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  1. Well, I don't think they will get enough customers to stay in business, when there is hardly anything for people over the age of 12 to do. For example, I'm LOVE traditional parks, and live 3 hours away. But there's no way in h*&^ I'm going all the way up there if there are no coasters to ride, and just a handful of worth-while flats. I guess at this point, they may be able to survive with what they have for a while with the local market. But I just can't see anyone traveling far to go here. That being said, I am tremendously happy the park is operational again. I really hope they get Blue Streak and a few of the other rides up, and when they do, I will be the first one in line. Oh, and that is great news about Blue Streak. I will probably be ready before Flying Turns is!
  2. Ah yes, the southern NC beaches are one of the few general beach areas between Myrtle Beach and NJ that I haven't seen. I have only heard good things about them from the few people I know who have been there. I definitely want to vacation there some time, as it seems to be one of the best kept secrets on the East Coast right now (and 15 years ago, the Northern Outer Banks was too, and now that place is so over-crowded )
  3. NO. Myrtle Beach is, as I believe Elissa aptly described it, a vortex of suck. Spend 2.5 hours max getting the 6 credits available (7 if you have a short enough kid with you) and GET THE HELL OUT. Compared to any major beach north of it on the East Coast, isn't it at least decent? If you're into golf courses and lazy rivers, it could be amazing!
  4. Pretty neat pics there. Hershey Park has really added so much over the past few years.
  5. Copenhagen looks absolutely beautiful! Hope you have a good time on the trip. I was signed up to go, but $2000 in car repairs later, I couldn't afford it! Oh well, I hope everyone has a great time!
  6. I've never been to Kings Island, but from all reports I've read, the Beast and Son of Beast are definitely not even in the same league as El Toro. They are both kind of historically significant roller coasters though, so it gives them some appeal (for me at least). Anyway, if you simply want to ride great roller coasters, I would suggest Lake Compounce, Six Flags New England, or Knoebels (which are probably closer to where you live). If you want a lot of credits, then you can't beat CP or KI.
  7. Yes "Around the World in 80 Days" has been there a while...and was my first ferris wheel I believe! I didn't think SFA ran the train anymore....that was a surprise!
  8. This TR is so awesome. I've never seen that Alpine Slide before, it looks so great and long! Blue Fire does look amazing. Still think iSpeed will be better, whenever that opens....I just hope I have enough cash to go ride them both for myself next year on the TPR trip
  9. ^I agree with your post, including the Chick-Fil-A part. 90% of the ones I've been to have had extremely fast service. On the SFOG thing, I went last year, and personally I thought the staff was the worst aspect of the park. The park was beautiful and had great rides, but the staff were not the best I've seen in an amusement park, but certainly not the worst. If you care that much about service, then you may not want to go back. I certainly would give the park another try though. It is much better than my local Six Flags in Maryland.
  10. Don't forget Morgan... Now granted, they haven't built a hyper since Steel Dragon, but it's in their line-up. And they just retracked more of Phantom's Revenge this year.
  11. Nice TR. I love traditional parks and have always wanted to go here. Perhaps when I visit my grandparents in SC next time, I'll be able to make the trip.
  12. I don't know, but the train looks hideous IMO. I'm still not sure what this ride is trying to be: a family ride or a thrill ride. Hopefully there will be lots of reviews from the TPR Scandi Tour.
  13. So damn bored on a Friday night. Unemployment sucks....it's boring. Looking for jobs sucks even worse! (it's scary and frustrating!)
  14. Haven't posted in this thread for a while I don't think....and my opinions change a lot so...... 1. Phoenix 2. Boulder Dash 3. El Toro 4. Bizarro (SFNE) 5. Maverick 6. Phantom's Revenge 6. Goliath SFOG (tie) 8. Griffon 9. Ride of Steel (DL) 10. Apollo's Chariot Unfortunitely, with this year's lame stack of new coasters for me, I don't expect that to change for a while....but 2010
  15. I agree! I couldn't believe the airtime the first time I rode it. And just think how great it was before the brakes and track modifications. Sucks about Bizarro's leg room. I'm 6-4, and sure hope to fit on those trains. I thought they were similar trains to El Toro's, and I fit on those fine.
  16. I agree. Is there anything more generic than a lazy river and a wave pool? Especially un-themed ones. I really question the direction Hershey is going. The entrance and first section with SDL, Comet, and Great Bear look amazing. When you get to the Boardwalk/Midway America section, you could mistake the park for any Cedar Fair Concrete Land in my opinion. I sure hope Hershey stays with its 100-plus-year-old tradition, and doesn't end up looking like its Eastern PA neighbor, Dorney Park.
  17. I have really enjoyed watching CE12 and Raw 3 so far. I've seen the first disc of CE 12, and think its probably the funniest coaster video I've ever seen. I've seen parts of both discs of Raw 3....definitely my favorite of the Raw series. Defunct coasters are the perfect subject for the "Raw" idea. I look forward to reading the little blurb before the footage, as they are always very interesting. Watching Raw 3 is both great and sad....I don't like when coasters close!!! Since I'm new to the enthusiast world, I haven't ridden any of those coasters, but look forward to maybe riding Blue Streak next year. Great job to all the editors and camera people!
  18. ^I agree 100%, but isn't it funny that GCI was the company that recently worked on Dash and turned it into the airtime machine that it is.
  19. Goose Fair, Barcelona's April Fair, and the German Fairs definitely look amazing. I guess the whole "no rules" idea of European amusements makes most of their fairs far superior to the U.S. ones. Oh yeah, do you have any idea who manufactured "The King of France?"
  20. Well, too bad it was the worst fair you've been to in Europe. If I ever saw pictures like that of a fair on the East Coast, I would be marking my calendar and selling my first born (if I had a first born) to attend it.
  21. For a park called "Kiddieland," it seems to have its share of adult rides. It will be sad if this park closes
  22. 1. Raptor 2. Great Bear 3. Afterburn 4. Batman: the Ride (SFGAd, SFOG, SFOT) Also, these are all about tied with Afterburn IMO! 5. Alpengeist It's funny looking at these lists for B&M inverts. Everyone seems to have a different opinion. For example, a lot of people don't like Raptor, and I was incredibly surprised with the awesome forces and overall ride it gave me. I have always said that all B&M inverts are great, and you just pick your poison as to which ones you prefer!
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