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  1. I would love to ride anything outside of the states California and Florida.
  2. ^^ That would work but Pandemonium is being shipped off to SF is Mexico. My guess would be for six flags to use the flashback plot for some type of HH Expansion.
  3. I really dont think they care. If they advertise it like they are doing with with DJV over in SFNE and Goliath. The GP wont know the difference of a used coaster or a new coaster as long as its "new" to the park. The Gp is really the only people six flags Caters to to, us coaster people are the moinority hear.
  4. In all honesty six flags is to cheap, were going to get a coaster swap for the deja vu area, and nothing but dreams and an empty lot in the log jammer place.
  5. That's what she said! Couldn't resist. thumbs up for that
  6. ^^^ God i cant stand that show, Heck i cant even stand Steve Carrol. I can stand the fact that MM is getting rid of log jammer for something I am sure is going to be epic.
  7. OK, really though, who do you think the minority is? people with fond memories of Log jammer or the GP that does not care about anything and just considers it another ride at the park? My point Exactly!! So why should six flags take the time, and resources to make sure people know this is the last year of some ride the general public can really care less about? Most people outside the coaster community probably can't even tell the difference between Log Jammer and Jet stream, other than its a water ride.
  8. MrSum1_55, I am not trying to argue but the one of the facts you mentioned is incorrect, i have worked all over the Disney parks and resorts, and know for a fact that cast members are not allowed to ask for proof of a disability. We had to give them a Guest Assistance Card (GAC CARD) no questions asked. We had or suspicions of who was telling the truth or not, but you cant be completely sure just by looking at someones physical appearance. On the other hand I am not sure how they do it at six flags parks, weather there allowed to ask or not, its just seems like when it comes to ride operations at six flags its very unorganized. I believe they should have some that stops the lines and tells people what row to go to, that way all seats will be filled, and its not so hectic in the Loading area. kind of what X2 or CA Screaming does.
  9. OK OK, let all calm down and get your undies out of a bunch. There most likely never going to get speed the ride at SFMM, but if they did I am sure they can find a spot to make it fit somewhere in the park with out modifications. Its not that big of a ride.
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