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  1. Agreed, i like to just sit in the scare zones and watch the actors freak people out, its great. But this family looked to avoiding any kind of contact, the actor should have stopped when the parents asked them to leave the child alone. But on the same note the think the parent could have handled it a little bit better then to shove the actor on the ground. The parent went in there knowing we may get scared.
  2. ^^ Agreed, i watched a parent have a scared child walk into a scare zone with the child, as a zombie person was walking up to the kid the parent was like dont come close, back up, hes scared, leave NOW, and as the zombie continued to scare the child the parent pushed the zombie down and continued to walk through and out of the scare zone. So i dont know if it was right for the zombie to continue to scare the child even after the parent told them not to, the family looked as if they where just walking through it to get the other side of the park, not causing trouble, are the zombie trained to scare the little kids like that, the boy was frightened and the zombie would not leave him alone, it was like harassing him, is that OK. I know it was not right for the parent to push the zombie down but after numerous times of him tell him to leave him alone he continued to torment the child, so he did what any parent would do i guess.
  3. ^^^^ speaking of crush, i had simmaler incidents when working in the monsters laugh show. the actors would sometimes put us up on the screen and make us dance or make fun of us, they where really cool, they even let us go in the back after hours and mess around with the characters on the big screen and control them, it was pretty awesome, it was a whole lot harder then they made it look. There were so many different animations that where not used during the show. that we got to see, and there where even more characters that they didn't use either. the monsters characters where pretty sweet. we would make magic moments all of the time, the actors actually wanted us to call them and let them know that it was someones b-day or a little kid has been in here 5 time just to get on tv with them, they made it an awesome experience. Working the monsters show was my favorite part. especially photo cell(pre-show).
  4. Oh ya the old full time people will hate you, because they think that you are taking there hours. they are just not friendly. The young ones are cool though.
  5. I did the College program spring of 09, Don't be nervous you will get selected. WDW would not operate with out the college program, i worked tomorrow land attractions. buzz, monsters and COP. the only thing i did not like about it was the hours. especially working in the MK, we would be there tell 12 midnight and them on EMH days sometimes tell 4am, all my room rates worked in other places and got off early enough to go hang out with each other at the parks while i was stuck at work. If i got off at 4 I had to take the A bus back to Chatham, by the time i got home it was literately 5am, a few of my room rates where getting ready to leave for work when i was just getting off, it was pretty rough. Just like what everybody else has been saying, it is what you make it, even though i hated my hours the people i worked with made them worth it. it was the most amazing experience of my life.
  6. I always cracked up about the panda express being put in baja ridge. In regards to the rides, six flags really has no ride themeing, just ride names. Its not that hard to change the names and colors of the rides to match the surrounding areas.
  7. i honestly think the superhero themeing is kind of Corney. they should get rid of it all together. i dont really know what i would change it to, but i guess superheros are whats hot at the moment. it will soon all be changed.
  8. i get where all of you are coming from, every time i visit six flags mm i talk about how horrible the themeing is there, and all the abandon buildings are a whole other story. its seems like every ride they have but it has been the cheap way, instead of spending money to put decorations in or around the attraction. i thing ninja is one of my favorite rides in the whole park, just due to the facts it hugs the mountain and goes in between trees and stuff.
  9. i think they should make one big scare zone. back over by the butterfly place, monkey cups and thrilla. its already creepy enough back there at night time.
  10. headed to the park for the weekend. Friday-sunday. i know its probably going to be very busy, but with wishful thinking anything can happen.
  11. Colossus backwards++++++ AWSOME.. my favorite ride in the park at the time.
  12. i never wait longer than 30 mins in a line, if the line is longer i will come back another day.
  13. dont get me wrong it looks exciting but im dissapointed they would put 2 rides so simmaler near each other, v2 is a lauch coaster where you go back and fourth, and since they tilted the spike you even go upside down. superman, launch coaster where you go back and fourh with an added element. im glad they decided to put it in my home park, but i would have preferd the wingrider,
  14. ^^^^ ya the one they put in the park and another one in your pants after you see the glorious one they put in the park.
  15. was there on sunday, and seen a giants alligator looks like there trying to keep it hidden, its fake but looks really cool, i guess it was the alligator they used on lake placid the movie. wonder if it has anything to do with what ever is new
  16. x/x2 the up and down part is cool and the whole butterfly part to close the front is cool, fits snug like a jacket. but one time while i was puting it on i closed the front as i was letting my breath outand it closed to tight and scueezed my chest, i was only able to take about half my normal breath throughout the ride, kinda freaed me out.
  17. see heres the thing,i have been to plenty of raiders games, and have sported my chargers jersey, yes they talk alot of smack and scream and yell, its not the raider fans, its the gang bangers that just wear raider jerseys that dont even go to the games, they just hang out in the parking lots before and after the games. there the ones causing the trouble, i have never had any trouble with a true heard core for life raider fans.
  18. maybe they should just get rid of the old theather building all together.
  19. I'm thinking the design would inhibit them from being able to do that. The carriage moves up the tower, opposed to sitting on top of it and the tower raising like the smaller ones. I don't think that the carriage would be able to tilt on the tower at all. makes since, it rises the tower instead of the tower rising.
  20. i watched somthing barrowed tonight with the wife, CHICK FLIK, but i guess it was an ok chick flick
  21. As much as I'd love to see this happen as a fellow Giants fan, our offense is going to need a major reboot and we're suffering injuries left and right--again. It's not over yet, but it's already been so tough with all of the initial injuries, and now with Wilson and Romo on the 15-day DL... Keeping my fingers crossed. you know, all theses injuries are pretty crappy and we can not catch a break at all with beltran back in the lineup and romo progressing faster than thought to burral is playing in some rehab games in fresno, things are starting to look up, i was at the game tonight. we still got the freak, big daddy cain, MadBum, and vogelSTRONG. al they need is 1 or 2 runs. plus whats been our teams motto.. DONT STOP BELIEVING.. dont you love this GIANTS torture?
  22. yayaya, you all need to stop talking the season is already over, might as well just hand the super bowl to the chargers this year. hope you all a ready for this charge thats about to run through your teams
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