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  1. Well, I'd like to ride any and all, but I'm sure you mean what rides in particular so here's a semi-short a list: -X -Incredible Hulk -Dueling Dragons -S:ROS (SFNE) -Hydra -Superman Krypton Coaster -Volcano: The Blast Coaster -Any of the Beemers at BGT -Hades -California Screamin' -Ozark Wildcat -Avalanche (Timber Falls) Outside the U.S.: -Nemesis -Expedition GeForce -Kanonen -Medusa (SFM) -Daemonen -Supersonic Odyssey -Anaconda (Gold Reef City)EALLY want to ride
  2. I think in one aspect its underrated. It's underrated, in that, not many people seem to have ridden it. However, everybody I've ever talked to that has ridden the thing absolutely love it.
  3. That was crazy! I'm not sure what else to say. That was just really neat.
  4. I personally love TTD. It's in about a three-tie for my favorite coaster. I understand why other people are disappointed with it though. It's all about what you look for in a coaster and what your personal opinion is on what makes a ride great. To me, it's all about what thrills me most and gives me the biggest adrenaline rush. It has a crazy fast launch, extreme height, lap bars with open trains, and a 400ft twisting drop. I personally love that drop. I wouldn't be opposed to a straight down drop, but I just enjoy the twist. Anyway, because of those features, I get an amazing adrenaline rush. One that is only matched by Millennium Force and Phantom's Revenge. To answer the original question, I was a bit nervous to ride this. Because of its height and insane speed, I was a bit intimidated, but the didn't stop me from grabbing a ride on the front seat. Simply awesome.
  5. One of the silliest coasters I've ever seen I've actually been on. It's not that off the wall compared to some of the other rides being mentioned, but its a bit pointless to me. I'm talking about the Canyon Blaster at The Great Escape. I actually experienced it when it was Rock 'n' Roller Coaster at the now defunct Opryland USA. The first lift hill isn't even taller than the station building. You then make a couple turns just to engage in another lift hill where you go down a sluggish double helix and onto the brakes. Here are some pics taken from rcdb.com:
  6. 1. Cedar Point 2. Paramount's Kings Island 3. Six Flags Great America 4. Busch Gardens Williamsburg 5. EPCOT 6. Kennywood 7. Six Flags Over Georgia 8. Geauga Lake 9. Valleyfair! 10. Magic Kingdom
  7. That's awesome! The gerstlauer trains take a lot of flack, but I personally really enjoy them. Plus, they are quite nice lookin' if you ask me. They definately are an upgrade from the same, boring PTC trains on most woodies.
  8. I'm personally a fan of the White Chocolate Mocha made with soy milk...for all of us lactose intolerant folk .
  9. -Navy blue Hoosiers hoodie -Navy blue Hoosiers T-shirt -Jeans from Hollister -kind of white and blueish patterned boxers -socks
  10. Wouldn't it be better to have us pick our favorite and then drop the ride with the least votes since not all of us have been on all of these.
  11. I collect post cards. I've been doin' it all my life. I don't even have any idea how many I have. This may sound weird, but I also collect cd albums. With the popularity internet downloading, ipods, and things of that nature, not many of my peers seem to buy cds anymore. I love to, so I've started to call it a collection. Lastly, I like to collect Indycar and Formula 1 memorabilia. I particularly like to collect pictures of myself with drivers. That might not seem like a normal collection (or a collection at all), but in a sense it is. It's a little bit of a challenge sometimes. It's a collection I can only add to but a few times a year.
  12. I've never been to a park for the first time and been let down, but I've been pretty let down on repeat visits. I love the park, but recently I've been getting let down by Six Flags Great America. It's a great park with a nice collection of rides, but they still seem to have issues keeping the coasters operating. During my second to last visit, I arrived at the park to find that they had four coasters that we're closed. Four!! The staff has become relatively sluggish and lazy. On top of this, the park has just become incredibly busy. During my last two visits (through the week), it was almost impossible to find any coaster that didn't have an hour wait. That's for any coaster. I would say almost half we're lined out to, if not passed, the entrance. I don't want to turn anybody away. It's actually my favorite Six Flags park. I just haven't had good luck with it recently.
  13. Beech Bend Busch Gardens Tampa Busch Gardens Williamsburg Camp Snoopy Carowinds Cedar Point Dollywood Epcot Fun Spot (Orlando) Geauga Lake Holiday World Indiana Beach Islands of Adventure Kennywood Lake Winnie Magic Kingdom MGM Studios Michigan's Adventure Motorworld (defunct) Mt. Olympus Myrtle Beach Grand Prix Nascar Cafe at the Sahara New York, New York Casino Old Town Opryland USA (defunct) Paramount's Kings Island SeaWorld Florida Six Flags Great America Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Six Flags Over Georgia Six Flags Over Texas Six Flags St. Louis Stratosphere Timber Falls Valleyfair! Universal Studios Orlando Wild Adventures
  14. Rock 'n' Roller Coaster- MGM Tower of Terror- MGM Test Track- Epcot
  15. Yeah, really. Did they expect to be putting a lot of weight on this tower later on so they designed it to hold it? It's kind of freaky. But whatever! Insanity looks just that...insane. Not that I wouldn't do it .
