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  1. Dispite the fact that my avatar is still paying homage to BBW (primarily because I haven't botheredto change it since I first learned it was getting removed), I have to agree that it wasn't THAT great of a ride. I mean, I remember as a kid while being spun around those buildings, I thought "wow that was really cool," but after experiencing rides with better theming and ride experiences riding it again was kind of "meh." The last few turns after the water splash did seem very fast and exciting, but it was over far too quickly after that. It seems like the local coaster community will make a big deal out of any coaster being removed. People are still up in arms about Drachen Fire of all things, and wasn't that usually considered a "bad" coaster? I haven't been back to BGW yet after Big Bad Wolf's removal, but I don't think I'll miss it too much. I thought it was pretty lame compared to Vortex at CW as well. If that ride got removed, I think there would be reason to complain, because as of now I think it's the second best coaster in that park.
  2. I couldn't agree with this statement more....I went to Coney Island only once, on Astroland's supposidly last day (maybe it was the last day, I don't exactly remember), and I really couldn't believe that a place like that actually still existed. The place was packed and there were TV cameras everywhere, and everyone there was simply enjoying the place for what it was. No one wanted anything else, and everyone had a good time. I'm the type of person who could have fun there...not everything has to be squeeky clean, Cedar Fair bland, or Disney perfect to be enjoyable.
  3. I remember this coaster being announced years ago but never saw a POV or anything...thanks for posting this. I'm sure rides like this, Rita, and Desert Race aren't the greatest, but I sure wish there was one a little closer for me to try out. Oh, well at least Maverick and the new Cheetah Hunt probably blow it away!
  4. The last time I doubted Intamin was I305...which I liked. The time before that was Farenheit...which I liked. The time before that was Maverick...which is my second favorite steel coaster behind another Intamin. So I just won't doubt them anymore! P.S. so nice to see Florida and Busch going with a very unique (and not so B&M for once) coaster! Not to say the coasters there aren't great or B&M sucks, but it is nice to see something different.
  5. Yea but how many GOOD coasters would actually fit that tiny footprint? Besides maybe an Intamin Zac Spin....
  6. Wow, Strasswalchen looks like another amazing small park brought into the light by TPR! Crazy Wild Train and insane death slides at the same park....how far do I have to travel to reach a park like that?
  7. I completely agree with this. Both times that I rode Cyclops (Mt. O) this summer, that famous airtime hill lifted me off my seat, and then dropped on on the seat divider. And it did hurt a lot. And since you could end up on the other persons lap, it didn't really do its job, now did it? Well, I've ridden Phoenix probably 20 or 30 times....it has buzz bars and wild airtime, and never ever got off a ride complaining about seat dividers. And yes, I do have a very small ass. But I've ridden with people with larger ones and they always seem to enjoy the ride I guess. I clearly remember many rides on Phoenix where my ass was completely out of the seat half-way around the last turnaoround, but still not once complained about the dividers. Oh well, I see why people complain, but for me I think there are far greater thing wrong with the industy. edit- Also I wanted to add I would MUCH rather a ride have buzz bars and seat dividers compared to ratcheting lap bars.....if a ride like Phoenix or Jack Rabbit ever got ratcheting bars I would be more than pissed....but I can certainly live and greatly enjoy the rides with seat dividers and a single position bar. Pretty much when it comes to most rides that still have single position bars, I can find little to complain about!
  8. ^I understand all that....but aren't Walibi Belgium and World still owned by the same company? So possibly, if they are finally reopening one shuttle coaster, they might reopen another (better) one?
  9. Personally, I've never goten all the fuss about seat dividers. I've ridden coasters with them and without them, and to me it makes little difference. I probably would prefer the dividers to not having them, so you don't have to get TOO close to the rider beside you (unless you really want to get close to the other rider ). I know this post is pretty much sacreligious for most people so forgive me. Basically there are far worse things I complain about when it comes to trains such as restraints, padding, seatbelts, etc.
  10. This is promising news....it's sad to see such a new coaster sit dormit for so long. Let's hope Walibi gets their act together and finds a way to open Turbine now!
  11. Good point, but all parks lose rides. Also, does anyone realize how many rides at Six Flags America get little to no ridership on an average summer day that would demand a queue at almost any other park? I seriously can't believe how such a large park can stay operating, with such low attendance and so many rides that cost __ dollars to operate a piece. ^I agree with that point. In the summer I live 50 minutes from SFA (and three hours from SFGAd) and I have visited SFGAd more in the past 3 years than I have visited SFA. That being said I am not a "normal" enthusiast that visits their local park 15 times a year. I couldn't stand visiting any place much more than twice a year....but anyway my money is easily going to SFGAd, and I am a "local."
