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  1. Does anyone know if that truck in apocanators que was purchased from Disney? Its the truck right before you enter the inner part of the que. the reason why I ask is because there is a perfect hidden mickey on the side where the exhaust is dented.
  2. ^ When you ban someone can they still view the website? or does it go off there ip address and just block there computer all together.
  3. I was hoping that the top hat went further down the side of the loop, it seems to level out pretty quick.
  4. I am just picturing Medusa's loops at SFDK, its 128 feet and it looks massive. so i can only imagine a 150 foot loop.
  5. I am getting of of dissapointed on whats to come after the top hat. looks like right over the top hat and then a break run. hope I am wrong.
  6. And being from nor*cal, and obviously a Giants fan, your opinion is biased on them. I don't care who it's against, anytime anyone gets that close to a no-no, it's impressive. Even the worst rosters still have guys that can hit, and guys that do not want to be no hit. none bias here, I even stated that I thought Kershaw, and Hernandez's, not just bumgarners performances where more spectacular than yu's, I also stated that I dont think matt cains perfecto was that impressive off the Astros last season was very Impressive. Dont get me wrong its an amazing thing, but i just put more weight on the quality of hitters. We all have our own onions and its a never ending argument, but I guarantee Yu wont be the only one to get that close against the astros.
  7. ^ Bumgarner only gave up 2 hits..Against the Dodgers, 1 more than yu. way more impressive in my book. we all have our own opinions.
  8. I am the furthest away you can get of any sort of decent photographer, but i just got a new camera and am trying to learn the ropes. here are to photos of mine messing around with shutter speed.
  9. ^ not saying it was easy, just sayaing not as impressive, take Bumgarner last night 8 inning, 6k, 0BB of no run ball, only gave up one more hit that darvish, Against those DOODGERS with all that meat that have. Or Kershaw, A Complete game shut out only giving up 4 hits against the Defending Champs. all Very impressive pitching performances. and as amazing as a performance Matt Cains perfecto was last season, it was still against the Astros. just my opinion.
  10. I dont think Darvish performance was nearly as impressive as Kershaws, Bumgarners or Hernandez the Past few nights. it was the Astros for heavens sake.
  11. I'm not so much concerned for the the coaster anymore, but what I am concerned about is what is going under the coaster. Grass? Water? Shrubs? Parking lot? Any guesses?
  12. MMM Jack in the box tacos with ranch dressing is on point. Its one of my Favorite foods. Who ever has not tried it, needs to..NOW
  13. What about this one where the T-wolves mock the Miami heat. (not Harlem shake)
  14. 8/10 keep dreaming because I don't think taylor swift will ever find me
  15. I hate it when teenage girls are just screaming to see who can scream the loudest, to top it off there screams are really high pitched, you can freaking cut glass with it.
  16. I am really getting sick and tired of the west coast byass espn has. you east coast people have no idea...GO NINERSSS
  17. Its all About duck Dynasty----"I am the MacGyver of cooking. If you bring me a piece of bread, cabbage, coconut, mustard greens, pigs feet, pine cones...and a woodpecker, I'll make you a good chicken pot pie." — Si
  18. I am actually going snowboarding in 2 weeks, we are going to sugar bowl in Tahoe, I am pretty stoked
  19. See when it comes to employees not caring about there job, what are 80 percent of the employees? High school teens. i hate to say it but that just the way these kids where brought up this age of society, not caring, rude, lazy. Its horrible but there nothing we can really do about it.
  20. Last night, what can I say CODBO2 when was the last time you ate a whole thing of oreos in one sitting?
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