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  1. Got a couple more interesting ones of Silver Bullet.
  2. Forget Goliath, I want to know more about this thing. So sad I could only find one other picture of it:
  3. Goliath at SFMM and Goliath at SFFT. Two of the most forceful coasters I've ever been on. Also that last helix on Silver Bullet gets me every time.
  4. I got to try out my friend's copy of Super Mario 3D World. I hate to say it, but I really don't like this game at all. I guess when compared to the original Super Mario Galaxy, the series can only possibly go down from there.
  5. From what I've heard, Snoopy Bounce, Log Peeler, Joe Cool's GR8 SK8, and Timberline Twister are leaving and a new family coaster and 2 new flats are replacing them. Of course, none of this has been confirmed so take it with a grain of salt. I could easily see GR8 SK8 leaving because the capacity is crap and nobody ever rope that thing anyway. There may be no point in taking out Log Peeler however. It's literally the smallest flat ride I've ever seen and I have no idea what would go in place of it as there's a food stand nearby and a shop right next to it.
  6. The original concept art is amazing for this. I really kind of wish this was the final design. Ever ridden an ARM tower? Once you've ridden one of those, no other drop tower really feels like a no holds barred sky dive.
  7. What's the maximum car capacity of the standard El Loco model? I want to compare it with this one, which is supposedly 6.
  8. My homepark Castles-n-Coasters has one. The first time I ride it every time I visit, I realize how much I've forgotten how ridiculous it is. Probably the only drop ride I've been on that feels like a real free fall.
  9. A visit to Oregon and Montana where all you do is go to the amusement parks. What's worse than your career save file on RCT3 corrupting?
  10. Having everybody on the earth and the earth trying to kill you. What's worse than Youtube turning into Google+?
  11. Also, I just 100%ed Top Ride off of Kirby's Air Ride. I FEEL SO MUCH POWER. ...And I'm pretty sure I now have carpal tunnel syndrome.
  12. Holy crap. Yesterday I was at my homepark Castles-n-Coasters, and towards the end of the day, the park was really vacant. I don't really know what started it, but my group ended up on the bumper car cycle about twenty times in one sitting. We were with about ten other people and we were just high fiving each other while the ride op was shoutcasting the entire thing. It was a blast.
  13. RCDB link please? I'd love to see how it compares with Canada's Mindbender and Orlando's Rockin Roller Coaster.
  14. If you thought that was good, get Journey. It's just stunning.
  15. Generic Schwarzkopf Ripoff #23. Also known as Desert Storm at Castles and Coasters. It's really short and not very well paced, but it's pretty forceful and it's got really friendly ride ops.
  16. Rock Band. Except for GH2 which is easily the best music game I have ever played. LittleBigPlanet or Battleblock Theatre?
  17. Has anybody here gotten Season Two of Telltale's Walking Dead yet? I want to know if it's worth it or not. Also I just got the Vita versions of Sly Cooper, Littlebigplanet, and Most Wanted. Most wanted so far is pretty much Burnout Paradise with police cars. Kind of lame considering I already own Paradise for my PS3 and PC.
  18. Unf. I know I can't possibly be the only one who really wants this to just go up already.
  19. I really don't see them as a gimmick either. They feel much different than regular rides, as the changes in direction are much more apparent in the way your body pivots in the ride. It's why the half-stengel dive on Riddler's Revenge is so unique.
  20. ...Wow. Probably one of the best shots I've ever seen on this thread.
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