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  1. And that's exactly why, when said train came back into station with Chris and Daron in the front, I was running around going "are they okay, are they bleeding, did it hit them, are they laughing, what's going on??" like a crazy person, while everyone else collapsed into hilarity. Luckily they were fine. Poor pigeon. awwww Lou cares! d
  2. nah...those controlling the train will serve time. d
  3. My first thought was.... What was non-German Tom doing in Chicago? d
  4. Well the people at work are wondering why i am laughing by myself. Windex....mmmmmmmm I miss the windex. d
  5. Congrats guys! Won't the kid get beat up if his/her name is Expedition Ge Force? d
  6. I got college credit for the UK trip. You just have to fill out the proper forms. d
  7. 1. I hate seafood. I won't eat anything that swims around in its own sh!t. 2. Never been to a Disney park 3. Agnostic 4. I'm 41 and don't know what I want to do when I grow up 5. Double sided tape is fun
  8. That was my first coaster! They made me sit behind my dad....I was crushed. d
  9. I'll be crossing me fingers that ND loses. d oh, and I am stuck at work because this weekend is a great one to migrate to new servers.
  10. James....was this better than Flamingoland? d
  11. Ryan, That killed. Needed a good laugh, you delivered. d
  12. If you are actually interested in going, why wouldn't you read the first page to actually get some basic information, or if you have a question why wouldn't you read to see if someone answered it already. Your age will also be a huge factor. BTW R&E I would like to offer my services as an application reader for the upcoming TPR trips. I'm only a few short hours south. I'd like to help! d
  13. Could you get my Dave Matthews hat out of the green box on ThunderCoaster and send it to me. Thanks!! and Nice PTR! d
  14. Derek, Funny stuff. Wish I could have been there. Nicole is going to kick your A$$. d
  15. Great report Cameron! I too love IB. Couldn't make the event this year though. d
  16. If I didn't have family coming in for the damn state fair I would be there! d
  17. I want to see a POV of Kombo! Fun Spot was fun when I was 12 and it was called Holly's Follies. Great TR Derek....welcome to Indiana. d
  18. Pounding, An Aaron Burr reference and Lou's chocolate banana. Nice TR Ryan! d
  19. It's going to be an Arrow Shuttle Loop. I just know...don't ask how. d
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