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  1. Me and my wife will be visiting china for the whole month of April. We will be visiting Hong Kong Disney and Shanghai Disney (if open by then). but I was wondering what are some of the better parks to visit (theme and water). we are going to try and squeeze in a few parks during our trip. We are also deciding if we should make the trip over to japan for a week or so, would that be advisable?
  2. dang maybe i should have checked again.... guess I will not be going this trip.. my parents recently moved to Texas so there will be plenty more opportunities.
  3. So me and my wife will be visiting on friday for the first time, we only have a half day to spend there. Any advice on how to conquor the park to get the most done. Thanks. We will not be using flash pass..
  4. That was just to much bumgarner for the royals to handle. Best pitcher is post season history, kershaw who? You can have your crowns we will take the rings....go giants
  5. Since when have the giants bee so hated?......GIANTS GIANTS GIANTS...Its all about the bay.
  6. how could anybody bet against the giants, every year 10, 12 and 14 we have been the underdogs in every series we play. we where not supposed to beat the pirates on their turf, there is no way they can get past the nationals with their pitching and we defiantly cant beat the cardinals who are a better image of ourselves. All the giants do is find a way to win. I predict giants in 6. GOOOOO GIANTS.
  7. Ehhhh, dodgers are garbage. Zero team chemistry.
  8. If you guys have not learned yet from any of our postseason appearances, the giants are not scared of anyone, it dont matter whos on the mound, we are relentless. Vamos gigantes.
  9. well, that game was a major disappointment, hopefully we get them tonight, VIVA LOS GIGANTES
  10. Getting ready to head out to the yard and watch the GIANTS sweep the nats. First Playoff game for me.
  11. Thanks for the input, we plan on taking a trip here in a few months to Florida, strictly to look around in neighborhoods to see what would best suit us. Williamsburg actually looks like a nice area. my job I would be able to transfer to is located in Ocoee, so it would be nice to get a place around or near there. that's not extremely outside the bubble is it? its still reasonable driving to all the major attractions and I wont fill like a Florida hillbilly?
  12. Thanks for the reply, well i will be able to transfer jobs where i am at, and unfortunately I am a mechanic, I guess I will have to deal with the heat, my wife is a vet tech, so she will be trying to get into a vet clinic. Our plan is to sell our house here in the bay area, and use the money to outright purchase a home or get a home with a low monthly payment, we live in a not so good area, not the worst but could be better. We bought when the market was really low and we will be getting a pretty good profit from what we bought for, but unfortunately what we will be getting back would only really be enough for really get us what we already have, if that made any since. we have no kids, and are really just looking to move because we are kind of sitting idle and just looking for a change while we are still pretty young, we have been looking in like the dr. phillips, winter garden, davenport, tangelo park areas, on top of others. but we would like to stay in that 10mile bubble. I am not really concerned about area, anything is better than where i live now. i have literally been born and raised in the "GHETTO"..lol. like you said i don't thing any state has as bad traffic problems that CA does. i have to sometime commute I80 into San Francisco, its horrible. I guess i will be doing more information into car insurance and what types on insurance is required and what not.
  13. Thanks for the reply. So can you actually live and survive on a minimum wage job there? How is like car insurance and and stuff like that? Seems like I can buy a decent house.
  14. hello, I know you guys just recently made the move from California to Florida and thought you guys would be the perfect people to ask. Me and my wife live in Northern California and are really considering the move central Florida. we vacation in Florida all of the time and we both did the college program for Disney in 2009, but that does not really tell you much about Florida. so i guess what I am looking for is a few answers? How if living over there? is the cost of living better? i would just like to know what ever information you guys can offer to maybe help make our mind up. thanks
  15. So, I am back from vacation and on the west coast. i must say I had a good day on Friday, although it had to of been some type of school field trip day. The regular lot was maybe !/4 full but there where like 100 buses full of high schooler's. We arrived at opening and went to Goliath but it was closed so we made our way to Bizzaro. we rode it 6 times with maybe the longest wait being 2 minutes, the girl checking my harness blew out my left testicle she pushed on the harness so hard, my legs went numb maybe half way through the ride. We than made our way around the park riding hitting up the majority of rides while we made our way to goliath again, it was open. I must say they had very good operations, seemed like we only waited 15 minutes, I was impressed. I must say I am not fan of the new trains. yes they are a but more comfortable, but whenthe ride got going they where shaky, in my opinion the older trains (dejavu days) where more jerky but not so shaky. I am pretty sure I dislocated my hip and vertebrae number 4..lol. I told my self I will never ride that ride again, and I am not a big complainer. we ended our day with 1 more ride on bizzaro, by that time all the high schoolers where in full force and bizarro had a 30 minute wait. I have a few questions that are a bit off topic: 1. I noticed that almost everyone was wearing some sort of Under Armor attire. where I live those sweatshirts are like $80 dolor's. Is it cheaper over there or do people have money? 2. not sounding rude but are people really that stupid or is this how they are thought in school. on the way there, i seen constructions signs that said "Use YAH BLINKAH" and another sign that said "get YAH COLE WADDA" is this just something mass does is spell it out the way it sounds to them or are they stupid and really cant spell so they sound it out. not trying to sound like a jerk because I know my spelling is horrible. that accent cracks me up but find it to be awesome. Over all I had a great time. one of my new favorite parks, it has a real homey feeling to it, only suggestion I have is the people and employees can be a little nicer and happier, they where pretty rude.
  16. I rode bizarro maybe 4 years ago. And goliath I rode when it was deja vu, at magic mountain. And there's something about that ride, but it scares the crap out of me. So I am excited to give it another ride on the east coat. Thanks for replies.
  17. I will be heading to mass from California tonight, and we are making a trip to six flags, Friday is the only day we can squeeze it in. There is a 65% chance of rain while we are there on Friday. my question is do they continue to run rides if there is rain? also is there any tips to tackle the park in a reasonable amount of time?
  18. I will be headed out there may 9th for the day while we are in mass visiting family. Do you guys think it will be busy? Any tips?
  19. ^^^ya, on my screen it look like my question is right below yours.
  20. straight from RCT Facebook page, just posted. "RollerCoaster Tycoon is back and it's coming to mobile (first)! Rest assured, there is a PC experience in production now for release in Fall 2014. This is just the first step in bringing the series back to its fans this year! We are excited and hope you are too!" https://www.facebook.com/rollercoastertycoon
  21. ^^^ what does your diet consist of? dont lie or cheat to yourself either. it dont matter how much you work out, you will never be able to keep up with a a bad diet.
  22. ^^^^I know I am probably gonna get veal for this since I already tryed creating a topic on it and everyone gave me deal. But I am a strong beleiver is crossfit. All you need is 30 mins a day. My wife is a full time vet student and works a 40 hour week job and she does cross first, she in tremendous shape. But I'm sure you all know it's not all about working out, work out can't keep up with your diet, it's 80% diet 20% gym.
  23. Also on the flip side, there are crossfitters who believe the zone diet is better for crossfitters.
  24. Yes, I follow the paleo diet. But not strict. Like I allow my self to eat like peanuts and plain popcorn, and spices to season my meat, stuff like that. The paleo diet is honestly one the easiest diets to follow. Basicly it's, no grains, so sugars no processed food. The main thing I like about it is there no calorie counting or worring about how much you have to eat. I have friends that want nothing to do with crossfit but still believe in the paleo diet.
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