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  1. ^ lives in the boring part of nor*cal V lives in a dumpster of a city.
  2. I want to sigh up for the one in lake Tahoe this year, but I really cant justify spending $150 to do it.
  3. motocross and camping, go out for the weekend and take the bike and find a nice spot to camp.
  4. I don't hate foreign cars, but they're not my favorite. In my opinion nothing compares with the classic American muscle cars like the Mustang, Chevelle, Bel-Air, etc. I haven't been to a classic car show in about a year and I really want to go to one. I would have to say my favorite care is the 57 Chevy Bel air. I went to the autorama show last month, all I can say was amazing.
  5. Don't worry you can have Matt Cain next season, he wants to much money and wont even consider and hometown discount. If we don't trade him mid season he will be a free agent. and you know hes going Yankees or Redsox.
  6. You guys have no taste in cars. I hate foreign cars.
  7. ^ Good color < NCAA Bracket got all jacked up tonight V picked lehigh to beat duke
  8. Yes, I have done new years, and nye is not even comparrable, the park reached max capacity so they put a standbye line out side, it didn't work verywell though because they jus, t let people keeping walking in, I'm sure it felt like the park was over capacity, I have never been then when sm, btmrr, and star tours all have 120 min wait. The dole whip line was an hourlong and all the rides inside FL all had 45+ minute waits. If you managed to wait in line for a dark ride, once on you would get a contact high, they where hott boxing mr toads..lol. The conga line they got going around the hub was bannanas. It was just a sea of people.
  9. Yes its cool to be at disneyland for 24 hours, but when you can barley walk, or see anything, or when its takes 110mins to ride space and btmrr, its not fun, I couldn't. Enjoy myslef or absorb the stuff that makes me love disney so much. To many ruthless teenagers. I was washing my hands in the bathroom and a drunk teen came in, I guess he could not hold it long enough to wait for a stall, he decided to take a pee in the sink right next to me.
  10. Yes, I have been to the orlando parks a few times when I lived in florida, I'm not really wanting to buy the express passes, I was kinda hopeing I didn't need them since I was going on a Tuesday, and yes I love movies, all types. We are going on next Tuesday, I believe its the 22nd of this month. Thanks.
  11. TTT, since I started this about week ago and am really addicted. I am actuallly wanting to hide one some where in disneyland, not a virtual but an actuall cache.
  12. I was at the Autorama car show yesterday helping my dad with his car, I must say there are some beautifull cars at the show, I will be headed back out there today.
  13. Kat Willliams and Gabrial Igalceis. Kat williams is one funny dude, I just wish he didn't have such a foul mouth. Droping the F-bomb every other word is not going to make the joke funnier, but stilll he is really funny. I also like Ralphie May.
  14. Your only 20. How many bad mistakes could you really have made to waste waste your 1 and only wish on? You should live by this motto, "you should not have any regrets, because its what you wanted at the moment"
  15. Ok I will see if I can get pics up later, but my wife being a vet tech and going to vet school has a soft heart for animals, with that bign said we are slowly developing a zoo, here's my list. 2 dogs: rottweiler-Odin and rottweiler/sheperd mix-Bandin 2 cats: Poken hauntis rambo fairy (yes I spelled it right my 3 year old neice named her) and big black she weighs like 18 pounds. 2 bearded dragons: samson and goliath 2 cockatails: Biggie and Pac 2 oscar fish: diamond and onix. Then we have about 10 random little fish and frogs in the other tank.
  16. ^ Correct, not cocky just confident. < Became a certified ninja is just 2 hours where it taakes most people 2 years V wishes they where also a certified ninja
  17. Does anybody else use the search function? I certainly don't because if I had I would of found this exact same thread in five seconds: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=888077#p888077
  18. I never had a problem talking to girls. During highschool and into college I have always attracted the attention of girls. I have had my share and fun with them,have dated numorous girls it started to get difficult because girls started to think I was becoming a player, the fact is I really didn't care if I had a girl they where always the one coming to me, I was not really ever in a formal relationship. But now I am happy to say that I found a keeper and am happly married.
  19. I am going to make a trip down south and want to visit USH, my question is, willl I have enough to to see or do everything in one day or half day? How long should I a lot myself? Thanks.
  20. ^can shred on a snow bored Vhas never been to the snow.
  21. Wait, maybe your headed to china to a park called "world joyland" to ride there flyer named sky scrapper? Since you mentioned both a flyer and skyscrappers, also the city it is located in is part of the peoples republic of china, which is a sister city to Las vegas.
  22. Maybe I'm way off, but are you headed to fantasy island in singapore?
  23. If you like star wars and DJS this is for you.
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