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  1. Which would be to run until you throw up. To be honest, I think PE just needs to be taken away. It brings the GPA down for people who aren't athletic. Yeah, our kids are going to get fat but really, if a parent cares enough the kid won't get fat. Thus, we weed out the stupid ones.
  2. I would be really bad at it, and would probably get a concussion. Remember kids, PE is just another level of hell, and your PE teacher is the devil, so throw rocks at him.
  3. They Live! "I've come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I'm all out of ass."
  4. That's a total clown car for people 5'5" and under...I couldn't fit if I tried. But they're soo cuuute.
  5. We've got a Boomers, with some mini-golf, a pretty craptastic bumper boats, and a really boring go-kart track, along with games inside, and a rock wall. We've also got Blackbeard's, which is somewhat ghetto, but still good. They've got waterslides (the hardcore cement ones from the 70's), some rides, batting cages, really good mini-golf, very good go-karts, pretty good bumper boats, games, and some other weird things (including basketball with FUNKY BACKBOARDS oooh).
  6. The human trebuchet is more of a DURR HURR HURR thing than the horizontal catapult. Granted, I'd be nervous to ride the horizontal catapult.
  7. And a lot more dangerous; the single pole/area of contact leads to danger of smacking into or wrapping around it. Probably more exhilerating than a regular Slingshot, though.
  8. I've heard really good things about Trace Du Hourra, such as, it's well-themed, it's exciting, and it's not over-braked like so many other bobsled.
  9. I think, in general, the fact that the safety should be improved is a given. I'm not stupid, this would probably give you whiplash one time out of ten.
  10. Is it just me or is this a pretty good idea? And before you say, "lol it would lyke kill you", the fact that the safety needs to be improved is a given, no? I'm supporting the concept, not the ride itself.
  11. Great music at the end there, for a moment I thought it would cut to Laverne and Shirley.
  12. I wonder whatever happened to belief in the phrase, "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"?
  13. 1) I had one of those chocolate fondue fountains fall on me. 2) I had a Christmas tree fall on me. 3) I had a cupboardful of food fall on me. 4) I had a truck door fall of onto me. 5) I like chocolate.
  14. Singing the "I Love The Hamster Coaster" song, of course.
  15. Auntie Mame "He got all hopped up on butt polish."
  16. I think I saw the "scissor trucks" on the Discovery Channel. They take apart old boats. That was the one before they cleaned out the hurricane barrier and after they went bloodworm hunting. I should stop watching those Dirty Jobs marathons.
  17. Ahh Mantis Man. I just love how you do that countdown into your hand, and the way you mumble psychotic stuff into your shirt collar on the brake run. ready...set...g...go...damn! Messed up again! I wonder if he goes home and cuts himself if he doesen't reach his daily xcelerator goal. Real conversation: ME: (while seated behind him on Xcelerator) This is the tallest coaster on the planet. Pyscho Knotts Guy: NO! THATS TOP THRILL DRAGSTER AT CEDAR POINT IN SANDUSKY OHIO. ME:Oh right. The green tiger one. PKG: NO!!!! tHAT'S KINGDA KA IN NEW JERSEY. I'VE BEEN THERE. ME: I think that's the red one...Maverick, at Hershey Park. I've ridden that. PKG: (getting pissed) NO!!! I HAVE PICTURES OF MAVERICK. I'VE BEEN THERE!!! ME: No, I think you mean Kanonen, at Alton Towers. PKG:NO!!!!!11!!1....... Then it was time for his ritual countdown to launch into his hand. Beware kids. I have no idea who you're talking about but it makes me want to crash ACE'r events and do the same thing.
  18. I'm fairly sure you're preaching to the choir.
  19. Seven years ago, there was no Troika, maXair, Wicked Twister, Giant Wheel back where the Space Spiral is. So no, it's not still like that. Good, then. I remember there being a big, mostly empty games area, and some kiddie rides, and then there were a couple flats (Schwabinchen, pirate ship, and the Swiss Alps one). I'd forgotten they'd put all that stuff back there.
  20. You think thats ugly? I think it's art! Yeah, but the Mona Lisa doesn't climb out from behind her bulletproof glass barrier and beat you up with a police rod. Things I could see Cedar Point removing: 1) Wildcat. As fun as this is on the midway, it not only looks out of place in Cedar Point, it also has horribly long lines. They should remove this and put something else in its place, perhaps a flat ride (nah, Cedar Point has WAY too many of those, lol). 2) Mean Streak. No surprise. You could put a spinning coaster, a few flats, and some trash cans and/or some food stands. 3) Disaster Transport. Put a dark ride in its place, be creative with the area. To be honest, I think Cedar Point should take a look at the general flow of its park. Last time I was there (okay, this was seven years ago, so I'm sure it's different), there were entire areas of the park where there were nearly zero people, like back where the Space Spiral is. Is it still like that?
  21. No, it's a television show.
  22. Haha, I hadn't even realised that, but the moment you said it a soccer announcer in my head screamd, "FIII NAAAA LLYYYYYYY"... Maybe we should speculate what else Cedar Point could remove.
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