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  1. Thank you TPR Secret Santa for all the awesome Aussie related gifts. Sorry it has taken me a bit to get pictures up. -derwood I had to go to the Post Office to pick up the box. I guess Jeff has rules about picking up international boxes. I had instructions to open presents first. I ALWAYS follow instructions. The box was full of wrapped presents. Beer game, Beer mug puzzle, TIM TAMS , Candy of every flavor, Candy that partied in my mouth, and a couple of mini trees!
  2. Got a special package from Australia full of Aussie candy, Tim Tams and Beer related paraphernalia!! Awesome! Will get pics up in a few days!! Daron "I have Tim Tams and you don't" Aldrich
  3. Gifts shipped. I opened an envelope that arrived and it was a mini pen and pencil set and I thought why the hell would I get this as a gift....it was actually something my wife ordered. -daron
  4. I love the RAW series but the CE dvds actually give you a sense of the atmosphere, park, people, and the fun that is had on a TPR Trip. Makes you feel like you are right there with you guys. I have family members who always ask to see the UK dvd over and over when they come visit. -daron
  5. Count me in! -Daron Interests Montreal Canadiens Hockey - sadly not this season Zombies Good Beer
  6. Kings Island did a great job and I thought things went really well. We had a great crew on The Racer, Don the PR guy was there a good part of the day, and we had two families talk about their experiences with GKTW Village. Hearing their stories was enough to put you in tears. It's why we were there. Proud to have been a part of Team TPR and look forward to doing it all over again next year. Although I will be taking Monday off next year. Yikes I am sore. -daron
  7. Wow...Robb and TPR, you guys are amazing for helping him out like that. This is why you guys are so awesome!!! Great job everyone!!! Robb, I am amazed at the things you guys do for others. This is a special place and I am proud to be a part of it. Kudos and all that! -daron
  8. Thanks Robb. Mike just dumped 300 on his account. I think I will have to be happy with number 2!
  9. I got bounced out of first again for Kings Island . I'm going to throw some more in but will wait until closer to noon.
  10. I just got bumped out of first place for Kings Island. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr -daron edit- Thanks!!!!
  11. Great shots Brandon! Sorry we missed the event this year. Go Habs Go!
  12. This is truly great how much Team TPR has raised at all the parks. Sunday should be fun! -Daron
  13. Thanks...should be fun. I enjoy spending other peoples money...especially when it's a great cause.
  14. Wonderful and awesome Title Fairy.....I don't ask for much. I've never asked for a custom title but so desire one now. New custom title: Why is a duck when it spins? Simple...one sentence, 7 little words. -daron
  15. That video was awesome. I am thrilled to be helping with this fundraiser. Go Team TPR...Kings Island team is making great progress..lets keep it going. -daron
  16. Team TPR is now represented at Kings Island. I might die if I actually ride the Racer for six hours. https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/daronaldrich/KingsIsland -daron
  17. One of my favorite coasters. Poor Anton wasn't feeling well when I visited in October. Be back in the Spring for another go around. -daron
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