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  1. Jesus, the loop on Tennessee Tornado is friggin' huge. Isn't that one of their best coasters?
  2. Wow, if you keep going up you go to Hawaii.
  3. Oh, ok. For some reason I just couldn't figure it out (too...many...clogs...).
  4. What on earth is the "Ethnic Slur" ride? It looks like a bizarre version of a swing ride.
  5. Speed in Las Vegas, almost exactly a year ago. Before that, another year before that (two years ago), it was some coaster at PGA. I think it might have been Vortex. Timeline! April 2006: Speed. April 2005: Vortex. Fun.
  6. Firstly, TPR has a spell check...USE IT. Secondly, Being skinny has nothing to do with it. My 6'2 friend was getting airtime and he is very moderately sized. And we were even stapled. Airtime is clearly any point on the ride when the vertical G's of the coaster drop to 0 or below. Just because its not ejector air does not disqualify it from being airtime. I am sure if Rob Alvey called it airtime, you all would be bending over for him and agreeing with him. There is airtime on Chiller and the new transition did bring down the intensity of the ride, but in the end, Chiller still rocks. Then obviously being fat has nothing to do with it because I recall you said I must be fat or SOL (what ever that means). I realize it doesn't have to be like toro to be airtime I want to know exactly where you sat so i'll sit there tomorrow and see if I get "airtime". I sat front row on the left and I got nothing. SOL: Sh*t Outta Luck. By the way, I've found that different people feel airtime differently. To some people, floater air is insanely intense, and to others, floater air is about as exciting as sitting down. So it might just depend on how you feel airtime.
  7. The photo of Chiller with the signs and the queue out front suddenly made me really, really miss coasters (haven't been on one for two years now). Looks like it was fun! Avoiding a theme park because it's cold is for weenies.
  8. Marine World's Boomerang is really good, isn't it? Goes to show how good a boomerang can be. That backwards drop always gets me. clikclikclikclikchunkWAAAAAAAAAUGH
  9. They can't scrap it, it looks like a penis! Perhaps the fact that it's a sort of prototype has something to do with it? And the brakes on the spike are to trim speed in case it launches too fast. Wow, I didn't really contribute anything here. Yes you did! You made me feel like less of a blonde because now I know I am not the only one that thinks it looks like a penis ~Matthew When I first saw it I thought, "Now there's a phallic object". By the way, the they-can't-take-it-down-it's-a-penis thing is a horrible in-joke having to do with a shrub some guy had on its front lawn. A bunch of people got up-in-arms about it, and this led to jokes about it.
  10. They can't scrap it, it looks like a penis! Perhaps the fact that it's a sort of prototype has something to do with it? And the brakes on the spike are to trim speed in case it launches too fast. Wow, I didn't really contribute anything here.
  11. America needs some of these, they look like fun. And the cut-through of the white cabin thing is really neat.
  12. Possible names that would be better: Great America. Although, with Knott's Great America, you get the possibility for an awesome swirly k-leg. I'm looking forward to a ride that's not themed to either a Nickelodeon show or the latest craptastic blockbuster.
  13. I've seen it twice, once in the regular theater and once in IMAX , both times with my dad who really wanted to see it twice, so we did. It's pretty good. Not like, super-amazing-holy-crap-best-movie-ever, but pretty good. Up there with, say, Sin City.
  14. Well, the issue here is that if you vote against Hillary, then you're sort of trying to stop America from having a female president, and this might make you feel guilty, but if you vote for her just to get a female into the presidency, then you're going against your morals, if you don't like her politics. Or something. I don't know if that's a good way to put it...
  15. Or, as the Netflix blurb would say, "Wacky hi-jinx ensue!" As for women's only: sure. I don't really see what's wrong with it. Then again, if it's a public pool...well, it's already been said.
  16. OK dude that it is not what this thread is about. This thread is not "philosophize about obesity in American and how we suck". There was a whole another part of the post there, but I think I deleted it (I copy my posts right before I submit them, I must have hit the delete button somewhere along the way; it's happened before, trust me). That part of the post was actually commenting on Rocker_Dude's post. Anyways, forget it ever happened. Found out yesterday I'm down to 295 from 320, back in September. Sort of a shock, because I didn't think I'd been losing that much. Good for me, I guess. I've been eating a lot of sushi lately and drinking those Odwallas. I've also just been eating less in general, that, and our PE class now goes to Gold's Gym on block days, which means an hour of treadmill w/ iPod. Fresno isn't what I'd call "jogger-friendly", in fact, it's practially jogger-hostile, especially for people with allergies and asthma, so it's nice to be able to jog indoors.
  17. This thread makes me wonder how screwed up the society of tomorrow will be, what with middle schoolers going seriously anorexic, high schoolers who weigh 500 pounds, college freshmen with anxiety and depression because they can't deal with the real world due to their "bubble" childhood...
  18. Was this post written in some code that only Fresnoians can understand?? Yes. Bloop bloop blorp. Actually, no, that post was sort of a collection of thoughts. In order: A Matrix joke, a Bonadelle joke (in Ryan's report he steals a Bonadelle sign), a list of crap in our backyard, a Fresno Hicks joke (female Fresno hicks, and hicks everywhere, tend to wear godawful Looney Tunes shirts), and then I tell you that yes, that was indeed a Matrix reference. There is no Matrix reference.
  19. I'm itching to edit it and put naughty words in...
  20. Eddie Izzard is made of awesome.
  21. I know finding your own random rock must be difficult.. 1. Walk outside. 2. Find a rock. 3. THERE IS NO STEP THREE! For some reason, this doesn't work when trying to find spoons. *buh dum tish* Bonadelle Neighborhoods just put up a big sign on a building near my house. I should steal it. We really need to clean our house. And around our house. In the side yard we have two broken screen doors (damn 98 pound dog), about fourty pieces of wood that would probably burst into flame if you waved a magnifying glass over them, some weirdly damp railroad ties (what), and metal desk on a couch with a bunch of cardboard boxes on them on the back porch. I'd say we're only a couple torn oil-stained Looney Tunes shirts away from being Fresno Hicks (special breed). And yes, that was a Matrix reference.
  22. I saw some photos a while ago of SFMM when it first opened and I must say, if they could get back to it being ANYTHING like that, it would be amazing... Hmm, I wonder what'll go in now? That part of the park always reminded me of when I would accidentally build myself into a corner in RCT.
  23. Awwww. That's what I love about TPR, is that it's so personal. n.n Watch out, they grow up really fast! It seems like just two days ago my niece was born, and now she's, what, 18 months and climbing the stairs. Congratulations!
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