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  1. I lived in Orlando for 1 year and loved it, I am hoping to get out of Cali and back to Orlando for good. I worked at WDW, but i worked in the resorts, all the Bay Lake resorts to be Specific. It was amazing, there is so much that goes on In WDW year round, that it never seemed to got old, I found my self in a park daily it felt like. I see how you would want to not visit parks that you work in, but i think working in the reports really helped me.
  2. Here is my take on the whole thing. Staring with Wilson, i believe him to be one of the most overrated pitchers in baseball, at best he will be the angels number 3 pitcher. So I am not really worried about him helping the angels. Now for pujols, I have lost all respect for this man, I really though he played the game because he had heart and passion for it, Guess not. He signed for 10 years 250 Million with the angels, the cardinals reportedly offered him 10 years 220 Million. So here is my question, He has been with the cardinals for 9-10 years,he has won 3 MVP awards, and has been to 3 world series and has won 2 of them, what more does he have to prove by leaving the cardinals? Was it really worth 3 Million a year when your already making 20+ million a year, to leave the cardinals and possibly ruin your legacy as a cardinal? Guess he is only in this sport for the money.
  3. Ok here is my argument on the whole Paul thing, Stern is saying its not benefiting anybody but Lakers, this is false. Paul is a free agent next season, after what they have done to him there is no chance hes going to resign with the hornets, so let the hornets trade him now before he become a free agent and get some lagitament players out of it, Lamar Odom, Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, Goran Dragic, lamaer odem is a 7 foot beast, he not the strongest but he can handle a team on the court, Kevin martin is easily a top 5 scorer in the nba. Yes, Paul is the shining star on the top of this Christmas tree trade, but looking at the whole picture what everybody is getting is not that big of a difference. So let the hornets trade him now while he still has value, it will help them in the future.
  4. What if they renamed and themed it to fire Firestorm? he always seems to have those spinning balls of fire whirling around his hands. Plus firestorm just seems like a name six flags can name a ride, its more a fictional name then someone real name. Plus Firestorm was a BOSS.
  5. I joke I joke, just throwing a crazy but possible idea out there, does there really have to be a rumor on these kind of things? not saying its going to happen, but its probably a whole lot cheaper to give it a RM Makeover then to destroy it and put a whole new Woodie or any coaster there.
  6. I agree, you should get an online patention going and get all of us to sign it, and send it to managment.
  7. My all time Favorite place to just relax would be Marin Headlands the view of the godlen gate is Amazing its just breath taking Second would be The View you get from atop the Rockefeller center in Manhattan
  8. I love the colors of Mumbo Jumbo, just the two Colors black and Orange look amazing to me.
  9. My favorite is the Wilderness lodge and WDW and the contemporary. I like the water that runs from inside the resort, under the bridge, through the stream, down the waterfall, into the pull. Now I know its not all connected, but its still really cool, and I am just biased towards the Contpo because I worked there occasionally, and I love the out door activities they had to offer.
  10. I dont know if this is the type of art work your talking about, im really into this guy named FONZEY, he does like tattoo art.
  11. WOW, TTT. I love to ride my dirt bike and 4 wheelers, love taking the sea doos out on the lake. The best game to play with a lot of people is called "La Megra". Its a good game to play before a party pick your starting location and end at the Party. Anybody else ever play this game?
  12. Footaball: San Diego Chargers Baseball: San Francisco giants Hockey: San Jose Sharks Basketball: Sacramento kings Baseball is my true passion, there is nothing like going to a Giants baseball game, Greatest fans in the world.
  13. Just saying I can go back pages and pages on a lot of the pages the past few weeks, someone has brought up this same subject, its getting old, people already got there laughs out of it. The fun with wooden inverted launched, aquatrax 100+ looper that weaves from one end of the park to other. The joke is over. Sorry. I will let it go.
  14. Ok its getting old. This MM forum is starting to sound like a broken record. A 100+ MPH, inverted launched, wooden auqatrax looper with a splash down, built on the side of the mountain, I don know if this is all suposed to be funny? Butim telling you it not, not even a chuckle came from this guy here. So let's get back on the topic of "real" coaster. What ever ther do build on the old logjammer spot, are gueses probabley won't even come close, atleast not tell they make an official announcment and drop a few more hints.
  15. I have not figured it out, how do I post actual videos on here not just the link?
  16. YES. 27 Inch iMac. should vegetarians eat animal crackers?
  17. I saw WEEZY (Lil Wayne) about to months ago, one of the best concerts i been to, it was CRAZZZY. I also seen Skrillex about 4 weeks ago in San Francisco.
  18. Love the cold, hate the rain If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea does that mean the fifth one enjoys it?
  19. I have done all of these mentioned, they are all amazing things things to do. If your a huge fan of Walt Disney, maybe take a drive by his studio in Burbank, just to say you have seen the studio, you can find the address online. I also like to go get lost in the Hollywood hills and see if I can figure out how to find my way back out, plus there are some breathtaking views from up in the hills, and if your one of those people that are interested in like celebrity homes.
  20. ^^^^What part of nor cal do you live Today I got a random check for 85 bucks in the mail from someone I don't even know. Got my gas paid for, for my so cal trip at the end of the month, Ok well maybe 1.5 tanks
  21. The Juliana Theory-We're on top of the world
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