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  1. Yes, but didn't most of those feature large sections of unsupported and potentially and often always wobbly track? On the other hand, B&M track is much sturdier than Intamin track (to most extent), and their supports are bigger and thicker, while Intamin's supports are fairly flimsy and require a lot more to do the same job.
  2. "This elevator leads straight to...Mexico!" I am stealing this and using it on our film class trip to Disneyland.
  3. ...helplessly, Southern California coaster enthusiasts ravage malls in search of a Dippn' Dots stand in search of wild rumors involving wooden stand-ups...
  4. I don't think that it was the park for it. Perhaps the Mack park could take it. They could do something with it, I bet.
  5. Really, I mean it's fun, but not the best. When I rode it, they played the music, which is apparently rare now, and they had the trims turned off. It was pretty intense, those last little hills gave loads of airtime.
  6. Today I cleaned out my keyboard for the first time. Ew.
  7. Ha, that's hilarious. Disney screws around with Intamin and loses.
  8. The title the ride has, "Giant Swing" reminds me of this rumored ride I heard about a long time ago, by S&S, called the Pendulum of Doom. It entailed a small enclosed capsule hung on a 300-foot arm that swung back and forth at tremendous speed, going up to 140 degrees or some crazy angle... Anyways, glad to see they're finally attempting to theme one of these. Unthemed they can look just plain awful (the one I saw in a Seattle fun center looked like a transportable ground-breaking machine in the mall across the street).
  9. What would the third kid's name be? Dime? Quarter? Half-dollar?
  10. Too bad these are disappearing. It'd be interesting if Intamin made more of these. They could be taller. Faster. Smoother. (fit-dit-dit-dit-dit)
  11. Disneyland has got their trash cans down right (the number of feet it takes to eat a banana while walking). Cedar Point hasn't really got it yet (the number of feet it takes to eat a wheat thin while walking slowly)...
  12. Probably the woman checking lap bars on Goliath at SFMM. This was last year so I doubt she's there anymore, but my cousin and I were waiting for dispatch. The woman comes by, puts her foot on the lapbars, and pushes them down like that, pretty hard. She moves to the people behind us, a woman and her kid. She staples the woman, and then practically throws all of her weight onto the kid, who screams, "OW!", cries, and throws up. So yeah, I doubt she's there anymore.
  13. .78 mph? Escalators go something like 2 mph...so why the hassle of boarding? Unless you goofed up your equation...
  14. Yes! Mochi ice cream! Beats the crap out of Dippin' Dots. [insert lame joke about better rumors from Mochi stands]
  15. Oh, yes, that's very true. I remember riding it and thinking, multiple times, "Parking lot!" Twirling through that Sea Serpent was like being in a well-lit concrete blender.
  16. I read about this in the paper ("Coney Island Future Uncertain") and it mentioned the same thing people here are tossing around: bait-and-switch. It talked about the business manoeuvre that took place to get rid of the Thunderbolt. Then I put down the paper and thought about the part in Annie Hall that shows the Thunderbolt and then I got depressed.
  17. Denied Ikea Ads Part One: Fat People
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