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  1. I waited 3 hours for Son of Beast in 2000. I waited 4 hours for my drivers license last year. I had more fun getting my drivers license. d
  2. Wes survives an Indiana hospital. I am impressed. d
  3. Shari, I am sorry for your loss. My mom was also a huge coaster fan. She would ride anything. When The Beast opened she rode it. The entire course of the ride she was screaming "never again, never again" as soon as we would leave the ride she would want to ride again. She even rode the original Mister Twister with a cast on her leg when we went to Denver in 1979. She stopped riding the next year after neck surgery, but still enjoyed going to the parks. My dad even took her to Disney World for her 60th birthday. She passed away a few years ago, so I know how you feel. d
  4. I can't believe you went to Spain without me!!! Looks like fun is being had by all. Dammit, I was the first member of the Retarded Yellow Hat Club, but my damn hat is still in Norway!!! Great update. d
  5. ^^ I believe Wes is the only true God. d
  6. Looks like you guys are havin a blast! Keep the P-TRs coming. d
  7. Awesome trip Cameron. I remember going up in the arch as a kid and my dad was extremely claustrophobic. It was a long ride up. I've not been to SDC, but need to make a detour there soon. d
  8. ^I'll give Odessa, Texas as the most boring place. Fort Wayne is a close second. d
  9. There should be a state law that declares you be responsible for all future Photo TR captions. Hilarious TR. I laughed, I cried, I blew my nose. Awesome. d
  10. Tom TRs make derwood a happy guy. Nothings better than interstate pics of my hometown....grand ole Fort Wayne, Indiana! Can't wait for the rest of the trip. d
  11. Nice TR Old Man! I love DST. I can't help it the fools in the SW and NW side of the state want to be on Central time. But yeah...Indiana is fairly stupid. daron
  12. I swear it's Rise by Herb Alpert. No vocals. d
  13. Nice job Matt. I am even sadder I didn't come out to play. d
  14. Heck of a trip. Coasters, nuptials, and dead presidents! Great photos and trip report. d
  15. We do need more pinball here. Cameron, if I had known you worked on Star Wars I, I would have bought that machine instead of Star Wars Trilogy. Daron "my dining room is an arcade" Aldrich
  16. Wally...you suck. Roger Waters Sept 29 in Chicago and Sept 30 in Indy. d
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