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  1. This was great! Still does not make me want to visit AZ...too frickin hot. d
  2. Great stuff Chuck. Wish I had been able to go. d
  3. As the owner of a rabbit named killer, I chuckled everytime I read Fluffy Fluffy Bunnies. The Secret Show rocks. daron
  4. Big Mike What a great addition to the BMRS! Thanks for the exclusive Indiana report. daron
  5. Pirates are cool. This looks like a great addition to the park and to get a wet shot of Matt and Cameron to boot! daron
  6. Chuck.... Nice to see you enjoyed the bowels of Indiana. Captions were hilarious as always. I need to get back to Kings Island. I haven't been since 2000 when SoB opened. I waited 3 hours for that POS. d
  7. Great report Erik. Sorry I couldn't meet up with all you kids on Sunday. Wife made me dig a pond in our backyard. Looking forward to plunging at Holiwood Nights. d
  8. Makes me think I should plan another Vegas trip. Not in the summer though. I think Ice Bat should have at least ridden Manhatten Express. d
  9. A drink a day keeps your heart healthy. d
  10. Mike, It was great to see you again at WCB. Please yell my way when you are heading toward Indiana. daron
  11. William, you did a great job with the scavenger hunt. We were the first team done and probably the first one to find the plaque. We just casually walked away from it once we knew where it was. Had a blast at the event and hope to make it out next year. daron "team 04" aldrich
  12. I think I asked to have a picture taken with Ice Bat...he was my left face stand in. d
  13. #54 derwood You know who I am. What a scary face...I'll be glad when the left side will move again. I won nothing. I look like I am playing pocket pool in the background of all the other photos. Big Mike Rocks!
  14. Sounds like the day I had. WCB was a blast. Glad you had a good time. daron
  15. My wife would give Kelly the best hair award. d
  16. Great TR Chuck....some day I will break my Disney cherry and make it to Florida. d
  17. I voted....this means I voted twice in November! Whoaaa don't tell anyone. d
  18. Big Mike, Nice job... I can say I roomed with someone who has been on Leno!! d
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