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  1. Apparently APEX is not selling off any individual pieces until the spring in hopes that they find someone who will buy the property....
  2. The website is saying that Superman is temporarily closed....anyone know whats going on with it?
  3. So exciting to hear that the Skooters and Whip will be returning as well!!! I can't wait to visit!
  4. Kinda bummed they're going with another generic carnival ride, especially since you can find Tornado's all over the place. Happy to see them adding more rides to that dead area of the park, hopefully it will help spread out the crowds more. Love the paint scheme!
  5. Doubtful that its 1001. They purchased El Dorado a couple years back from KD to use it as replacement parts. I think at this point its going to be the Flying Trapeze. Hasn't been in operation for two seasons and there were still no signs of activity at the end of the season. I hope they replace it with something different if that's the case. I think its time for a more significant replacement for the park.
  6. Certainly not a surprise. They quietly removed their wave slide from the complex last off-season so this was kinda expected. Hopefully that side of the park stays strictly dry-park.
  7. The water in craftsman valley will remain off for the rest of the season now that the Christmas lights are in place. Maintenance usually starts around the begging of July with that.
  8. ^ Is the Condor for sure getting removed? Last I heard nothings been announced.
  9. The park actually put a lot of money into replacing the brake system and major train refurbishments. They stated that they were excited to have it operating more this season so hopefully it is completed soon.
  10. "Disclaimer! You need a sense of humor to view our site, if you don't have a sense of humor, or are easily offended, please turn back now!"- TPR on the bottom of every page Awesome report! I agree with you on Thunderhead. I feel like that and Renegade aren't given the credit they deserve compared to rides like Prowler and Mystic. LR is also one of my absolute favorite rides, probably my #1 when Vengeance's MCBR is hitting hard.
  11. ^ Great to hear! Last time I heard they had the scrambler and whip still on property. It would be so cool to see those and the bumper cars return one day! Is the Haunted Pretzel building under construction or are they waiting to finish the fun house first?
  12. So awesome to see this! How's the Whip and the scrambler looking? Are there any plans to restore them?
  13. I just don't get it. I've never had any problems with both Domininator and Anaconda. On Friday, may 17th, the KD app says that they are open from 930-12am but the website says they're open til 8.... I couldn't find anything online about events going on that day, does anyone know whats up with this?
  14. Great to see a classic flume restored! Especially at a Six Flags park!
  15. Never knew where people were getting the whole Dominator being rough thing from.... I find it to be just as smooth as almost all of the other floorless coasters out there.
  16. Am I the only one who would rather see a ground up RMC if they ever got one? lol Twisted Timbers rocks but it would be nice to see something completely different.
  17. Old Country wasn't renovated, it was removed. The area that they've been updating is the old Movie Town section. Although its sad that they tore the area down, its REALLY nice to have that walkway back open.
  18. Downdraft would be much better off in the back of the park. Wonder if they'd put it in the back field across from the over-the-top pad.
  19. A family coaster would certainly be the most realistic. Is their a confirmed buyer for Crossbow at Bowcraft yet? That would be a great ride for the park.
  20. Looks good. I really wish they bought Bowcraft's music express. It's pretty new and is wicked fast! Would be nice to see a music express back where it used to be on that midway. Anyone know where this galleon ship is in the park?
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