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  1. Finnish fun...looks like you guys had a blast. They have my Star Wars machine.....could you take the Start button off of it...I need a new one.
  2. Thanks Old Man...great pics so far. d
  3. I bribed Lou with chili and dew to let me hang out with her. It worked. I had a blast on the UK trip. Hoping to make Spain and Japan. d
  4. Great TR...felt like i was there....and i have never been. d
  5. Bows down to Rich........ Awesome TR.....Why didn't you bring those cuffs on the trip????? d
  6. Intern cuts hand while filing papers....news at 11. d
  7. Lou, Don't make his head swell any bigger than it already is! Daron's DMB hat doesn't fit him as it is But, thanks for re-inforcing the fact that he's getting old Ouch! Pics were great. I can't find any of my photos from amusement parks we went to when I was a kid. d
  8. Nahhhh, I gave her a mint. Awesome update. Liseberg and Balder rule. Who is this Joe person you keep mentioning? d
  9. My cube neighbors want to know why I laughed. Please explain it to them. d
  10. I call Treasurer. 1. I have an Accounting degree 2. My name is on Guy's left knee. Guy rocks. d
  11. I totally agree! (with BOTH statements) Unfortunately, California just isn't in the vacation time slot this year Derek....I owe you a beer. d
  12. Ryan...that was great. I wrote a paper in 9th grade english about 2 dead fish in a toilet. Teacher said I was sick but gave me an A. Probably the only A I ever got in English. Give me Algebra anyday! d
  13. One of my favorites. Trying to talk Robin's neices to come for a visit so I can break them in on some real coasters. Not sure if we will do IB or HW. d
  14. Rich hall is great. Saw him many moons ago at the local comedy club. I think my favorite was spap oop. I used to work in a grocery store in high school and would always turn the doo dads upside down. Drove the manager crazy. d
  15. 1. cllins entry 1 2. coasterfanatic entry 1 (i want my dmb hat) 3. willmontu entry 3 d
  16. Great pics dude. pound pound pound Looked like Coney Beach without the sand and dog poop. d
  17. Repo Man Aliens and repos...helluva combo. d
  18. The shower picture kills. Great TR and pics Casey! d
  19. Cameron, Love IB. If we head up there I will send you a note. daron
  20. Why does flour make people look old....do you brits have a different meaning for the word FLOUR??? confused in Indy d
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