  12. I guess and obvious explanation for the crappiness of Huracan would be the newer trains, but doesn't Anubis use the same trains? I've never heard a bad word about Anubis. I guess Huracan may be just a lemon, or you guys must have caught it on a bad day. It's just kind of a bummer, because layout and stats wise it sure seems to look like one of the better Eurofighters.
  13. I loved Schlitterbahn, and it was my favorite day of the Texas trip as well. The restaurant in Austin was equally awesome. My favorite attractions in the newer sections were the "launch" into the lazy river, and the crazy wave machine in the other lazy river. I personally enjoyed the older side much more, but still really liked those two one-of-a-kind attractions in the newer sections. The old section really reminded me of a Knoebels-like water park. So much shade and old stuff, but so thrilling and unique at the same time. The water was cold, but it was so worth it.
  14. Wow, I never knew the water park was that nice! I'm glad to see that it's still open, and hope it continues for many years.
  15. Especially when 3/4 of the world's Intamin plug-n-plays aren't in the US..... ^Not everyone is a HUGE fan of I305 you know....just read the KD thread and see all the crap its gotten. I personally loved it, but I am very interested to see how it does in that other poll that comes out in a few months. To me, coming in 11th place and being top top new coaster in the poll by far is a very nice showing.
  16. Excellent TR as always Erik. I am threatening to make a trip to Knoebels this fall. Two years is far too long for me to not go to that park!
  17. I rode shockwave for the first time in many years at ECB....and I have come to the conclusion that almost anything is bearable if you ride defensively. Riding it like it's a brand new B&M may injure you, but bracing yourself and holding on tight, the ride really isn't THAT bad.
  18. SFA KD Easily my weakest year since becoming a so-called-enthusiast, and after a year like this I don't even think you can call me a "so-called-enthusiast" anymore.
  19. Just wanted to say I went to the KD event and had an amazing time. I've been going to KD all my life and in recent years, I had really started to give up on the park. However, I had more fun on Sunday than I have since my trips there in middle school, in awe of the huge coasters I was tall enough to ride for the first time. I305 was really a great addition to the park. Night ERT on Volcano, FOF, and I305 was epic. Lunch was great (was the only meal I ate all day), and the walk-back was really neat. It was about as up-close and personal as many people will ever get to a 300 foot tall coaster. TPR quest was a very fun new game. Overall, one of the best days I've ever had at KD and one of the best TPR days I've ever had as well. If any of KD's management is reading this post, you've managed to win my heart back over to the park. Thank you!!! I'll see you again soon. Also want to thank Robb and Elissa and everyone from TPR who planned the event....it's nice when you don't have the cash to pay for a full trip, but can still manage to "live the coaster enthusiasts" dream once a year or so!
  20. I still don't get why people call them "flat rides"... this is taller than most roller coasters! I'm really excited for the whole lot! I especially like the Point's version's location. Agreed....I really liked that "water side" area on my only visit to CP, even though I didn't get on Wicked Twister beause of lines. There's really a lot to do there, and its a beautiful location. Even if there is another observation type ride in the general area (Space Spiral). I have to say these look like great additions. I don't know if it's been asked, but does anyone know the top speed of Star Flyers? From the animation, these looks quite a bit faster.
  21. For how many years have people said "this ride needs Timberliners, that ride needs Timberliners, etc?" And how many rides actually use Timberliners now? I think enthusiasts get all hyped up about new supposidly revelutionary train design all the time, and forget that PTC trains are one of the most successful coaster trains in history. Chris "maybe the rides need more help than just unproven trains" B.
  22. Nice TR....I've seen pictures of Titan before, but had never heard any reports of it...nice to know that it runs pretty decent! And yeah, Pinfari is actually a pretty big Italian rides company, known for their brutal rides more than anything else!
  23. Excellent pictures!! My parents took me to Kings Dominion in the early 90s, but I have little to no recollection of how it looked beside the relatively few pictures we took during our visits! I'm always told that Scooby Doo used to be that green color when I first rode it as a little kid. I think I heard somewhere that The Lost World mountain had a log flume in it, but I've never seen a picture of it....it was a big surprise to see it! The only attraction my parents seem to remember from the future Volcano mountain was "Smurf Mountain," which they describe as a mine train that really wasn't even a mine train. Everyone seems to think that ride was the biggest rip off of all time, and the lines were incredibly ridiculous for what what the ride really was! Anyway, great pics!
  24. ^I'm assuming that Dinn lady has since left or something considering S&S hasn't made a wooden coaster in what, 6 years? I was kind of hoping they would make a comback because S&S woodens are pretty good.
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