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  1. I want to smack whoever decided to change the park's name from "Bonfante Gardens" to "Unassuming and Generic Alliteration Name For Family Park". It's like corporate Engrish. Otherwise, that park looks really nice! I haven't been in a while, but I was defenitely impressed last time I went.
  2. The most logical explanation would simply be that mice run around really quickly and make sharp turns a lot. This inspired the back-and-forth design, also a vehicle for the oh-no turns. Also, the original cars were probably shaped like mice.
  3. I'm going to have to go with Robb on this one. If you were in a city political office and had to deal with trash pickups and public outcries over roundabouts 24/7, would you want coaster enthusiasts calling you every hour? Just sayin'.
  4. Breakfast of Champions was hilarious. Argh, worst celebrity death of the year. Unless John Lennon is reincarnated and shot again.
  5. Oh, that's a good thing to hear. For some reason I was under the impression that it was slightly more of a "we're here, we're queer" event than what you've described.
  6. As far as I know, yes, it's very, very crowded. Vulgar? Not really. A lot of guys will be fairly touchy-feely, as it is a "pride" event, but it's not like guys will be walking around in high heels and glitter thongs.
  7. Actually, it's very safe (if it's California-Safety Compliant, then yeah, it's safe), and the experience, while dizzying, isn't really like anything else. It's more like riding a Kamakaze sideways than constant corkscrews. Granted, I have seen my fair share of people puking after it...
  8. They're going to build a spaceship out of it, of course. The park's websitehas loads of information about it. Looks like they're securing concrete-and-steel bids.
  9. Quick! To the RCDB-Mobile! Doesn't look too bad, probably worth it for the credits.
  10. Wow, the Virginia Reel looked like fun. Look how fast it takes that dip turn thing...
  11. Probably not, but Butler Amusements has one called Crazy Train, which is the same thing.
  12. They are SCARY. But awesome. Like I said, rough sex.
  13. This is the most ironic typo I've ever seen. Just saying. Good job Disney! Wonder who'll be the first to get commited? Also, this was in our paper a little while ago, and there were a bunch of people in the opinions section talking about how awful it was the next day. Gotta love Fresno.
  14. Here's a . The cars go around the inside while the oval rotates. It's a lot like doing a bunch of corkscrews, but the sensation of going around the ends while it's turning is freaky.
  15. That means it was built/designed/whatever by a company called Arrow. Other notable rides of theirs include Pepsi Max Big One, Viper, Great American Scream Machine (SFGAD), Loch Ness Monster, and X. Their coasters are easily recognized by the familar wheels-in-a-box track. Wow, I'm a dork.
  16. You know, up until Rage I wasn't really a fan of Eurofighters, at least by looks (have yet to ride one), but this one looks sooo cool. I think the faux-Intamin track really does it for me, plus the moderate size and neat layout. Looks like fun, too.
  17. ^ It is a parody, although I won't say it's worth listening to twice.
  18. Oh god, riding a Hi Roller is like having the most rough sex possible.
  19. Oh cool, that page has little diagrams including what the seats do and how the seats do it. Neat, I've always assumed the seats were just preprogrammed to flip or something, like the Haunted Mansion system only vertical.
  20. Six Flags Donkey Kong is really good, isn't it? The two rideable Vekomas, the amazing park service. I had a similar experience, defenitely a top park for me. Nice photo trip report, it felt like I was actually there. Protip! Take photos of the flat rides for the flat ride people like me. No fair catering to the loop people.
  21. Alanis Morisette is really cool in my book. I like her voice, too, but I'm a sucker for anything remotely Minnesota Nice (yaaa). Her cover of "My Humps" is one of the best parodies I've seen in a while. My huuuummmmps...myyyyy huuuuummmmmps... I bet "Shake That Laffy Taffy" would be a good one, too.
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