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  1. I am signed up for what will be an awesome TPR day at SFGAM! Thanks to Robb and Elissa for putting this together! If you haven't signed up yet...do it now. Yes, I am talking to you. Why would you want to miss this event? -daron
  2. IB is also one of my favorite parks. We are pretty lucky in Indiana. -daron
  3. I rode it 6 times today and didn't really notice the trim on the drop at all. It's a good ride...enjoy and just ignore the shiny metal fins. Good ride...park was dead today....305 was a mostly a walk on until 2. -daron
  4. Nice TR and Photos. Holiday World is one of my favorite parks. I bought a Nikon D60 last year but have not dragged it into a park as I am still learning how to get the most out of the camera and lenses. Keep up the great shots! -daron
  5. This is awesome. Congrats to Robb and Elissa for "winning" all those auctions. Good money was raised for Nashville too. -daron
  6. Looks like it was another awesome TPR event weekend. Nice job Robb and Elissa. daron "will make it out there next year" aldrich
  7. Nice set of pictures Will. Hope to make it to this park later this year. -daron
  8. Quick question if anyone knows the answer. I am going to purchase the Platinum Pass online and will be going to Kings Island tomorrow. Do they make you process your pass before you can enter the park or can you enter the park and do the early walk back and then have your pass processed during the day? Thanks for any help you might be able to provide. -daron edit: Nevermind. We got there early walked right into the Season pass processing area and walked out in 3 minutes. Diamondback is quite the nice ride.
  9. You would be amazed how many kids and pets in the Indy area are named Peyton. d
  10. Rode it exactly once the year it opened after waiting three hours. In ten years we never did get back on it. It was that bad. Hell, I'll even ride Mean Streak when I go to CP...there is never a wait. -daron
  11. Nice photos. Wish I could have been there to hand out t-shirts but at least you had sunshine! Love the nerd shots. I will make it next year...I will make it next year.... -daron
  12. Chuck...great coverage of media day. Great pictures, great fun, great ride....looks like a great time. Hope to make it down there in May. -daron
  13. This looks great Guy! Having done the zipline last year this looks like fun. Is there an additional charge for AM? -daron
  14. So so jealous. Some day I will break my Disney cherry. Nice TR Chuck...what more could there be? daron
  15. I am so sorry Big Mike. You are in our thoughts. Take care of yourself. -daron
  16. Looks great! Club TPR in my wallet makes derwood a happy guy. -d
  17. N7 and jcrouse Can't wait to slide one of these into my..... wallet. -daron
  18. I have to come over there and play with the brits sometime. Awesome photos! daron
  19. I'm on the list... And it's not a bad list this time! Thanks Big Mike! daron
  20. This is great! 2009 was a blast...2010 sounds like it will be over the top! daron
  21. I am also now intriqued by DSO...will check them out. Yes, Ice Bat kicks ass. Ice Bat has gotten more corset action than most everyone on TPR! I've said it before; Dave should be in charge of everyone's music choices. -daron
  22. This was very cool. I'll have to find my freedom train pictures...don't get any ideas I am not near as old as Jeff. daron
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