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  1. Wow, this thing looks amazing so far. Can't wait to see what that first drop is going to be like.
  2. I always love seeing Europa in the winter. Thanks for posting.
  3. I approve. How's this? After looking at the recent construction, I can't tell if that Zero-G roll looks more or less interesting than previous inverts. It may swing outwards more than the last one, which might generate much more lateral g's no matter what seat you're in, but it just looks... off. Really off. I can't wait to see construction start on the in-line roll, though. That'll be cool.
  4. As a former brony, I really need to say that the real bronies are the ones who hide their power level in public. The ones who subtly bring it up in everyday conversaton to see if their close friends are one. The ones who peacefully discuss the show on imageboards designated for the show and nothing else. Real bronies don't let anybody know that they watch the show except for the ones they meet in private. Most of the true ones keep it as anonymous as they can. The ones that outright bring their Fluttershy plushie to their college, break out into songs from the show whenever they see their friends, and sport pony t-shirts on a bi-daily basis are NOT. They are autistic sperglords who write fetish fanfiction for the show and are looked down by the rest of us. I am a former for the reasons that I detest being associated with the social stereotype, and to be honest, the show completely went to shit recently. The direction got moved to some random bloke who didn't understand the charm of the first couple seasons. The show doesn't even deserve the fandom anymore, and most of my friends have jumped ship already. The ones who haven't are slowly slipping into the routine of jerking off to clopfics.
  5. That was seriously some top notch use of custom scenery even if the car transitions weren't as smooth as they could have been. Great job.
  6. If you're a fan of difficult games, may I recommend System Shock 2? One of the most thoroughly stressful games not only in atmosphere but it's got some really well implemented RPG elements balanced perfectly with hectic gunplay. It takes a few hours to get used to, but when you do, it's amazing. Also for hard games you can't really get much better than Super Meat Boy if you like platformers and Hotline Miami if you like dual stick shooters.
  7. ^Having a close friend who owns Nintendoland and Game and Wario, I can say that although the pictionary minigame and the thief game (same concept as the Luigi's Mansion minigame from NL) make good use of the multiplayer "I can see what you can't see" idea, there's really not much else content in the game that really hits home with the gamepad. Several of the games Also I completely forgot about the Metroid minigame. That's definitely another. The rest of them (especially the competitive only ones) honestly aren't that balanced to me. Mario always wins in the chases on the games that I play, and the ghost always wins in the games of Luigi's Mansion that I've played. I just realised I have a thing for shooters that use motion controls for aiming. Uncharted Golden Abyss for the Vita seems to have done it really well too. Being a person who plays singleplayer games far more than multi, I guess my main complaint about the Wii U really shouldn't be that it doesn't have any uses for the gamepad yet, but rather not enough good uses. The singleplayer uses haven't really gone past minimaps and inventory screens and the console is already a year into production. I suppose there are a couple reasons why I might eventually scrape up some cash and buy one, but those are mainly singleplayer games such as Bayonetta 2 and Human Element, and I'm really REALLY skeptical about how the game pad is going to work with games like MarioKart U and the new Smash Bros (which I would like to add has started scraping the bottom of the bargain bucket of their own IPs for new characters, and started leeching off of Capcom and likely Konami.). I can definitely see the appeal in using the gamepad as the main screen, as the latency gap between the controller inputs and the gamepad display is remarkably fast for using only basic Wifi, but since I use my consoles on my desktop monitor alongside my PC, I've got no interest. Also I'm kind of surprised you said that Pikmin 3 makes good use of the gamepad, as the only two people I know IRL who own that game heavily prefer the wii/nunchuk controls. Even then, I really wish I was interested in that game as it does look like a very pretty and satisfying one, however, I was never and may never be a fan of real-time strategy games, especially since Halo War[t]s tinted whatever expectations I had left for the genre ever since it tried to cram complex controls and gameplay mechanics permanently onto a console controller. Again, I can see the appeal, but as someone who never has had a soft spot for split screen multiplayer (the wii u's supposed demographic), I really don't think I agree with it. Surprisingly enough there's hardly even any exclusive games that really interest me for the 3DS, besides maybe Kid Icarus Uprising, the new Phoenix Wright game, Fire Emblem Awakening, and MarioKart 7. Also in console discussion, I just borrowed the Silent Hill HD Collection for PS3 and started playing Silent Hill 2 just a couple of hours ago.
  8. I hate to bump the thread after so long, but I need to point out that I have no idea who made this: Because whoever made this is my most hated. Can you say internal bleeding?
  9. ^Has Wild Thing ever been known to have 3-train operations? I know it can.
