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  1. I realize there are many different variations of how one counts their credits. My question, however, is when do you start counting? Is it when you consider yourself an enthusiast? I ask because I have many coasters I rode as a youngster and even through my teens...do I count these? Some of those coasters are now history. I've always been a huge coaster fan but never joined a club until 2 years ago. Just curious what you guys think. d
  2. Gotta be Holy Grail. We have a mini rex white bunny named "Killer". d
  3. I went with my wife and a friend to a Milli Vanilli concert. shame
  4. -Stevie Nicks -Bailey from WKRP wow, I am old d
  5. When I was seven...i was terrified of roller coasters.
  6. There are a couple of stations in Indy that are at 3.25-3.50....most are 2.79-2.89. I filled up my Honda yesterday for 2.49. Daron "very happy he bought an Accord instead of the SUV" Aldrich
  7. Pink Floyd: "Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving With a Pict."
  8. I was searching for coaster videos and found this site.
  9. Swamp Fox at Family Amusement Park in Myrtle Beach was damaged by Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Stood for a couple of years before being rebuilt. I rode it in 1988 but have not been on it since.
  10. My wife and I lost count at 25 on Thunderhead. Yer goin fur a riiiiidddddeeeeeee!!!
  11. I've always liked SOB. Yeah, it's rough, but its a wood coaster with a loop and some awesome hills. I also like Mean Streak at CP, which everyone hates.
  12. Don't forget the Bradys...they loved Kings Island.
  13. Great TR. We went to DW for the first time for the ACE event last May. What a great park...it was clean...the people were friendly and we absolutley loved Thunderhead. Spent most of our second day riding TH over and over. I think we lost count at 25. Hope to go back soon.
  14. I was there on Friday the 5th...didn't see me in any of your pictures.
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