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  1. Happy Birthday!! You were a bunch of fun...not sure what the phrase and signature greeting would have been had you not been there! Happy 16!
  2. and they were only good for a hamburger...which was really and old discarded tire. d
  3. One of the most common phrases heard on the trip was "take a picture for Joe!" d
  4. Anal Turn - What the doctor does to you after your 40th birthday. Great updates Robb! d
  5. ^weren't we hanging out by some lockers during the walkback? Great pics so far Eric! d
  6. Back at work today..... Had an AWESOME time. Robb and Elissa deserve huge amounts of thanks from the 51 people they dragged along. What an amazing trip. Big thanks to Lou, Chris, Aussie A$$holes, and Jeff for letting this old guy hang with the COOL people. I had a blast. Thunder Coaster....I want my DMB hat back!!! DUUUUUUUDE! daron
  7. Guy, Great TR. I once rented a Chevy Malibu that smelled like ass...now I know what NY smells like. SPAM-A-Lot awesome awesome awesome. Saw it on Christmas Day in Chicago in 2004 before they moved to NY. d
  8. What Ted said! I never take my phone in the parks. d
  9. Great TR and pics...looks like everyone had a blast. Need to make it to one of these TPR meet-n-greets one of these days. Thanks for sharing. d
  10. We are on the kid free plan. Fur children....it's the wave of the future. I never wanted them and neither does my wife. We have nieces and nephews...I have two nephews that are married and have kids of their own.. i always tell people my kids are raised as i was a big part of their lives growing up. I like kids...then I like to be able to hand them back to their parents. Want kids?....go spend a Saturday afternoon at Chuck-E-Cheese! that will cure you. d
  11. Yes, that's what I have been told. I believe the last person added on to the trip has the responsibility for carrying around dirty laundry. Hey...wait a minute! I think I was the last person added...... d
  12. ^^I visited E in 1979 and 1986. It was a great park and Wildcat and Twister were awesome coasters. I have not been back to Denver since the new park was opened. d
  13. Here ya go...... ummmmm....what are these?
  14. Now, Paula is going to slap your hand. They don't shoots no turkeys at Holiday World. It's a Gobbler Getaway ride. Looking forward to the entire Thanksgiving section!!!! d
  15. I KNOW Maverick is gonna be the best coaster in the world. It's my #1!!! yeah d
  16. I just ordered passes for SFKK for 45 bucks each. We are planning on going to about 5 Six Flags parks this year. heck of a deal. Cedar Point is almost 100.00....that is paid for in 3 visits...still a bargain if you ask me. d
  17. Looks like you guys are having a blast. I have never had a desire to go to Japan, but I think you have changed my mind!! d
  18. Wally, Go with cable. Especially if you get a HD tv. We have Comcast here in Indy and the HD channels are way better than what DTV and Dish offer...and Comcast has the NHL Center Ice package(go Habs). and as you said...On Demand rocks. Comcast is nice if you get their internet access they will generally give you a decent discount. We call em every six months and threaten to cancel and they give us whatever discounts they are offering to new customers. Congrats on the house. I don't know how you californians afford it! d
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