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  1. I have the portable version of catch phrase.I play it with my friends and who ever else wants to join in.
  2. I am a bit confused about the first inversion, it looks like you stay upside down for a bit before continuing the roll the opposite way it started, maybe im just looking at it wrong.
  3. Im Not a huge fan of drop rides. So needless to say that Lex luthor scared the crap out of me, I think it scared me even more then Thrill shot In vegas.
  4. for the few on here that enjoy rap music, heres a local group from my area.
  5. ya my dad is a ride mechanic at the local six flags. He has no college experience just many years of turning wrenches. I am hoping to get in there with him soon.
  6. I Went to the Giants Parade yesterday, It was BANANAS. There where so so many people there, i think most of them where there to have an excuse to get drunk, But you can tell who the real true die hards and authentic fans were. I cant wait to Celebrate again next season GOOOO GIANTS.
  7. Haha, sorry about the last post, I was a bit out of it. The series in now 2-0, and we still have our best 2 pitchers going it Detroit. i think The numbers the tigers had a against the Yankees are a bit inflated. yankees had no pitching outside of Sabathia, not only did they not have Jeter, but Cano, Granderson and a-rod where batting what? my guess would be like a combined .125 in the postseason going in the ALCS against Detroit, I dont know the exact stat but they sucked. now they come into Sf when were have a fully loaded squad playing there best ball all season, and a pitching staff that tops Almost all of the majors. Hate to say it but the Tigers are Done in 4. Good luck next year. GOOOO GIANTS. DODGERS SUCK.
  8. Panda and giants, made verlander and his tigers look stuuuuuuupid. Tigers are knowbody every b9ody a big deal about the tiger sweeping yankees and the giants shoul be no problem. What now. Can't stop us, were GIANT....go giants.
  9. I have really been enjoying Chris Renes new album
  10. All I know is it feel sorry for what ever teams steps in the Giants Path. And to the dodge fans on Here...HAHAHA What now?
  11. So much for Matt Cain holding it down, not looking good so far for us g=men
  12. The G-Men are taking all the way this season. and it all starts tonight with big daddy Cain towing the rubber... Lets goooo Giiiiiiiaaaaaaants
  13. The only thing I don't like about the commercial in the Dub Step, I can not stand that crap, sounds like a CD that has been stepped on a kicked across the ground a few times.. Horrible type of music.
  14. You obviously need to see a game at Wrigley. I know Wrigley and Fenway always get good marks, but it was amazing to me how much better the gameday experience was at Wrigley compared to Fenway. yes, I will attend a game at Wrigley field one day, but of all the teams i listed, i must say that fenway was by far the most boring experience I have ever had at a ball park, the fans where boring as heck, they where yelling at me for yelling at the opposing team, then I was cheering for cody ross because he was a giants hero, and they told me not to cheer for him it may distract him. it was weak. the ball park it self was cool, but the total overall experience just lacked for me.
  15. naw, there not many bonds related items in the park, besides the whole left field, was designed for bonds..lol, The only thing I can think of is out in the bleachers they have it marked where his record breaking home run landed, im starting to doubt he will get a statue in front of the park with all the rest of the greats.
  16. NO (going to disnyland in 3 Weeks) Smuggled something into another country?
  17. Great report, I love ATT park I would have to say its in a two way tie for my second home, between disneyland and at&t park. I find my self prowling the bleachers on a weekly bases there. Not being a homer or having a biased opinion, i can say there is no other baseball experiance better than attending a game at At&t park. I have attended Home games for the red sox, yankees, angels, A's, rays, marlins, mariners, diamondbacks and dodgers. They all lack in comparrison to the Giants and At&t park. I will give credit to the phillies, there game was pretty fun to attend.
  18. Did you hear when Michael Jackson died, since his body was 80% percent plastic from plastic surgery, they decided to melt him down and turn him into legos, that was little boys can play with him.
  19. ya while I was in line it seemed like it was only about a minute and a half to a minute and 45 seconds for the total ride and load, they where doing an amazing job.
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