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  1. great vid...you know...there is this site called TPR....you could submit it in one of their video contests!!!!! funny stuff. d
  2. this actually was hilarious. We saw the entire video at the ACE video contest. derwood "ACE convention attendee......oh the shame" A
  3. I like Dollywood...it's a "real" train and the ride into the mountains is kinda cool. the little train at Lil A Merrik A in Wisconsin was a fun and rather strange trip. d
  4. Patiently waiting in Indy for my first T&J DVD. d
  5. Does anyone have their MCSE? Did you self-study and take the exams? Has anyone taken any of the certification boot camps that are available? I'm just trying to get some feedback from others who have received their MCSE and how they studied for the exams. Thanks for the info! daron
  6. Nice TR. My wife is from Minot ND. Northwest is the only airline flying to the exciting town of Minot. If you catch Northwest's coupons you can get a flight fairly inexpensively. d
  7. Nothin fancy on my wallpaper....but me ringtone is the song Dog Police. If you know Dog Police...you are almost as old as I am. d
  8. better get those Kentucky Kingdom $44 season passes soon. I figure Synder can't do any worse. It might be good to shake things up. d
  9. Wacky Packs President Clinton Braniff Airlines Flaky Jakes and for the Taco Bell reference.....Enchirito Dinners.
  10. I babsit a bunch of internal websites for a large midwestern pharmaceutical company. d
  11. I'm concerned that your previous months bill was 215.00! Youch. Another tip....make sure you ask for your employers discount. They aren't usually advertised. Sprint gives me 11% off all services for working where I work. d
  12. Had to go with Voyage. But feeling like I should vote for The Patriot cuz I feel bad for it. Derwood "my wife's brother was in the movie The Patriot" A.
  13. Ted, Thanks! Without your tool I would not have done this. d
  14. 37% (Yankee). You are definitely a Yankee. I guess I am a Hoosier.
  15. 6 Flags New England 48% Theme, 100% Rides, 32% Atmosphere, 28% Value and i've never been there...go figure. d
  16. Hot Family Guy, South Park, or The Simpsons
  17. All of them.... Any new coaster is a good coaster. If I had to pick one I would say The Voyage. Having just walked around the construction site, it looks to be an awesome ride. d
  18. OMG that is hilarious. That might have to be my wallpaper at work. d
  19. Metal Lions, Tigers, or Bears? oh my
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