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  1. Don't worry. She gets off at 5pm. She said she will join as soon as she gets home. She will be in before the draft starts.
  2. Looks like we are going to need a couple random people.
  3. Only has a one train operation year round, leaving it...
  4. Probably just basic setting. Or make it crazy.
  5. Yes, and Hate it Do you wear socks with Flip Flops?
  6. And get banned by TPR because of some dumb comment they made, causing a them to rebuke about...
  7. Accidentally built a Vekoma SLC instead, causing people too.....
  8. 10/10. Winter in California means snowboarding NASCAR.
  9. Come on people, give it a try we need 3 more people. Maybe you should get the league going now start collecting people's emails and send out invites.
  10. I'm in. I love fantasy football. I prefer espn.need to get the draft going, football starts soon.
  11. you can click the photo, then hit view and give you an over head view of where you are hat and highlights the pokestop so you know where to walk if your not familiar with the location.
  12. My Baby... 2008 Subaru STi Sport wagon, stage 2. this car is so much fun to drive.
  13. not in my city, but i was in SF yesterday and they gave it all over, over there. it made tracking really easy. I am completely addicted to this game.
  14. Also, the all star selection process is a joke.
  15. Them Giants though. I would take giants giants 1,2 punch of Bumgarner and Cueto over any in the league. you can argue Arrieta and Lester. but Lester is no Cueto. and this season Bumgarner is pitching better than Arrieta. On a side note they should let Bumgarner and Arrieta in the Homerun Durby.
  16. So me and my wife will be visiting my parents in texas for a few days. We will be going to six flags on this coming monday, this will be out first trip to the park. What dhould the crowds be like this time of year? Also what would be the best game plan to conquer the park? We will not have flash pass. Thanks
  17. I guess you haven't been paying attention... at construction media day they revealed concept art for the station and gift shop that looked really awesome! source: www.thrillcapitalinsider.com/uploads/5/5/1/9/5519358/2112680_orig.jpg Guess i missed this post. That does all look really good. I thought it was just a big cliwn going over the entrance.
  18. They just posted a video on there facebook page, of them working on the entrance of the ride.. a clown? Now its a a carnival or something. I knew they would some how ruin the whole joker theme.
  19. Derek jeter- Disneyworld-contempto resort Shaun white - Disneyland Robbin Willams-giants game-joked about being hung short while taking a pee. Hunter Pence- Texas-blacksmiths coffee shop I have met a lot more but thise are the ones i have actually had conversations with.
  20. Anti jokes are pretty funny to. What is red and bad for your teeth?....a brick
  21. On the topic of jews. How many jew can you fit into a vw beetle? 1 in the trunk and 99 in the ash tray.
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