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  1. I agree with pretty much everything you said in your post. The thing is, for the crowds SFA draws, it really is a HUGE park. In mid-summer how many rides actually draw a line, even with their terrible operations? From my experience, not many. I don't really see why they would invest in a new ride when they can't even fill their existing ones.
  2. Grona Lund looks so cool. Too bad I probably won't visit it until 2022.
  3. I agree that Behemoth is a great ride, but my only beef with it is to me its really not THAT much better or different than Apollo's Chariot, which was built almost a decade before. I've ridden both at least a dozen times and I've had some rides on Apollos that were much better than most Behemoth rides and vice versa. Not that its a bad thing to build or anything, but IMO the best products B&M makes were invented in the 90s and most were built in the 90s. Intamin has just done so much more since then in terms of creativity and honestly I think their best rides (El Toro, Maverick, Bizarro from the ones I've ridden) just kick so much more a$$ than even the best B&Ms.
  4. Honestly, I've never really wanted to do a cruise before, but this looks insanely awesome. 311 seems like the perfect band to cruise with.
  5. What a goofy name for a coaster, I love it! I really want to try one of these "big" MS Spinning Coasters! Screw the U.S. for not having any.
  6. Is this the first coaster announced to be built after the world ends in December 2012?
  7. I have to say this is probably the most interesting of the new Star Flyers, because it's a "real" Star Flyer and looks like it will offer one hell of a view of Vancouver.
  8. ^Pretty sure you are right. And I still can't believe they would actually TRY to re-track the tunnel!
  9. I just tried Dominos pizza for the first time since the new ingredients or whatever....I know it's been since January 2010 I think, but still, better late than never. What an improvement! Anyway, I currently have two jobs. One at a music store and one at a liquor store.
  10. I agree. I didn't visit with TPR, but I can say I have never been more terrified in an amusement park than when I was on the Rye Derby Racer. That thing has got to be more dangerous than any Intamin cable. Anyway, back to Volares, yeah they are dangerous too
  11. Don't quote me but I think it's the third time it has been retracked since I've been reading coaster forums (2005). The darn thing is always being retracked. To me, it always rides the same though, so I guess if that means retracking it every 2-3 years, so be it! I don't really care, because I rarely visit KD in the spring. Sadly though it's the best wooden coaster at KD.
  12. Me to. This is one park I have been dying to check out. I hear they have some great dark rides. And the best Whip and Derby Racer I've been on, plus a credit that eats you! It's really a park where you can have a lot of fun doing things you can't do elsewhere, as long as you don't believe every park in the world needs to be "Disney quality." Here's to it being saved, but if not I may attempt to make another visit this year.
  13. Nice updates. Bojangles is my favorite fast food restaurant...I'm in South Carolina now and plan on eating lots of it tomorrow morning! I'm glad I don't live in the south or I would be ACER size!
  14. That latest video is very impressive. The park looks beautiful, one of the best looking brand new parks in recent memory. I also really like the layout of Shock: launch, airtime, funky inversions, what's not to like?
  15. The green looks nice, but I have to admit I was one of the few fans of the funky, light blue with multi-colored rails paint job. I guess it wasn't generic enough for Cedar Fair This is good news for fans of the ride, as most enthusiasts seem to be constantly predicting (and hoping for) its demise. I have to say I'm not a fan of actually riding the darn thing, but to me it just fits where it is in the park perfectly. Anaconda too. To me they just "belong" there and if it was scraped the park really wouldn't feel right to me. It's weird enough seeing that giant Intamin coaster behind Anaconda these days! And I saw a skunk while waiting to get off the ride once....which is completely irrelevant, but it isn't every day that you get to talk about Shockwave!
  16. ^My thoughts exactly...and I'll be the dork who mentions that some Wild Mice cars don't stop moving. The first one I rode was at Rye, which is a place where you would expect to find one. Seeing one at a huge park like Canada's Wonderland just looked so out of place, especially since it was so close to Behemoth if I remember correctly. For the record, I think they are one of the biggest joke coasters out there...their existance amuses me. It would be nice to see a compact type of flying coaster that is better. I guess Vekoma already tried that with the Sting Ray and it's obviously not catching on. http://rcdb.com/4124.htm?p=22644 I have to say that first drop looks very interesting though.
  17. Cyclone gives unearthly airtime in the back seat...I really liked it but I'm not sure if I would after all the new credits I've gotten since riding it. This rehab should be interesting though.
  18. Hotel California- Eagles Santeria- Sublime Beverly Hills- Weezer Lincoln Highway Dub- Sublime Seed- Sublime Amber- 311 Stand By Me- Pennywise Hook- Blues Traveler What I Got- Sublime The Devil Went Down to Georgia- Zac Brown Band
  19. I don't know, to me Rattler was almost as boring as it was painful. The layout doesn't make any since at all: It's huge and in a great location but really does nothing at all. I mean, the new track can't hurt anything, but unless the layout is reprofiled (yet again), I can't really see it becoming a great ride.
  20. I'm sure their total cost included clearing out the old boat and lake that was there as well as the theming. I can't imagine that the ride itself cost more since it is significantly shorter, smaller trains, etc. Parks usually have a habit of lumping EVERYTHING it costs for a ride into the total number, and that will include things like marketing, media day, announcement parties, etc.... --Robb And maybe it is more expensive these days due to the depression at this time. Perhaps it´s more expensive to built a coaster like this here in Europe / Germany than in the US, don´t forget that all the Track was produced in US and shipped to Germany, etc. That's a good point...I always associate European parks as being more "accessible" to companies like B&M, Intamin, Vekoma, etc, but I always forget that most (all?) of B&Ms track is manufactured in the U.S.
  21. I'm definitely intersted. I've been trying to get back to the south for a few years, and this is another reason for me to go this year. I can't commit yet, but I'll try!
  22. Signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon in October, which will be my second marathon. This one, however, I am actually going to train for with a group of 5 people. By the way, I took advantage of the great weather today and got a fantastic run in. Just the fact that last February we got two blizzards and today felt like 50s requires a run.
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