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  1. This list probably rounds out my year...with perhaps adding on a trip to Busch Gardens Europe or Wisp Resort (mountain coaster) later on. Six Flags Great Adventure Funtown Pier Casino Pier Jenkinson's Boardwalk Six Flags over Texas ITz Houston Kemah Boardwalk Six Flags Fiesta Sea World San Antonio Schlitterbahn New Braunfels Kings Dominion Kennywood
  2. Seeing all these pictures of Blizzard Beach and a pool-side party is really making me jealous. I just went to Kennywood and it was snowing out....wish I was in Florida right now!
  3. The last time I was in the water park was 2006, it had recently been renovated, and I thought it was pretty good. It was better themed and much cleaner than the theme park, and it had some pretty cool slides. If you like water parks, it's worth checking out, but there's nothing amazing there that you won't find elsewhere. The Tony Hawk Half Pipe thing may be the only thing very unique.
  4. I actually went to CP for the first time last year around this same time. I went on a Saturday, and crowds were huge....I think I only got around to riding 8 or 9 coasters and 2 flats I really wanted to do. I have heard that going on a Friday night in October is a much better idea, however, not all the rides will be open. I can assure you that on a nice Saturday in October, CP has more than just a "big three." Raptor and Mantis draw huge lines...Gemini's line was overflowing but moving very fast last year....I waited 45 minutes for Mean Streak. As far as the event, I thought it was pretty good. I don't think it would compare to an HHN though. I personaly think that north of Florida, Kennywood runs the best Halloween events, followed by the CF parks.
  5. As a KD local and a one-time Canada's Wonderland visitor, I'm sad at this move, but not shocked. Going into HB land at CW was like a step back in time.
  6. I really don't get all the comparisons to the mega-lites. The mega lites have airtime hills every other second. This seems to have 6 potential airtime moments, and many of those may not be extreme at all. With all the ground-level turns and the OTSR's I'm seeing more of a giant Maverick, which would be a good thing too.
  7. Well I was expecting airtime and lap bars.....but if its anything like Maverick, it'll be pretty good.
  8. Okay, so you're telling us you SERIOUSLY thought the trip may have been over after Kemah. That 50 enthusiasts would fly to Dallas, pay $1000, go to SFOT and Kemah twice, and go home. Sorry for me thinking that sounded a bit sarcastic, and responding in a semi-sarcastic way. And I actually answered your question as well. Honestly, this argument is one of the most pointless things ever, and I don't know why stupid stuff like this constantly ruins good trip reports.
  9. Don't almost all parks (in North America at least) tell you to keep your hands in the car at all times? This isn't any different (besides the BO part, which I agree is a publicity stunt).
  10. No, we left after Kemah, because the Bullet blew our minds away. We did finish the trip.
  11. Looks amazing. It's funny that just when I start to think I'm losing interest in theme parks, something amazing like this comes out, and fairly near by to keep me interested. I would love to make a trip to ride this and Deluge next year.
  12. When TPR was there last year, pretty much everyone rode the kiddie coaster.
  13. I guess it's kind of a hard decision, because if you ban smoking, it will turn away the smokers, but if you allow it, you will turn away the non-smokers. I wish parks could enforce the designated areas policy better, so both would be happy.
  14. I wondered how this park has been doing after the financial troubles. Honestly, from pictures, it still looks great, but how were the crowds?
  15. KD doesn't have much worthwhile to do if you are coming from Europe quite yet, but next year they are building an Intamin Giga coaster, which if you don't know is pretty much one of the most hyped coasters of 2010 right now. Wait and see how it turns out, and perhaps even read some reviews of it before you go to KD. My only other advice is I think Pittsburgh is an awesome city, and Kennywood is an awesome park right near the city. I really would recomend doing/seeing both. You could probably do them both from anywhere between 1-3 days. East coast nature is nothing really at all like what is on the west coast...but there are the Appalacian Mountains, and some nice rivers/lakes. I don't know if you guys would be interested in this after seeing Yosemite, but there's plenty of little cheesy parks with water falls, scenic overlooks, hiking trails, etc. I could give you specific places if you want, but I'm just not sure you'll want to go in the most absolute rural areas of Western MD, Western PA, and West Virginia.
  16. Great TR. My family went to AZ in 2006, but unfortunately it was for a canyon and no coasters were involved. Though the canyon may have been better than AZ's collection of coasters. That Miler coaster looks interesting though!
  17. You really like the word "evah" don't you? And being negative. But that's okay, this is a good report and you have some interesting opinions. I really liked SFKK, and really would like to go back to ride Deluge. I'm beginning to like water parks more and more as I get tired of theme parks...personally I thought the famous Master Blaster was disappointing, but I've been told Deluge is actually better.
  18. I have no problem with screaming at all. It's what coasters are about. It's almost like if people were to get mad when enthusiasts wish to be unstapled and put their hands up on a ride. I've heard that a majority of ACErs hate screaming which is why they like their ERT so much. Personally I think if you don't yell and scream to much on a coaster, you're missing some of the fun.
  19. If you somehow read this before the corners, you may want to pick up some "fry bread" at the corners park. I personally thought it was the only thing worth paying for at the park...and I know you like food at least a little bit
  20. I'll just throw out my 2 cents that I think CP is getting a second Aquatrax to go alongside Maverick. But instead, it will be themed to a hawk and will have a 3 hour line instead of a 2 hour line.
  21. Best Phoenix Boulder Dash Jokers Jinx/FOF/Poltergeist- really good low turns and corkscrew after a lame middle Superman Ride of Steels- all three Worst Alpengeist El Toro- just twists around pointlessly at the end, which IMO is a huge waste of space and money. If it had another 2/3 airtime hills instead of the twisting it would probably be my favorite coaster. Thunderhawk (Dorney)- trims absolutely ruin a few hills that should be great.
  22. Actually, no wood coasters at the present time have been operating for 100 years. Leap the dips is the only one close, and that was closed for 12 years. But a lot of the old wood coaster have been modified, relocated, or flat out re-built. And really there weren't successful steel coasters until about 50 years ago, so none have really had the chance to be as old as some wooden coaster. Although haven't some steel coasters had some or all of their track completely replaced? I think Shockwave at SFOT had a large operation a few years ago.
  23. DBru IMO Morgan hypers are 100% smoother than Magnum. I really don't get all the comparisons of Steel Force to Magnum. Really the only thing they have in common is they are both U.S. manufactured and in Cedar Fair parks. The layout, manufacturer, forces, smoothness, everything else is completely different. I would rank the Morgan's I've been on 1. Phatom's Revenge 2. Steel Force 3. Steel Eel Steel Eel kind of disappointed me, and I'm not sure why. Perhaps because it was so hyped up to be the best Morgan, and I just didn't think it was. My opinion of Steel Force may be a bit outdated, since I have tripled my coaster count since the last time I rode it, but I really enjoyed it back in the day.
  24. Well this park is in Abu Dhabi, which according to RCDB is 60 miles from Dubai. I think most of the stuff scheduled to be built in Dubai like Six Flags, Busch, and Dubailand has been pushed back. Correct me if I'm wrong. F1 looks like one f-ed up coaster, but I would sure love to try it one day!
  25. Way too many times. I don't even know what would be my most whorish. Though, I have never (and will never) steel a kid!!!! After the Texas trip I concluded I would quit "whoring" after the longest line I waited in on the whole trip was for Shamu Express. And after some kids just randomly walked in front of our group in line for Romp Bomp a Stomp, and we had to tell them that we were riding, not just standing here!
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