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  1. The game. What's worse than Activision re-making Seaworld Tycoon?
  2. A really complicated answer. What's worse than Vekoma buying over Intamin?
  3. Yes, but only the James Bond movies. Have you ever not fit into an OTSR?
  4. All of the Arrow loopers being replaced by pre-90's boomerangs. What's worse than Dollywood being bought over by Six Flags?
  5. Having a tornado and an an earthquake at the Bolliger and Mabillard plant. What's worse than finding out your best friend is a serial killer?
  6. Just got to see the first piece being taken out. I'm not going to miss it, but it was a credit for me. So I bid it farewell.
  7. Very impressed about the shots for this update. Also kind of disappointed in Intamin for not building this one... I'm probably just surprised that Intamin let Zierer make a vertical drop section.
  8. Too many of you forgot Cedar Point's juicy awesomeness!!! My list is as follows: 1. Magnum XL 200 2. Phoenix 3. Voyage 4. Rip Ride Rockit 5. El Toro
  9. I agree with your opinion of Ninja entirely. That ride is... well, all things negative.
  10. Yeah, why wasn't that on the list? Classic coasters are always good.
  11. I really can't wait for any of them... I guess I really should be excited for Manta and Superman because I live in AZ, but all of them are BOMB. But especially Verbolten, Skyrush, and Swarm.
  12. Two blondes walk into an office building. You think one of them would have seen it.
  13. WOOP WOOP! Just had a handy dandy day, and when I got home, SOMETHING EVEN BETTER HAPPENED. My cat let me pet him. And then a Bag-o-Crap came in the mail. ADVSDVSF BRSR!!! Clearly awesome. Bag of crap contents are as followed (or however the crap you say that): -TPR Pen -TPR Bag handle squishy thing -The usual "teh big dipper" coaster -Visionland nametag -Movieland Park map -Carowinds map -Oakwood map -Adventure Island map -Universal Studios Singapore map and show guide -Semi-random unmarked mysterious mystery DVD. (later turned out to be Coaster Expedition 9) -Legoland Cali. map -The usual Mickey's not-so-scary Halloween Party sticker -11 of those weird mint thingies (weird, but still delicious) -The usual Evil Knievel temporary tatoo -AND... THE COOLEST THING ON THIS LIST... Tokyo Disneysea map!!! W00t!! [end list] So yah. Thanks to everyone who made this possible!
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