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  1. Gooooooooooooooo Le Monstre!!! This shows how completely pointless competitions like this are.
  2. This Morgantown shipping stuff just makes this thing even more weird.
  3. Great TR, I've always wanted to go to SDC. Wildfire trains look pretty unique...like a B&M floorless train with a floor lol.
  4. ^^Thanks for the help. Yeah, I think I'd probably be more interested in riding a world class wooden coaster a few more times than seeing and paying more money for a decent fair. I would suppose Playland is fairly accessible using public transportation since it's close to the city. If anything we could get a cab from a hotel or something. Vancouver looks like a pretty interesting place to stay for a couple days.
  5. Man I want to ride Coaster so bad. Maybe next year I'll make it. I was wondering if it is better to go when the big fair is in town, or during the regular summer season? The fair looks great, but are the lines for Coaster extremely long during that time?
  6. Lolz if those fabled traines that have carried zero passengers so far can fix that thing, I will bow to Gravity Group's awesomeness.
  7. Those pictures of Titan were great. I loved the ride and thought it was 2nd best on the trip.
  8. Really? It wasn't that bad when I rode it in March. I was riding in 2nd last row too! Grizzly is way worse, trust me. Glad to hear about the retracking though. Certainly gives me another reason to go back to SFOT next year. Well, it will be closed all of next year I believe...
  9. I agree with Elissa, especially since the park already has three giant B&Ms, and most parks would be satisfied with just one of them.
  10. Lake Compounce....which is also my favorite park overall.
  11. The Boardwalk Beast boat ride was probably my favorite perk of the trip! I'm glad you were able to capture it somewhat. Boardwalk Bullet = not so much!
  12. I think I like all the B&M megas I've done better than Millennium Force, so I wouldn't complain too much either way.
  13. I went on a Sunday and there were walk-ons. I predict 15 other responces to this thread stating that there will be walk-ons (basd on previous history of Dorny Park threads!)
  14. In 2 weeks I'll have two more floorless credits, but for now: 1. Medusa (East) 2. Hydra 3. Batman at SFNE
  15. Sorry if I sound like a complete idiot, but what is Hi Miler?
  16. This is how I would rate the B&M/Intamin megas I've ridden: 1. Superman/Bizzaro -miles and miles away- 2. Goliath at SFOG 3. Ride of Steel at Darien Lake 4. Apollo's Chariot 5. Nitro 6. Behemoth 7. Superman at SFA (had a lot of rattle last year) 8. Millennium Force I voted for Intamin, because Superman simply blows the others away, and I feel from the Intamins I haven't ridden (Expedition GeForce, Goliath, MegaLites) compared to the B&Ms I haven't ridden (Hollywood Dream, Silver Star, Diamondback), Intamin would destroy them. I think perhaps more B&Ms would have a chance if they had less mid course/trim brakes.
  17. I will be going on the Texas Trip too....Rattler to me looks to have one of the most pointless coaster layouts ever. Can't wait to go there in a week, it looks like one of the more unique Six Flags.
  18. I'm watching this show on Miami on Travel Channel...I want to go there soooo badly. Though "Dinner in the sky" looks like the most pointless thing ever.
  19. South of the Border is the absolute best tourist trap ever
  20. The lines for Dorney are usually always short anyway, so I'm sure they're even shorter on Haunt days. From what I've heard Fright Fest at Great Adventure darn near sells the place out, while Dorney's doesn't do nearly as much business. I guess it will take some time before the public realises Dorney has a good event. I will admit that as much as I dislike Cedar Fair, they run a decent haunt (been to the ones at KD and CP). Although I still like the one's Paramount used to put on a bit better.
  21. SFOT on the TPR trip. That will be my first time at the park in 8 years.
  22. I've heard that Dorney's Halloween event used to be very lame, but it looks like they've beefed it up somewhere
  23. I would say ride Cyclone in the back for a few awesome pops of airtime.
  24. El Toro for me, though I haven't been on any other pre-fabs. The drop is just undescribably good. When I rode it last on opening day this year, I still sometimes couldn't leave my hands up the whole time through the first drop. It's really one of the only moments on a roller coaster I'm still terrified of! And the Great Adventure locals said that was a bad day for El Toro. I still can't figure out how rides like Millie Force and the SROSs have much taller and steeper drops but aren't even in the same league! Other wooden first drops I really liked were the Skyliner at Lakemont and SFNE's Cyclone.
  25. I think I'd pick Paralyzer. The song list is such a great idea for the coaster. Consider me more pumped about that than the ride itself! It makes it much more re-rideable...I know I would like to listen to 4 or 5 of those songs on the ride.
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