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  1. Booo. All my coaster friends seem to be at either Busch Gardens Europe, Magic Mountain, or waiting in line for Saw. I'm stuck at home.
  2. Yeh I LOLed at the "As seen on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno!" Classic Big Mike!
  3. Great pics dude. I don't think I could ever take that many pics of a park! I can't wait to go to SFFT with TPR in August. I just realized how many "big for their type" coasters SFFT has. One of the biggest Arrow Mine Trains, B&M Floorlesses, and Woodens. I sure hope SKC has more forces than I am accustomed to on my three floorless credits. Anyway, great pics!
  4. I cannot wait for this to be finished! I have never been to Florida, and Harry Potter alone is reason enough for me to visit Orlando. I will admit that I am a Harry Potter-loving dork. Whatever that huge building will be (hopefully a castle) is getting me extremely excited! Sorry, I don't try to sound fanboyish too often, but if you mix Harry Potter and theme parks I can't help it!
  5. Sweet stuff. Can't wait to ride it in August...and I also can't wait to try out the large wooden structure in the background.
  6. ^^I did not know Hershey had a pinball arcade. I know Kennywood does. When my dad and I went to Kennywood, he stayed in there the whole time while I collected the credits. I own a High Speed Machine. My dad got it for me for Christmas 10+ years ago. It's a very fun game, but unfortunately, I know next to nothing else about pinball.
  7. ^^That was covered in another thread. I believe the conclusion was it was possible, but a little rude and unethical to go to a company or family picnic because you were a coaster enthusiast wanting credits.
  8. I don't know if I'm late, but I like TPR's new color scheme!
  9. Thanks a lot for the advice everyone. It sounds like it's a place worth stoping by, hopefully we will have the $$ to spend when the time comes. I'm sorry, I don't fully understand this sentence. What has a classic wood coaster? The state fair, the Columbus Zoo, or Zoombezi Bay? I'm very interested in riding it wherever it is. And we are going in August, so the fair is a possibility. Thanks again for the advice!
  10. I am planning to go on a small trip to the midwest this year. We will be going to KI and then some other stuff west of that, so Coney Island is really close. I like small old parks a lot, and was wondering if it was worth going to. I know a lot of TPR members went there in 2007, and I think a few TPR members work there. On their website here it says all day ride braclets are $11.95 and parking is $7. Does anyone know if you can just buy individual ride tickets? I would like to just ride the Pinfari P.O.S. and run, so if anyone knows, thanks. Also, is there anything else there worth riding that would make the 12 bucks worthwhile?
  11. Airtime hills. My favorite would probably be the fourth good hill on El Toro, the triple up on Boulder Dash, or almost anything on Phoenix.
  12. I've only had sushi once- at a Chinese buffet though. I remember I kind of liked it, but it kind of tasted like dirt. Since you are Dave Thomas, will you be reviewing Wendy's?
  13. So I've been wondering this for a little while, but it especially sparked my interest now that I have a slight reason to move west in a few years. It is pretty clear that Robb, Elissa, and some other SoCal locals on this board.....well....don't like SoCal. Why is this? I've never been there, but I can't help but be intrigued by the beautiful places, beautiful people, and great weather SoCal seems to promise. I know some people think the parks are a bit sub par, and the traffic sucks, but is there anything else?
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