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  1. Take out the MCBR on Ghostrider. Holy s**t that thing would ROAR. Add theming on Scream. Make the tabletop turnaround on Iron Rattler happen first on the ride. That way it has more speed going into the second half of the ride. Replace half of the MCBRs on Rip Ride Rockit with inverted camelbacks. That, or make the first drop beyond vertical and add a speed hill before the non-inverted loop. Make the first drop steeper and sharper on Silver Bullet. That, or take out the turnaround after the roll. That thing protrudes too far into Ghost Town. Add something interesting between the overbanks on Xcelerator like a heartline roll. That ride gets boring after the top hat. Add a helix on Pony Express.
  2. This. As long as anything is being made, there will be a fanbase or an enthusiast base for it. Even if we just stopped making roller coasters all together, the enthusiast community would take several years to die down.
  3. Just to name some favorites... -Ravine Flyer -Montezooma's Revenge -Lovely Fruit Worm Pulley (Gotta love those Chinese Wacky Worms) -Kanonen -Oki Doki -Hundeprutterutchebane -Woopy Coaster -Rip Ride Rockit
  4. Scream at Fiesta Texas has an amazing ride cycle, combining both the launch and drop towers without getting too low on the capacity. I also love the art-deco theme too.
  5. X-flight. Even though Gatekeeper had a better view and layout (minus the lackluster finish), X-flight made much better use of theming, space, and the dive drop.
  6. Even though it's short, Ghostrider's is damn good for what it was: A taste for the rest of the ride. The train gains speed out of nowhere, and wakes you up by reminding you "Oh yeah, you're on a roller coaster" with a quick rattle and some sharp turns. Not to mention it looks great hidden in all of that foliage.
  7. Wow. I love what Europa does for winter. Nice shot of the courtyard, btw.
  8. I don't know why I didn't mention an Arrow Mad Mouse. These things are the best wild mouses (mice?) I've ridden. ALSO A ZAMPERLA MINI DISCOVERY. LOOK AT IT. LOOK AT HOW CUTE AND TINY IT IS.
  9. NTaG. Iron Rattler is way too short and forceless compared to the latter. Would you rather have all remaining CCIs retracked or have all remaining Vekoma Loopscrews get those fancy new vest restraints?
  10. Wow, this thread just came back from the dead out of nowhere. Since creating the thread I've ridden SFFT's Goliath, which (holy hell) is easily the most forceful coaster I've ever been on and I can only assume that all of the other 7-car inverts fall along the same path. It was uncomfortable and not enjoyable TBH, and contrasted with Krypton Coaster across the park (lofty, relatively forceless comparatively), which IMO was a lot more interesting and re-ridable because the sensible spacing between high-force elements gave the riders "breathing time". Call me a wuss because I grey out easily, but honestly, constant high-g sections upwards of 5 solid seconds is definitely a way to knock down a coaster a few spots on the scoreboard for me.
  11. I'm still bummed that there's no official dates for any major releases yet, but DAMN. That gyro coaster. As a $50 backer I can't wait for the early access release. Does anybody know if this will go directly to Steam?
  12. For having such a bad camera, I'm pretty happy with how these came out. Fun fact about that last one. I took it from the handicap line of the Sky Tower, which now has a building in front of it, so this shot is [sadly] impossible to recreate.
  13. Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster, Raptor, and Millennium Force. On a weekend, THEY NEVER END.
  14. Erase all history of Legoland parks. Even though I love legos, I was never a big fan of their parks. Would you rather have your closest park get an Intamin Blitz or an Intamin Prefab Woodie?
  15. ^Chance generally has thicker supports and deeper gondolas on their wheels, and I don't think they make one that short. Do you have any other pictures?
  16. Holy hell, I love audience participation stunt shows. This put Movieland on my bucket list for sure.
  17. I have two questions for the regular visitors of this thread. 1. Is LLDoD really the first drop ride to achieve terminal velocity only through free fall? I heard a rumor about it and wanted to know if any of you could confirm. 2. What are your experiences with Jet Stream? The only time I ever went on it was when the water must have been low, because the ride was rolling instead of floating the entire time. Is this how it's supposed to work?
  18. I don't know. Sometimes I love the feeling of off-roading at 60+ mph.
  19. Is that a Trick Track I see? Haven't seen one of those since Thunder Dolphin. Also I love how bizarre of a layout this thing has. Looks like it covers much more ground than the standard El Loco model. Are any trains on site yet?
  20. ^Although that's damn cool, Wipeout is still running some wicked ride cycles and it's got more capacity than the Freestyle from what I can tell.
  21. All of the SLCs. At least they're in generally more interesting parks than the Boomerangs... And there's less of them operating. (38 slcs, 41 bmgs) Would you rather be forced to 100% the E.T. Atari game or Sonic 2006?
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