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  1. I have like 5 different trade proposals out there in our TPR league. Nobody want to make a trade? What do you have to lose? Where all playing catch up to storm chassers. Someone let's make it happen.
  2. Ya, let him know. If he's interested tell him to throw me a trade proposal.
  3. Agree I'm all for more replay. But I also do believe like to states. The challenge should be called faster. Must challenge before next pitch is thrown.
  4. I'm looking for a WE. I offerd a few trade proposals, doubt you would want to do either. I'm just trying to mix it up a bit and make something happen.
  5. Sounds like we have basically the same fantasy team, I am also struggling. Hahaha, it's a been a struggle in this TPR league trying to scratch any points. It's been a pretty big bust..
  6. I have Aaron Rodgers and Todd gurly up for trade if anyone is Interested?
  7. Jeff Fisher gonna Jeff Fisher. The Rams have done absolutely NOTHING to help him. Now that all the teams have a years worth of film on Gurley and the Rams, they haven't been able to adjust to counteract that. That, and they still don't have a passing game to be afraid of. Ya, it seems like even when they are ahead in games there still passing the ball, Gurley don't even get garbage time Carries.
  8. So I know had a bold prediction with the sweep. But that was a good game. That umpire behind the plate was horrible, he missed so many calls on both team. And the first base ump ringing up Nunez on that check swing in that crucial part of the game was a joke, not even close to a swing. And I officaly hate that basket on the outfield wall, he hit a bomb off the bat, but the wind help and that ball was falling into pegans glove. Also giants base running killed them. I don't know maybe I'm just a bitter giants fan. Cubs brought it.
  9. Giants 3 game sweep of the cubs. We have all the momentum in the world right now, against a rested cubs team. Brizo scares me a bit, but I think the giants magic voodoo will keep them quite.
  10. Todd gurly had been a complete busy my fantasy team.
  11. Uuuhhhhh ooohhhhh. Giants are back. It's October anything can happen. Never doubt the heart of a champion.
  12. To many giants bashers on this site. I feel like I am the only giants fan on here....never doubt the heart of a champion. 3 time in 6 year type of champion at that
  13. From one subaru owner to another ::wave:: They really are amazing machines! Loving your wheels and roof rack...I'm bone stock other than a slightly illegal tint, for now. Until that loan is paid off I just installed coil overs last week. That wheel gap was killing me, Only lowerd it about 1.5 inches.. I also installed demon eyes and halos. I don't have eny extreme mods just some tastefull mods to keep my car reliable. Your going to be so stoked once you go stage 1 (access port) it's like driving a whole new car, and best of all, no turbo lag.
  14. I wouldn't call the Dodgers inability to hit lefties and starters/bullpen in cruise control the Giants getting hot at the right time. If that's your definition of hot the Mets are just as hot coming into the wild card playoff game. Ahhh, your just a giants hater as much as I hate the dodgers, but yku Can't Blame these losses on your pitchers and say there in cruise controll. We got to the Dodgers starting pitchers. We knocked out hill, Kershaw and madea, before your bullpen came in. The dodgers never want to loose to the giants and definitely don't want to see them in the post season. So you can't say they didn't go out there and try and give it there best. I'm just saying the giants are coming alive at the right. So even if the Dodgers where not trying, a few series ago the giants count not get a hit off of my grandmother if she was pitching to giants. And our starting pitchers look to be pretty locked in. Not saying the Mets don't look good, it's just after Thor there starting rotation looks pretty shaky for a post season run. We know the cubs are going to bring it every game and dont think the Mets rotation can handle them. .
  15. Giants are catching fire at the right time. I believe giants pitchers are the only ones who can give the cubs a fight. With bumgarner and his playoff credintals leading the way, followed by Cueto, Samardzija and even moore all playing excellent baseball right now. If they can get past Mets in the WC game and make it to the cubs it's going to be a fun series and not one to miss.
  16. These are pretty cool. Keep it up.
  17. Delete your self. She is trying to join right now.
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