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  1. I don't get what all the fuss is about Frisbees. I rode one at SFMW and it was pretty dull.
  2. No, it was removed because it was getting old and they wanted to build a budget for Drop Zone.
  3. Wow, I just realised that I was only five when I rode The Edge at Great America.
  4. What's interesting is how just the single memory of my mother and I on the parachute drop and the log flume when I was six beats the crap out of the current state of the park.
  5. Possible new rides for PGA... Coasters Something could easily be built over the go-carts, the best idea would be a launched coaster. A motorbike coaster would be right up their alley because it's thrilling but not too thrilling. Plus, the motorbikes would blend in with the go-karts and it could be themed fairly easily. The station could very easily be placed on top of the food mart, then a launch on the edge of Kidzville towards Invertigo, a turnaround to face the Spongebob breakdancer, turn there and enter the main part of the ride over the go-karts, then the main section of the ride over the Go-Karts, then a return trip, over the skyride station, and the breaks, then turn into the coaster's station. Since it would be right there in Action Zone it would fit right in. Hollywood Plaza could do with a rollercoaster. I'm thinking a Maurer spinner. Take out the trampolines and put a tall station there. The queue could be held on the ground floor, extending out, and then stairs up to the station. The coaster car would go out behind Invertigo's lift hills, turn, climb a lift, turn, and then ride all over the plaza. A good bit would be a helix around Celibration Swings. An Intamin could be installed over the rapids ride, with a station where the Orbit stood, a lift hill towards Delerium, a turnaround and a drop back towards the rapids, then it could do all those wonderful things Intamins do so well. Flats Bring the Troika back. It was a silly idea to remove it. Bring the Orbit back as well. Perhaps give both new themes or paint jobs to make them fresh. Paint the Troika's cars different colours. For example, each car on each wheel could be one colour of the rainbow (seven cars per wheel makes this an easy thing to do). Perhaps a renovation of an area could be done. For example, Hollywood Plaza could be changed to a sort of carnival-theme with the permanent versions of numerous flat rides. This could act as a host for the Troika and the Orbit, along with the Celebration Swings, if so desired. A Huss Rainbow could be purchased and the long-needed Ferris Wheel could be installed. This could open up the possibility of having Great America open past 8:00. A Huss Swing-around (wasn't there one removed from one of the other Paramount parks recently?) would be a fitting addition. It could be placed upon a building. A teacups ride would do well, possibly themed. And maybe a dark ride. I'll get back to this later...
  6. "Hi. I'm Matt Dillon. I TOTALLY DIG COASTERS." I got about halfway through the Mindbender one when the terrible 80's music made me violently ill.
  7. 1) Fresno sucks. 2) The sunset is purple because of the smog. 3) No that building is not Oriental-themed. 4) That's downtown, AKA ghettoville. 5) We haven't had a new "big building" for over thirty years. 6) Fresno is really big. 7) Never come here or I will stab you for your own stupidity.
  8. Intamin first-gens hold a special place in my heart for always making me piss my pants on that drop (not literally, you fools). There's just something about staring down at the runway through the grate under your feet, and that little click and then suddenly FWOOOOSH. It's just such an...unbridled drop. Totally amazing because it's not smooth. It doesn't slow you down apologetically like the later generations do, it slams you on your back and comes to a screeching halt. That, and the fact that The Edge was my first drop ride, puts it at the top of my list. Funny story. I was five years old, and with my dad at Great America. Of course, I made my dad take me on The Edge. After about thirty minutes we got into the little orange car. I was in the middle seat on the left, and next to me on the right was a father and his son. My own father was next to me on the left. At the top of the tower we slowly jutted forward...forward...forward... click We patiently waited for the car to drop. A minute passed. My father looked down at me and said, "Now remember, when it drops, it's okay to screEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" The moment he said "scream" the car plummeted. We found out later that a car in the station's restraints were malfunctioning and everything got backed up. And that's the little story about The Edge.
  9. Speed is great for...speed...and smoothness. Plus you can ride over and over again. The unfortunate thing is that it kind of gets old very fast, but the launch keeps it fresh. Desperado is...interesting. It's exciting in the back car, watching each car in front of you disappear one by one by one until you're whipped down the drop (which seems huge when you're riding it), but it's also a bladderbeater. However, the Turbo Drop is really good and so is the log flume (especially the float through the casino, haha). Canyon Blaster is a pretty good double loop double corkscrew. It's rough, but bearably so, and the loops in the backseat are amazing. Also try the boat ride and the Chance launch tower. Manhattan Express is killer, and not in a good way. It's also hugely expensive; although a wristband might seem worth it, it's not, because you won't ride more than twice. Up on top of the Stratosphere is the best collection of rides in Las Vegas. Get a wristband and ride your ass off. On Xtreme, ride on the inside back (tower side), then the outside front (street side). The difference is incredible. I haven't had a chance to ride Insanity (okay, ya got me, it freaked me out too much and I didn't want to go). I'm sort of sad that they removed the High Roller. It's a good "take a break" coaster. Was. Actually, it was crap. And then there's the Big Shot, which is one of the most exhilarating, re-rideable launch towers out there. Ride it at night, because then there's the light that turns on right before the launch. This is good for goofing with the people in line; strike up a conversation with them, and then the moment the light turns on go "See ya!" or something similar. Then you're blasted up to 1000 feet above the strip which is amazing.
  10. I'm pretty sure it was after 1996 or 1997 because when I was six or seven my parents took me on Revolution. I remember I wanted to know if it went upside-down and my mother told me it didn't. I remember getting into the train and being reassured that it didn't go upside-down because it didn't have the shoulder restraints, just the bar.
  11. No, I haven't ridden any coasters besides Speed for over a year. Do you like diet Pepsi?
  12. "Eldorardo Overture" from Eldorado by Electric Light Orchestra
  13. From what I recall (remember, it's been a year of no coasters for me besides Speed), Colossus, in the back seat, with the lapbar way up.
  14. I got a coaster video for my 6th birthday, and Dragon Mountain was on it. I remember the time I took the video to my day care centre and made them put it on, and on the part where the train goes through the tunnel on Dragon Mountain some kid went "The movie's over!" and I went "No it's noooot!" Haha, children. But I do remember that there was, in addition to the mountain shell, a mass of iron girders that just stood there, gleaming. And now I find out that it was meant for a scale version of the Niagara Falls. Hahaha.
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