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  1. I'm new to the site, but I have had my eye on Germany for ages, and the 2008 Europe trip would be awesome. I hope I am able to go.
  2. Hello, I'm new to the forums here. I'm an 18 year old coaster enthusiest who's been a member of Coaster-net and ThemeParkCritic amoung other websites and I can't wait to post at this one. I recently FINALLY got high speed internet, so I have been able to enjoy this site's fabulous coaster videos. I've wanted to go on a TPR trip for a long time now, but unfortunitely I don't have much money at this point (I'm a college freshman) I've only ridden 40 coasters, but I plan to get that up to 70 by the end of the year. So far my favorite steel coaster is Volcano and my favorite wood is Wild One. I generally like wood better than steel, I was born in 1988, 1988 was year of the dragon, and of course there is a Steel Dragon 2000 coaster, so hence my name is Wood Dragon 1988. So, yea, my name is Chris, and I'll be the resident nOOb for a while.
  3. Good to see you guys had a good time. I joined this site because I was thinking about going, but I ended up not. SFA is only 45 minutes from my house but I had other plans today. The weather was great and hopefully you managed to avoid those 2 dollar lockers. That's STILL not as bad as 15 dollar parking! Anyways, I guess I've been a long-time "stalker" of this site and have watched many of your videos and TRs. Can't wait to post more.
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