an RMC or a brand new GCI. Grizzly is fantastic!
  14. It's the beginning of the season in March on a chilly day what did you expect? Not everything is going to be up to standards at the very start of the season. Plus Twisted Timbers is brand new, they are working out the bugs.
  15. Does anyone know when the park is planning to get the rollercoaster re-open? I'll be there Sunday April 14th. Hoping it is!
  16. So can anyone tell me if Invadr is running faster this year? Because this past Saturday was my first time on it and the thing was hauling ass.....It blew me away! Also, I loved the new trains on Lochness! Seemed to also be running a tad faster!
  17. Respecting people's opinions is great and all....But you listed Verbolten as being worse than a boomerang, a God-awful zac spin and Hurler....Yes, Hurler. At that point your list is just exaggerated, even if you don't like it as much as most people do, you still know its nowhere near the worst.
  18. Yep.....Still trying to figure out why people think this rides rough.
  19. If I remember correctly (and correct me if I'm wrong) SFNE announced that their Mind Eraser would get new trains. I would assume that if SFA's Mind Eraser was to get new train, they would have announced it somewhere. There's no point in getting Mind Eraser new trains if nobody knows that it has new trains. They told us the the ACE winter event that they had purchased new restraints for it but nothing was ever announced to the public about it. Ours is apparently getting the Riddler re-theme this year up in New England.
  20. Canobie Lake hands down. Followed by Waldameer and Indiana Beach
  21. That's just the way it looks...It's an Eli Ferris Wheel, they all look like that. Like every ride at Dollywood it's inspected and maintained properly. Wonder Wheel is a perfectly safe attraction.
  22. I wonder why they would remove it? I can't think of much else that could fit in that ride spot, but I hate to see it go. Because it looks like it could fall apart any minute and it was closed a lot this past season.. I tend to visit a lot, mostly on slow days I'll admit that, but over half those slow days it was closed But not being listed doesn't mean they got rid of it.. could just be a glitch, Dollywoods site has glitches like that from time to time Sent from my MHA-L29 using Tapatalk The ride is in great shape and resembles the classic county fair image perfectly. That would really suck to see it go since it's pretty much the centerpiece of that whole area. Eli Wheels are awesome, if they did remove it I hope its not getting scrapped.
  23. It’s not even a rough ride to being with. But if these actuall are new trains it’s nice to see the park putting money into a classic!
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