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  1. My Dumb Move... Many many years ago I was working in a bank drive-thru. We had a loan product called the Homeowners Equity Line Program. The marketing name for this product was HELPLINE. This was a payment that had to be manually proceesed. I had a customer come thru the Drive-up with a HELPLINE payment. I took his money, wrote out his receipt and at the top of the receipt wrote HELP. (yes, you may stop laughing) Apparantly he went to the store next to the branch and called 911. The police called our branch and asked for our code. We thought we set off an alarm by opening a vault incorrectly. We gave them the all clear code and asked if they were showing an alarm. At this point the branch is surrounded by police officers and they did not believe me when I gave the all clear code. Insisted I should let the cops into the branch which was against procedure. The cops finally told me that we gave a receipt to a customer that said HELP. We had to let them in to search the place before they would leave. Needless to say I was mortified. By afternoon of the next day I was receiving through interoffice mail every type of help sign you can imagine. doh!
  2. I have a Dell Inspiron 700M. I wanted something very portable and light, yet powerful enough to get the job done. Go to www.edealsinfo.com You can find lots of Dell coupons and deals that aren't advertised. Good Luck d
  3. ...jealous of all the other hippos who joined with....
  4. 1) Justin Adams-- Dunderhead 2) US RoadTripper-- Journey to the Center of Robb 3) CoasterFanatic-- Soarin' Over Soren
  5. ...and rode a Vekoma until my colon exploded all over...
  6. ...he dreamed of being in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and then jumped in his Mack truck and drove...
  7. Go Habs! We'll see if Comcast can actually take my Center Ice order without screwing up my entire account.
  8. I have two pinball machines in my dining room. There is room for 3 more but my wife and I disagree on how many pinball machines one should have. d
  9. ...Pete Roses are popping up all over town and we gambled our money on...
  10. and I would take two Advil and some peanut butter...
  11. It's snowing in North Dakota!!! Yea!!!
  12. Diet Dew and Diet Dr Pepper. Be A Pepper
  13. wed odor wore odd dew odor i think dew odor is my fav. d
  14. We joined in 2004 just so we could go to coaster con at CP. I have no problem with being a member...i'm not a big fan of gravy though...go figure. Just my opinion, but I think the ert time is worth the membership cost. I've been to several of the national events and several regional ones and have always had a good time. From an enthusiasts perceptive ACE does good work for preservation and raising money for the Roller Coaster museum. Like anything else there are things they could improve....newsletters and magazines on time, their website (ack) and general communication to the masses. There is also quite a bit of politics if you read the business meeting minutes(yes, I was bored one night!). Anyhoo, my two cents. d
  15. more pics What strange force in the universe forces enthusiasts to dress alike? A wiseman is bring the baby jesus a nuc-clear warhead! Podcast recording Can you say credit whore? beginning of the tour. This is what 4 bucks in skeeball tickets gets you! See how clean the parking lot is!
