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  1. I had no idea they were sold, but haven't eaten at the restaurant since 2005. I like them so much I have gotten them delivered to my house in the past few years, and still think they taste great. I just prefer crab cakes with little to no "filler" or "mustardy taste" and G&M to me is almost 100% crab and nothing else. If you prefer Maine style crab cakes or more traditional Maryland style crab cakes even, you may not like them.
  2. ^ You're kidding right? He only listed 3 parks as "Mid-Atlantic" parks. One of those parks is good, one is mediocre, and one is below average (and most would agree with that assessment I think). And I could name 5 B&Ms off the top of my head rated higher than Virginia's.
  3. I really like the look of this park, how almost every ride seems mixed in with the trees. Kind of reminds me of Knoebels or something. I would definitely visit here one day if I got the chance!
  4. Based on your regions, I've been to 5/6 of them. I would say the northeast clearly has the top coasters in the country, but I would think the south has the best parks (though I've never been to the "Florida part of the south" unfortunately). Since the title of the thread says "coaster wise," I will vote Northeast.
  5. Excellent TR. It seems like your complaints about the park are similar to mine (it's a HUGE CONCRETE SLAB with tons of coasters). Its funny though that Millennium Force is your favorite ride and you think Maverick is overrated. Personally, Maverick is my number 2 steel coaster and I think Millie is ridiculously overrated
  6. Haha it's funny that I think pretzel loops are the only GOOD parts of B&M flyers. Anyway, for those of you have ridden it, how does the ride itself stack up to SUF? Is it just like a SUF with themeing, or is the ride itself much better (or worse) than SUF?
  7. You're darn right! Last year I thought it had one of the most rusty and faded paint jobs I've ever seen. Surprisingly, it was one of the smoothest coasters I've ever ridden. I really like THIS Bizarro's paint job; the one in New England however looks a little weird. And it seemed like there has been a rumor since at least 2006 that Medusa was going to get a makeover. How bizarre that it happens three years later!
  8. ^Sounds like you're getting a good degree. I think I'd rather have that, than 60 or so coaster credits!
  9. Lots of BGE locals love Trappers Smokehouse (Barbeque) too. I think it's in the French section.
  10. I have to say I was extremely impressed with that Boulder Dash footage. I've watched that coaster so many times on Youtube it's not even funny, but for some reason, TPR videos are always the best. I can kind of see why they want to put trims on the ride. That thing was going just super fast for a large part of the "return trip." I just hope to ride it again before the trims go up!
  11. I've been to all those parks, so I guess I'll try to help. Carowinds is the only park you're doing on a weekend, so it will probably be the hardest park to get all the credits. I know it was a ghost town when I went last year on a week-day. Anyway, the longest line was for Borg (whatever it's called now). The boomerang is low capacity and new, so I might try that one first or second. The only flat ride tips I have there, is they are supposed to have great flyers, which IMO I didn't "get" but they're supposed to be great. Busch is great, but they took out the free beer sampling this year. You used to be able to do it twice per visit. I don't think I could spend consecutive days there, but if you've never been, perhaps you can. The rides are definitely worth trying out different seats and stuff, and there's a lot of shows. I find the back of Loch Ness and the front of Alpie make the rides much better. Kings Dominion has supposedly retracked Grizzly this year, so make sure to ride it! At SFA, Batwing usually has the longest lines, despite its location due to horrible maintenance. If you want that credit, I suggest going there first. As for the PA parks, I would DEFINITELY recommend Idlewild. Its one of my favorite parks, despite its size. I think many people on from the Behemoth trip last year would agree with me. I like Lakemont to, and riding the oldest coaster in the world has some appeal. However, I've been hearing bad reports that all the rides aren't operating consistently this year. You could easily do both of these parks in one day though. Hope something helped Chris
  12. If you are getting crabcakes in Baltimore, I would highly suggest G&M Restaurant: http://www.gandmrestaurant.com/ I think they are the best crabcakes and possibly the best food I've ever had. It is not overly expensive either.
  13. Really amazing pictures. The park has changed so much since then. Build Gemini and Maverick and I think I would have enjoyed the park back then more than I enjoy it now. Especially with all those nice trees and a better Blue Streak (from what I've heard).
  14. Wow, is Thorpe Park ever not crowded? Every report I read, there seems to be hour long lines.
  15. I don't think so, because it's a completely random and stupid list!
  16. You been on Maverick? With that 95 degree drop and the second hill that gives amazing air? CP has good airtime without Magnum. Yeah, the first drop is great...but it was the 2nd Stengel dive that got me. Best element on a coaster, IMO. Blue Streak has the most airtime overall, though. I was impressed with the airtime on Magnum, Maverick, and Gemini. Blue Streak = not so much. I don't know, I still loved Magnum, and I really didn't like the park that much. I love airtime, and didn't think it was TOO rough. I was more impressed that an Arrow coaster was even capable of producing airtime....and then riding Gemeni later and finding there is another one!
  17. Thank goodness it isn't called "Rick's Delight." This ride looks good for the park. I don't know what I think about that rusty look on the back of the seats though.
  18. So I had 5 days off, and now have 3 finals over the next 3 days and nothing else to do. I love college but finals week is sheer boredom.
  19. Nice TR. I've always wanted to try a Eurofighter and that King Kong thing looks bizzare.
  20. I agree with your thoughts on the two rides. Personally the first time I rode El Toro I thought it was sensational and didn't really care about the ending, as I was still catching my breath front the first few hills. However, the more I ride it the more that ending pisses me off. It just doesn't go anywhere after that sensational forth airtime hill. Boulder Dash I didn't like so much during the day, but at night it's truly amazing, especially if you aren't stapled to your seat (which by the way is nearly impossible to avoid on El Toro). Not to say I don't appreciate what El Toro is and the way it is designed. In my opinion, an extremely long, never letting up, traditional wooden coaster in the mountains just beats it. As for Compounce itself, I really don't know what it was but I loved it. I went there off of 3 hours of sleep and after half a day at Six Flags New England, and it still became my favorite amusement park. There's a lake for swimming right in the park, which is rare enough where I come from...even more rare to find one in a corporate amusement park. I loved Wildcat, thought it had some nice spot of air and was a classic. S&S swings speak for themselves, and I'm a big fan of Huss Enterprises. The setting is sensational, with the mountain back-drop and the lake beside it. I know this is an exhausted topic on coaster boards, but it's nice to have "free" sodas and water. Oh wow, I miss that place....sorry about the really long post.
  21. ^Heck yes....oh what I would do to ride that thing without the trim....the second half would be insane!
  22. I don't get it. Why stop the ride for a lift hill like that after the launch? Ah well, still looks fun. A few airtime hills and some good curvy bits can't be too bad. But I just don't get why they would even build that lift hill if the ride ends so quickly thereafter.
  23. I'm pretty sure the Bat had almost no banked turns, and its problems made Arrow change its design for future suspended coasters. The problems with the Bat were clearly different with the problems with Eagle Fortress, but I could be wrong. I mean the ride is what, ten years newer?
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