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  1. Am I the only one who finds the front car kind of ugly? I dont know what it is but it just does not appeal to me. But the ride itself looks awsome.
  2. Dont sleep on the giants. Remeber its an even year, and the last 2 times the giants have started 6-2 they won the world series (2010 and 2014) Worlds series giants over rangers (2010 rematch)
  3. The new Justin Bieber album.
  4. on the bright side , at least Obama will be out of office. I stepped on a lego.
  5. Well, they do have the Europe version...[/quote Yes, but what i mean, is after a while it starts to get very repetitive, and you kind of already know once someone starts putting trains down you know what cards they have and where they are headed, so it starts getting easy to know where to block them off. iI wish there what like extra side cards or side games, to steal trains or swap tickets, or even have an ocean where you can take a boat and connect USA and Europe games together. I dont know...lol
  6. The Royals and Mets would both beg to differ. Lots of good homegrown talent for them as well. As would the Cardinals and Cubs. Defiantly not the cubs, I can only think of 2 major players Chris Bryant and maybe Kyle Schwarber, they have maybe 4 players on there roster that they drafted, but only the latter are worth any type of buzz. But I do agree on the mets, cards and royals as an argument for best home grown talent. I would still say the giants have the Overall best homegrown talent, with the cards being a close 2nd.
  7. No. Do you look at you key bored when you type?
  8. ^ Killed this thread < Trying to start it back up v Hopefully will play along
  9. I was just thinking, I wonder what kind of cars a bunch of coaster geeks drive? Did you guys name your car? How did it get its name? or do you have any good storys about your car? Lets hear them. lets see some photos of the hoopties and buckets or photos of your pride and joy.
  10. Giants are going all the way this season, Best home grown talent in all of baseball...GO GIANTS
  11. Ticket to ride (USA). Such a fun game, wish there was different variations of the game.
  12. Also, don't forget to ask your mom for a ride. that might be tougher than asking a friend to go with you. she might need to take some time off work, so make sure you give her at least a couple days notice.
  13. Thanks guys, me and my wife will be visiting in april after we visit her parents in china.
  14. I cant seem to find the link someone made on how to get to japan and to get on the bullet train, what to do when yiu arive, it was a great article, does anyone know it?
  15. I was out at the park all day friday, and sunday morning. Finaly got to ride my first rmc, it was amazing. How does it compare to the other ones? Also rode full throttle and had a roll back while on it, as exciting as the roll back back, if im stuck in a seat for more than a few minutes my anxiety gets a hold of me and my wife has to talk me through it. Dont really know how long it was before maintance released us, but it felt like it was forever. Do roll backs happen ofton on yolo?
  16. Best News ever, Between this and revolution I am a happy camper. On a side note, I cant stand reading all of these muggle comments on the 6 flags Facebook pages. Some people are just plain dumb.
  17. OK, thanks. So in your personal/professional opinion which happy valley park is best? Ride lineups, enjoyment, all around whole park feel. I have been looking and they all seem to be fairly equal what I see online.
  18. my giants are just getting hit with every injury you can think of.
  19. true The person below me spends way to much time online.
  20. So my wife's parents ( 2 Americans) decided to completely up-root and move to china, so we are going over there to visit, They are in Kunming. So far we have planed stops in Kuneming, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai, no particular order, just spending a few days in city and moving on, unless we find stuff to do in the city's we can plan to stay a little longer.
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