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  1. If I can find decent airfare I will be there. I refuse to miss another WCB. -daron
  2. No no...Thank You Santa Chroniq!! I haven't had a chance to post or inflate my gift. Will post an update when I get the helium. There is a party store across the street from us. Flying SHARK!!!!! Flying Shark Guts
  3. Sent mine today. Will be posting a report of my most awesome gift tomorrow! -daron
  4. What the hell...count me in. I would like a MacBook Air......I'm sure you can find one for 20 bucks!! -daron
  5. That's great news Bob....thanks for the update. Looking forward to IB next year. -d
  6. I was planning on visiting family at the end of April. TPR just picked my weekend. Thanks TPR!
  7. Firefox/3.6.13 Loads in less than 4 seconds all the way to Z. IE 7.0.5730.11 Loads in about 5 seconds. -daron
  8. I would probably buy new issues on BR but not the versions I already own. The one that I did buy on BR was a gift for my nephew. -daron
  9. I'm going to be the oddball as I voted for the original. I think the "We love theme parks..." is too long for a tagline. The header is something you only take a quick glance at it and the original tagline seems to work for this purpose. I actually like the sentence and could see you using it other places...shirts etc., but I think for the top of the web page simple is better. And let me say I appreciate how you always ask for your users feedback...I wish other sites were as open with soliciting comments. -daron
  10. Another great day and fantastic pics. Hoping for another Midwest Bash in the future! -daron
  11. Great pictures Hanno. Glad I came to St Louis for the nonsense. Highlight of my summer! -daron
  12. I am officially adding the extra r in my name just so it can be taken away. Still laughing in indy.... DaRron
  13. You got my vote. I posted on my FB page to try and drum up support. Good Luck! -daron
  14. Thanks for bringing back memories of Megablitz. My favorite part was watching the bolts and nuts bounce around our feet while we rode. Great update Divv! -daron
  15. All I can say is WOW. Holy Shit...I could say that too. -daron
  16. Brandon, nice job as always with the photos. I have not been to CLP but clearly it is one of those places that I will need to visit. I love the mom and pop parks. Thanks for a great TR. -daron
  17. As always Chucks TRs rule. I don't think i have ever been as wet and sweaty as I was in St Louis. -daron
  18. Tyler you make me cry. Some day I will meet you in person. Is the sequel done yet? Hurry -daron
  19. As always, nice pics Brandon. Good to see you again at the two TPR events and to meet Matthew. It's awesome that you do the one on one trips with your kids. I bet in a few years he will tell people about the awesome backstage access he had at Six Flags. -daron
  20. Gotta go with Cameron. My first was Big Bend at SFOT....though back then they made me sit behind my dad. -daron
  21. Awesome Chuck. Can't wait to see the rest of it. It was good to see you at a few stops along the way. d
  22. What Guy said!! Had a blast meeting up with everyone and seeing old friends and making some new ones. Weather could have been a little warmer! -daron
  23. Dave, you would be in charge of the music that gets played throughout the park.
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