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  1. ...Is that a Pax Shuttle Coaster? With a Viking theme? I'm sold. Sign me up.
  2. Good lord I really wish Stormrunner started out with themed trains. They could have done so much better with them. You fit some nice shots in for such a short trip report. Looking forward to some more from Dominion.
  3. I'm looking into getting a Ps Vita with my Christmas money this year because it's the only current gen console that doesn't want to screw me over with crap online and gimmicky additions to already tired ideas (COUGH3DSCOUGH). I'm definitely getting Wipeout, Tearaway, LBPVita, and Guacamelee, but does anybody have suggestions?
  4. On SFGAm's latest Goliath update: The English language shall never yet again find such a majestic use of a keyboard and a single brain cell.
  5. Source of picture. I need it . PLEASE. Also I changed mine a while ago to a shot of Coast Rider I took on my last trip to Knott's.
  6. >"Magnum sucks" >"Coasters are awesome" Magnum is as rollery and as coastery as they'll ever come. 0/10 for ironic hypocracy
  7. Holy recap, Batman. Biggest construction update this site's seen in years. Can't wait until a testing video is released.
  8. Looks great. I wish I still had my air miles, going back for Christmas sounds fun.
  9. Maurer X-Car. Hot damn, who doesn't love Shock and Rip Ride Rockit? Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead?
  10. The owners of the companies that made the top 300 being assassinated by Amusement Today. Fixed. What's worse than ThemePark Studio being canceled?
  11. ^It's starkly different depending on which seat you're in when the ride cycle starts because the seat radius is huge compared to the swing height. It can get ridiculous with a bit of ejector hangtime if you're in the right seat, but its a really tame flat on the other side. It's the opposite of what the Huss Giant Frisbees are like. Where those are consistently forceful with almost no matter to seating, these vary WILDY. Which is why I like them. They encourage re-rides.
  12. Wow. Both of those are marvelous. Well done on the accuracy. After checking out some more of your videos, HOT DAMN. THAT EUROFIGHTER.
  13. Everybody seems to forget how important pacing is for a ride. Spacing out elements and separating intense inversions with low-g and negative-g sections is important, and it's what makes rides like Voyage, Intimidator 305, Millennium Force and Maverick such great rides.
  14. ^^Imma let you finish, but the transition between the two corkscrews is the best part of SB.
  15. ^Can you confirm? If so I might have to change my theory to something like Cedar Creek Mine Ride. Something wicked cool could go in its place knowing Cedar Point.
  16. Whatever the hell this is. I want more of it. Also Zamperla's Mini Discovery. It's seriously a perfect small-footprint low-budget family flat.
  17. My favorite coaster is San Diego's Manta. Obscure opinions are what make this website interesting, and you're not really helping.
  18. Arrow Loopers and Pinfaris are the next to go. Good riddance to the Pinfaris, but I'm really sad to see that Arrows are the next ones to go. Honestly I think that Anaconda is the next Arrow to go.
  19. ^Last time I went to SFMM I got a car on GL:FF that had me (140 lbs) and my friend (160) on one side, and her younger sister (70) and an empty seat on the other side. This is how you neuter yourself, folks. AND GETTING THIS CONVERSATION BACK TO CEDAR POINT. As far as racing coasters go, how high would you rank Gemini?
  20. You have to love Dive Loops. It's a perfect gradual buildup until that train flips over onto its backside and dive bombs underneath itself. One of the reasons why I love Riddler's Revenge so much, back to back inversions are my favorite.
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