  16. I would go on it in a heart beat. I'm with CoasterFanatic on this...give me a buzz bar! I'd settle for a nice simple lap restraint too. I would never want an OTSR on a woodie. The idea makes me cringe.
  17. Hey Robb, just something I'm always curious about with people, where did you go to college?
  18. That is an admirable view. I completely agree with you. Anyway, I guess you could say I'm a loose Christian. There are a lot of things I believe, but I don't take everything to be set-in-stone historical events or facts.
  19. Not trying to criticize or argue, but you do realize that only leaves one coaster right? I personally enjoyed the coasters and the park, but felt a severe lack in flat rides. As for my most overrated park, I'm gonna have to agree with Elissa on this one and go with Holiday World. Yeah, the park is fun and nice, but I don't think it is anywhere near what some people make it out to be. The coasters are nice, especially the Legend, but there isn't really anything unique about the rest of the rides in the park. They are all fairly generic. I think the park is also becoming a victim of its own success. It has become very successful and is now a small park with large crowds. It's becoming hard for me to enjoy the park now.
  20. Here are a few of myself... There I am... This is one of my favorites. This was on the front page of the local newspaper. That's me celebrating and holding up Mike Freitag, the coach of our soccer team, after we destroyed Tulsa to clinch a spot in the College Cup. The team went on to win. My imitation of what I look like on rides? No, no, no...This is what college does to you.
  21. Top Steel: 1. Top Thrill Dragster- yeah, its short, but it is one of the most insane and intense rides I've ever experienced. It's all about how much the ride thrills me and this one does that better than just about any other. 1. Phantom's Revenge- The twisting first drop is awesome. The second drop is incredible. Then, you encounter the most intense airtime I've ever experienced. It's downright violent. 1. Millennium Force- For me, its really hard for a coaster to be top-notch without having a great pace. This ride is the professor of pacing. 4. Raptor- One of the most intense coasters I've ever experienced. The elements are maneuvered at lightning pace. 5. Raging Bull- I’m more of a twister person than an out-and-back person, so I prefer this ride over Apollo’s Chariot. Once again, the recurring theme, it has a great pace. I love the turns. And since they turned off the final trims, the trains fly through the figure-8 finale. Stellar ride. Top Wood: 1. Georgia Cyclone- This coaster has everything I could ever ask for in a woodie (or any coaster for that matter). It has amazing pace, is incredibly intense, and never lets up. Simply awesome. 2. Son of Beast- I love the sheer size, but the double helix is amazing. 3. Legend- Quite possibly the single greatest first drop I‘ve ever experienced! Ride it in the back seat and you’ll know what I mean. Overall just a great ride. 4. Viper (SFGAm)- Very similar to the Georgia Cyclone. Has awesome forces and a great pace. 5. Beast- I love the out of control feeling that you get as you go through the course and the train continues to speed up. The 18 degree drop off the second lift hill down to the double helix is possibly my favorite portion of any roller coaster. To be honest, if Boss ran like it did opening year, it would be a contender for the number one spot. But, it doesn’t, so I can’t put it up there.
  22. I'm 19. My first coaster was the Beastie at PKI in about 1988 or '89. Though I was only 3 or 4, I remember a slight amount about that trip. I remember being taken on a coaster and being so scared 'cause I felt like I was 300 ft about the ground. Later in life, I identified this coaster as the Beastie.
  23. There is no contest for me on this one. Hands down, Phantom's Revenge. That ride's airtime is straight up violent. I can't even begin to describe it.
  24. I'm gonna have to go with GAcoaster on this one and agree that Flying Coaster is the worst. Six Flags has hit it pretty low with names like Scream, but Flying Coaster is just ridiculous. Scream is bad, but what is worse? Scream or Floorless Coaster?
  25. I'm not really sure. Six Flags Over Georgia is a really nice park. I wish the layout was a little bit better (like a circle maybe), but the park itself is really nice. It's got a great selection of coasters and rides and is really pretty. I'm also a fan of Six Flags Great America. When I think of an amusement park, this is the kind of park that pops into my head. This is just a nice park with awesome rides. I've lost a little bit of love for this park recently though. The last few times I've been, the park has been very crowded. I was also very disappointed when they removed the Shockwave. I've loved that coaster and it was such a part of the park's image to me. SUF is a great ride, but I still miss Shockwave.
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