  16. 1st TR 1st CB event 1st visit to Holiday World Even though we live in Indy we had never made it down to HW. When I saw the event posted for CB we (robin=spousal unit) decided to go. Arrived at the park at 9:30 and were promptly greeted by Mrs. Koch. What a sweet lady...we thanked here for inviting us and she shook our hands and told us to enjoy ourselves. I thought for a moment she was going to hug us. We picked up our registration material, stabbed ourselves putting on the name tags and waited for the ropes to drop at 10. We headed straight for The Raven and rode it 3 times in a row with virtually no wait. HW is fairly empty in October. At first we weren't impressed, maybe it was all the hype about The Raven, maybe our expectations were too high or maybe it was the first few rides of the day and she hadn't warmed up yet. It was a good ride we just weren't blown away. Rode The Legend after that 5 rides. We both Liked the Legend better than The Raven. The hill, the quick turns, the helix and especially the fast ending were our favorites. I was very impressed with this coaster. Decided since we were going to have 2.5 hours of ERT in the dark we would check out the rest of the park. Splashin Safari was closed...although it was 85 degrees and they probably could have done a good business. The pools and rides were all void of water...if we wanted to cool off it would have to be on one of the parks two water rides. We didn't want to cool off that bad. Strolled through 4th of July and rode the Liberty Launch. Robin described it as riding in the back seat of her grandfather's Studebaker. Any ride that makes your stomach jump is like riding with her grandfather. We made our way around the park hitting various flat rides. The free unlimited soft drinks were awesome. They had Diet Dew and Diet DP....annoying however were the little kids that would stand in front of you and put a little of every flavor soft drink in their cup, then decide they didn't like it dump it out and start over. At noon we were invited to listen in on the CB podcast recording at the Pop Revolution Theatre. Jeff and his crew had Will Koch as their special guest. You can listen to last week’s entry at podcast.coasterbuzz.com Jeff announced what they would be doing and the theatre had filled up with the general public...they all got up and left. Half of the audience cleared out as they were expecting singing and dancing. We spent the rest of the day roaming the park. 4:00 we had a scheduled construction tour of The Voyage. There were about 150 of us and it looked like everyone showed up for this. See pictures below. The coaster looks awesome. Robin made fun of all of us standing around looking at dirt and pilings but hey it was cool and we would never get a chance to be this up close again. 5:30 brought dinner...pizza, fudge and unlimited soft drinks. They held a short auction of some coaster wheels, up stops, flags, and some blown computer modules from a lightning storm that hit The Raven. The money raised went to the Red Cross. Mrs. Koch commented that enthusiasts would buy anything and next year she is going to package some dirt from The Voyage construction site and auction it off. Mrs. Koch and Will both spoke to us at dinner said they were thrilled to have enthusiasts back at the park and they were moving on. It was nice to be a part of that...they genuinely seemed excited that we were there. The park was cleared of gp and we were off to ride. It got dark pretty fast. We started out on The Raven. What a difference this coaster is at night. It was a much faster ride from first thing in the morning. Awesome ride. I think we rode for about 45 minutes. There was never more than a 1 train wait. After that we headed to The Legend and stayed there until 8:30. About 8 they started doing double rides where they would re-check our restraints and send us out again. The crew really got into the enthusiasts mindset. We had screaming and clapping matches with the other coaster station...we chanted the coaster's name all the way up the lift hill. It was a blast. Ended the night on The Raven and rode the last train of the night. As someone posted over at CB...”I never thought getting bruised and waking up feeling like you had been hit by a bus could be so much fun.” It truly was a blast and I cannot wait until May 6th of next year. Holiday World truly was one of the friendliest cleanest parks we have been in. Not sure how they do it but I hope they are able to keep it up as they continue to grow and expand. Sorry if I rambled...below are some of the pictures from our day at HW. these may be out of order..sorry..1st TR. Daron & Robin Voyage construction crew break room. nuts that port-o-john moved walking up the hill...footer city looking down the hill toward the station. behind me is where the turnaround will be. 2nd 90 degree curve on the return back to the station. can you say rebar? How many pieces of steel are in 2125lbs? View of the return Looking at what will be the station and final tunnel run. Santa - little girls mother was screaming at her to give her sister back the toy. 9PM - just finished the last ride. Saying goodbye...after the last ride of the night. Can I get a blue spot? Damn Christmas tree moved on me!
  17. Peter: "Hey, Lois, look! The two symbols of the Republican party: an elephant and a big fat white guy who's threatened by change."
  18. Is that your real hair? works everytime!
  19. Congrats! This is a well done and maintained site. Everyone here seems to have fun and that keeps all of us coming back. Personally I think it was Elissa's State Line picture that put you over the top. d
  20. Played the Infocom games: Zork, Wishbringer, Zork II, Hitchhikers Guide on a Commodore 64. Also played Star Trek in high school on a IBM. d
  21. I use directnic.com for basic static sites. 15 bucks a year. I use godaddy.com if I need more bandwidth, space and functionality. and i use hostmysite.com for larger sites, coldfusion or ASP support. my 2 cents d
  22. Xm came with the Honda I recently bought. I listen to 8, 9, deep cuts and Air America. Very Happy that NHL will be on XM. d
  23. Wes, You made me laugh to the point my co-workers are peeking around my cube to make sure I am okay. Nice! d
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