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  1. ^^^ funny.. But far from the truth.
  2. All I can say are the people that knock crossfit are the ones who never gave it a fair shot. And who ever thinks it's not there to make you stronger is dead wrong. Yes we do "kipping" pullups, but not all the time. Only in compititions. When I first got into it, about 9 months ago I was bearly able to get 150 lbs over my head I just hit a 200 lbs squat snatch...so please try it before you judge it. And bro The socks are so we don't kill our shins trying to jump up 30" boxes...safety first
  3. Yes this is a fad right now. But it's a fad to stay. The key is form, form is everything. Yes you want to beat your time, but not if your going to hurt your self. And the only people That complain about it and say it's bad for you, or your garanteed to hurt your self are the people that have not tryed it. Beleive me when I say, once you drink that cool-aid your going to be addicted. So my advice is to take your time make sure you work on your form before your speed, I also found out how un flexable I am.
  4. Yes, it can get very pricy, my wife pays I think 120 per month at her box. But I know other boxes in the area are upwards of $200 witch is crazy. The benefit of going to a cross fit box is you have your own personal trainer every single day. If you think your in shape now wait tell you do your first wod. A crossfit warm-up is as intence if not more than a regular gym goers workout...no offence to anyone who works out at a regular gym.
  5. Justin timberlake music, cheese balls with peanut butter, settalers bored game.
  6. Does anybody crossfit? If so what are some of your "P.R's"? I have been doing if for less than a year and have had some serious results.
  7. This ride looks really fun. As close as your going to get to bob sleding, without actually bob sledding.
  8. Am I the only person on here who enjoyed this ride. It was rough but not as bad as everybody makes in out to be, Just my opinion.
  9. I really want to go to Tokyo Disney, its just seems so confusing to get around in japan. I tried to understand the TPR guide to Tokyo but there was just way to much information for me to comprehend.
  10. pdcon

    Guide to Tokyo

    Who have you guys found to have the cheapest flights to Tokyo?
  11. pdcon

    New York Area

    I know there is more people out there that can help me. What about reasonably priced hotels?
  12. pdcon

    New York Area

    Me and my wife will be taking our annual vacation to the new york area this year, From Sept 17-27. So I need your locals help. what are the must do's or must see's? We are planing to go to the yankees and Mets game because they are playing our beloved Giants while we are there. But other than the we are doing the normal touristy stuff. central park, times square, 911 memorial, etc. We also plan on going to great adventure while we are there, is one Sunday enough using a flash-pass? Also what else do you guys recommend we do in or around New york area? Theme park and and non theme park suggestions would help a lot.
  13. The show needs a better form of judging, I have noticed the bigger faster and longer coasters are doing better.
  14. I know im not the only one thinking this, but yolo girl is kind of hot
  15. soooo my giants are basically falling apart.
  16. Weekly baseball games (I BLEED AND BLACK AND ORANGE, GOOOO GIANTS) Tubing, boating and wave runners on the lake Snowboarding during winter season Riding dirt bikes. Camping and so so so so much more.
  17. ^ normaly, not so much this season, seems like we have been more reliant on our bats. Game 1 goes to the Braves.
  18. I went to yesterdays Giants game, and got watch the SWEEP of the dodgers. I think you guys are counting SF out to early We have the second best record in the league behind STL. I guess we will see how we stack up this coming weekend and so on 9-12 when we play Atlanta and Washington. Oh ya, I got lucky enough to sit by Larry Baer (GIANTS CEO) yesterday too.
  19. Like I said there was more details, to it than just that. I will try and find out more information about it. If anybody goes out to the park tomorrow let us know if it affected the way the rides are ran.
  20. ^ Because at first they said they would give them 6% raise for going union, but then all of a sudden backed out of it.
  21. ^ Yes, my fathers a mechanic there and he was telling me its something about them becoming union, but now that they are union they are charging them a weekly union due, but wont give them a small raise to compensate for the dues. There where more things he was telling me about it but I don't remember all the details. Technically there is still 1 Mechanic, the manager is not union so he is still working. My dad also told me that they did the inspections for today's shift, so all they have to do is open the rides. But there will be nobody there tonight to inspect the 60+ rides for tomorrows shift. All the mechanics will be out there today and for as long as it takes handing out flyers and what not in the front of the park.
  22. All ride mechanics will be going on strike starting tomorrow, hope break downs are low or there will be some long lines.
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