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  1. TIME TO REPROGRAM THE VACUUM! I don't know why it has a clock but it does...
  2. 1, at SFMW. It was smooth and surprisingly exciting. How many people have you never met?
  3. Day-old clothes because the school week runs me down and the weekend is like a nap after a reaaaally long day.
  4. You know, there are federal regulations that protect against this happening, only if cremation parlors would actually follow these laws.
  5. Three. How many Mexican dinners have you had in the past month?
  6. The ones on Medusa West (I've only been on that and Scream, regarding floorless) are really comfortable.
  7. If you have No Limits, you might notice it when you're riding in the backseat through a helix. The front cars might "jerk" up in the middle of it. Generally, a pump is something you don't want, and it's not usually intentional. It's not just a shift in the radius it's an unnatural shift in the radius.
  8. Ooh! Ooh! How about we list the rides we've never been on or the people we've never met or the movies we've never seen!
  9. A turn that pumps. Notice that the radius is not constant. A turn that doesn't pump. Notice that the radius is constant. The bottom of a hill that pumps. Notice that the radius is not constant. The bottom of a hill that doesn't pump. Notice that the radius is constant.
  10. In case anyone is interested, there's a Steven King novella called "The Mist" (easily one of his most terrifying stories) that was recorded in "3-D SOUND", aka binaural. It's a rush to listen to it, what with the monster noises...there's this one great part where there's an earthquake and you can basically hear it all around you. You can download it from Bearshare, which is where I came upon it. Loads of fun to listen to, although the child actor is awful and one of the characters describes the monsters to you in this really corny way...if you ignore that, it's amazing.
  11. Pumping does occur on some rides. Jaguar does pump on more than one of its turns, if only slightly. Many many many wooden coasters pump. SCBB's Giant Dipper has a pump in the turnaround over the station. Even more recent wooden coasters have some pumping somewhere. This is due to the fact that wooden coasters are built on-site instead of being made in molds in a factory, as steel coasters are. Apollo's Chariot does not pump. Many fairground coasters do pump. Take Zyklons as an example. I rode the one at our town fair only weeks ago and I noticed that there was, indeed, a pump in the helix. I am thinking this is due to the fact that they are made somewhat cheaply.
  12. "Julia Elizabeth Alvey" "Nicholas Martin Alvey"
  13. Of course; it's a themed Frog Hopper. I think the creator of this thread may care a little bit too much.
  14. ^SAAAANCTUARY To be honest I'm kind of looking forward to seeing what will happen in the future regarding supplies of things. Of course, I could always look in the Weekly World News almanac. OMG! Rake shortage in 2021!
  15. I'm so happy for you guys! My (half)sister had a little girl about a year ago.
  16. ^My aunt would have an awful lot of interesting things to say about that. It is true that insurance companies are starting to run this country like the train companies and oil companies did way back when.
  17. I wonder when religious fanatics are going to storm the streets and shout that gravity is only a theory and scientists are heretics for speaking about it...
  18. ^And then you go to high school, become cynical, get a scummy office job, and die. When I "graduated" from elementary school, anything involving running or bodily contact was banned. Red Rover, Tag, Soccer, Wallball, banned banned banned banned. I remember that we resorted to jumping off of the plastic play structures for fun (those things were a good fifteen feet tall). I think a lot of adults forget that, for the most part, kids are made of rubber. It frightens me to think of what these kids of today will become when they graduate, and have been pampered. Suddenly tossed into the meat grinder, their jobs being overtaken by sharp-brained immigrants who actually feel the need to work. Emotional shut-ins, not because they lost at soccer or broke their arm on the slide but because they weren't allowed to. Suddenly, I have the urge to create a rock opera slash cautionary tale about the dangers of the "bubble boy" syndrome...
  19. ^Two Schwarzkopfs. The swing ride is one of Schwarzkopf's obscure crazy-a$$ flat rides...the Apollo 14.
  20. The new Manhattan Express trains look amazing, but I still don't trust it. I remember, a while ago, it used to be the best coaster in Vegas (the Twist and Dive, when smooth, is terrifying)...but now it just kicks your ass. Why yooz hatin' on mah Strat rahdz, fool? No, really, what gives? Big Shot...awesome. Xscream...awesome. Insanity...awesome. Even the High Roller wasn't that bad, if you thought really hard and imagined that the track was way up in the sky on its own.
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