  10. The new Kinect for the Xbone is incredibly competent, but then again, so was the last one, and no developer ever really optimized it to the extent that it was capable. I really think that it's a waste of development money, and the worst part is, they're trying to push it into tons of the games so far (and it barely works right now), and it probably was the culprit for adding that extra $100 to the price tag. As for the Wii U, so far the only games that have made decent use of the Gamepad so far are the Zelda minigame on Nintendoland and the scope/inventory screen on Zombi U. Nintendo already tried that with the Gamecube/GameboyAdvance link cable, and that failed. IMO the 3DS doesn't have any games that really take advantage of the 3D functionality yet (besides maybe Super Mario 3D Land), and it looks like a trend of "developers not even trying to make it happen" has started with the new Pokemon gen and accented with the mistake that was the 2DS. Back when 3D games were getting pretty popular was around 2009 (with the high point being Arkham Asylum) was when the 3DS was being developed so I could see their reasoning behind the 3D addition, but I hate the shape, unpocketability, and triggers of the 2DS and there's no middleground for the system lineup yet. Maybe when a clamshell design comes out for the 2DS I'll have my interest sparked again. As for the PS4, I like the addition of a built-in streaming service and capture card (as I do with the xbone's as well), but their emphasis on motion controls is really ill-placed. So far the only good use of it has been the vehicular looking in Battlefield 4, but it's really situational. At least it's precise, unlike the Dualshock 3's Sixaxis. Not only those things, but the main reason why I don't want to fork over cash for a new Xbox or PS4 is because EVERY SINGLE GAME for them so far is either a tech demo with no real heart to it (Resogun, Killzone Shadowfall, Ryse, etc.), or a "next gen" port with updated graphics that I could easily get on my PC gaming rig or my PS3/360. I don't really believe that the Vita is quite worth the price tag yet, but I really want to support it and I believe it's got a great future ahead of it, provided that Irrational does go through with that Bioshock Vita game Ken Levine was talking about. And not to mention it's getting mobile ports for everything, including Minecraft (finally the full version and not the terrible android mobile one), Starbound, Borderlands 2, and every single PS1 game available off of the PSN (just to name a few of the ones I'm interested in). Granted, the Vita has a back touchpad that nobody really develops for, but at least that hasn't been tried before.
  11. ^Is there a higher res version of that photo? I'd love to see one.
  12. Jeez, I love making these things. I'll post what I have now and I'll post more later, because I think I've decided that these are the only full size RCT2 coasters I'm decent at making. Enjoy. I may post a .zip file containing the ride files if any of you are interested. Applejack, a romp through an apple orchard. This is the only one of my rides that uses custom scenery. Also I swear to god I'm not a brony, this was named after the cereal. Quite frankly I have no idea what I named this one. It was just an experiment. Here's one my wilder terrain coasters, Ravine Plunge. Inspired by Minecraft. Here's an inside view. Rattler, a family GCI inspired by White Lightning and American Thunder. Stereo, a pretty basic terrain woodie with terrible capacity and terrible theming. Guests love it though. The turnarounds of Stereo. One more look at it. I'm surprised at how well this ride maintains a consistently high speed. Ever wonder what White Lightning would have been like if it was made in the 90s? This is my take, scaled down to half size. The Retro Rumbler, my take on what American Thunder could have been like if it was shorter and had a faster pace. Here's what the back of it looks like. Probably the fastest of the ones I'm going to post here, this is Roller Rush. Also one of the more compact and more popular. Think of it as "Apocalypse with a better finish". Saving the best for last. My all time favorite woodie I've ever made in RCT2, Shamrock. Inspired by my two favorite wooden coasters, Apocalypse and Renegade.
  13. Funny thing that this thread showed up in my feed today. I just had one last night about the Coney Island Cyclone being relocated in place of Xcelerator at Knott's, and the Jurassic Park ride at USO being converted into a dark ride with a show next door. I really wish I could remember more because it I know it was a REALLY long dream.
  14. Such a random thread. Who cares. Posting in it anyway. This one time, a friend gave me an Icee cup which had been wrapped in about 5 layers of duct tape. Inside of it was a wad of more duct tape, which after several minutes of prying open turned out to be gravel wrapped around a 1 inch cubed box wrapped in duct tape, which inside of it was a penny.
  15. Prescott, AZ and Portland Oregon. Neither one have anything and it would be awesome to see what people could do with the landscape.
  16. /thread Just kidding. For me it's just my good old point and shoot camera, my phone, wallet, and a swimsuit for parks like Valleyfair and SFFT. Cargo pants are pretty damn neat.
  17. For the first time riding it as a kid who had no idea what it did, the original X was a blazing fury of pissed pants and shaky legs. The first drop especially. However, the one ride that still continuously freaks me out no matter how many times I ride it, is Ghostrider. I'm in a love-hate relationship with that ride. I love it to bits for its great layout and unbelievable intensity, but I hate it because I can't ride it more than four or five times a day. Sitting at the back seat of the middle car will always be one of the most insane things a wooden coaster can offer. Especially that section of track between the MCBR and the second main turnaround.
  18. Good old Xcelerator. You can never really go wrong with this ride.
  19. Just Cause 2 released an official Multiplayer Mod DLC. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard.
  20. ^Granted, the smoothness of ANY arrow is which seat you're in. What are the best ones?
  21. Being a coaster enthusiast and living in Hawaii. What's worse than a brand new PS4 crashing?
  22. This thread is seriously legit. Does anybody have any Wingrider facts?
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